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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone the Video Game


This page is all about the first Harry Potter video game. I have a copy of the game for Playstation, but I haven't had time to play through the entire game, so my review will not be up until further notice, sorry! In the mean time, I've assembled this page of links to reviews for various versions of the game!

Game Boy Version Review

Computer Game Reviews on Amazon
(NOTE: You'll have to scroll down a bit to read the editorial reviews!)

Super KidsŪ Review of the Computer Game


.:View Screenshots:.


[ gaming ] latest news

15 New CoS Game Screenshots!!
- Jasen @ 11:26 PM GMT [10.17.02]
BIG thanks to Oledia for this word from

EA have released a bunch of shots of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for GBA, Gamecube and PC. With the games and film hitting the UK on 15 November (22 November for Gamecube), it's good times ahead for fans of the geeky kid who can turn a trick or two.

As previously reported, graphically, Harry on the PC and consoles is looking superb. Rich cartoon-style landscapes will be immediately familiar to Potter fans, and everything from Hogwarts itself to the dark streets of Diagon Alley will be included in this free-roaming arcade adventure.

Spells will obviously play a large role in Harry's adventures, but this time you'll need to get the incantations spot-on, or the spell could backfire on Harry or change your target into something complete different... with hilarious consequences.

The handheld versions are also planning big things, as the GBA game can be hooked up to a Gamecube, transferring maps, magical items and bonus spells. The GBC Harry game will be more along the lines of an RPG adventure but will still include Quidditch matches and a bucket-load of mini-games.

Head on over to the link to check out the screenfest!

Electronic Art's HP Games Website Relaunches
- Jasen @ 11:07 PM GMT [10.17.02]
The Harry Potter games website has finally reopened over at, so click the link to check out info. about the games!

Derek Proud Spills More CoS Game Secrets
- Jasen @ 04:07 PM GMT [10.12.02]
UK CoS game producer, Derek Proud, speaks again, this time with The Courier Mail asking the questions:

IT WAS only a year ago that we were eagerly awaiting the release of the Harry Potter games, to accompany the phenomenal success of the film.

Right on time as we head to the Christmas holidays the diminutive apprentice wizard is in the headlines again with a new movie and a host of games just about to materialise in front of our very eyes.

"As you'd imagine, the latest Harry Potter game is closely based on the film and so you have to work through Harry's second year at Hogwarts. While there you will learn many more spells and for the first time really get into the duelling aspect of wizardry," Proud says.

Duelling? "Yes, combat is a major part of Harry's second year and it is great for us as duelling is a great concept to bring to life in a videogame," Proud says. "During the game you will learn many spells which can be used as either defensive or offensive measures and you will then have to take them with you into the dungeons or other hazardous situations and use them to help you survive."

J.K. Rowling, author of the amazingly successful Harry Potter novels, had a lot of input in the games.

"Actually, we have been very lucky there," Proud says.

"Indeed much of the stuff that we have put in the game which is outside the bounds of the fiction had to be put to her so that she could approve it and make sure she was happy with the way we were shaping the Harry Potter universe.

"Rowling seemed to be very happy that we were growing her fictional world and so she gave us a whole lot of extra fictional material which she hadn't used in the books to date.

"For example there is a new creature in the game, called a Gytrash, and it is something she created specifically for us," Proud says.

"The Gytrash is this massive ghostly hound and it looks really good in the XBox version of the game, which presents the creature as a glowing translucent form.

"We stuck this animal in forests and came up with lots of spectral effects which really give this area of the game atmosphere."

...What's the best fun to be had in the game?

"Getting to battle the ghosts and using the Scourge spell to clean up the ectoplasm is pretty funny. The end stage where you battle the Basilisk is also extremely absorbing."

More at the link!

CoS Video Game Producer Speaks Out
- Jasen @ 04:02 PM GMT [10.12.02]
From TV Week:

An Australian games wizard, Derek Proud, is leading the development of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets video games in the UK.

How does it feel to be working on a character so precious to kids?
"It's a big challenge, but we're confident we're making games that fans of all ages will love."

...Is Quidditch included?
"We have an entire team working on the Quidditch aspect of the game! We have refined the Seeker experience to be much more dynamic and fun."

The game is coming out on seven different platforms. Will they all be out at once?
"Yes, they will all be released with the film, which is out on November 28."


Lucky HP Book Designer Gets Self-Portrait In Game
- Guyermo @ 04:58 PM GMT [10.09.02]
Lorien Kiesel is apparently one lucky artist, aside from the various artists who designed the covers of the Harry Potter books. She has a self portrait in the CoS game. Click here for the link.

HP PC Game Executive Producer Talks
- Jasen @ 04:28 PM GMT [10.09.02]
Computer And Video Games has a brief interview with Chris Gray, the executive producer of the HP PC game. Read it at the link!

New Harry Potter-Themed GameCube Controller
- Jasen @ 11:01 PM GMT [10.03.02]
Planet Gamecube has this:



What you see is what it is. It's a standard GameCube controller with a turbo feature that has Harry Potter's mug on it. It's due out before this Christmas to coincide with the Chamber of Secrets movie this holiday.

This is just my opinion, but...I personally think the manufacturer could have made a better HP-themed controller; this is basically a controller with a couple decals stuck on it.

Never Before Seen CoS Game Footage From E3!!
- Jasen @ 01:25 AM GMT [09.29.02]
Thanks to Aaron for sending this in about the new HP PlayStation (I'm assuming) game:

Chamber of Secrets video game footage! Shown at E3 this year.

The web page isn't in English, but you can download the trailer simply by scrolling down to where it says DOWNLOAD and clicking on either the low or hi-res version. After that i small widow that says "zaradit se do fonty" will appear..right click on it and select "save target as" to start download. May take a little time to get started because the servers can get kinda full. enjoy.


Griptonite Finishes Upcoming Harry Potter Game
- Jasen @ 12:27 PM GMT [09.22.02]
The Seattle Times is reporting that a new HP game has now been completed:

Griptonite just finished a "Harry Potter" game that must be on the shelves in time for the release of the second movie in November. And with millions of kids clamoring for all things Harry, deadlines become increasingly important.

"It's stressful and can absorb your life for a couple of weeks," Connors said. "But then, all of a sudden, it's out of your hands and that's hard too."

Griptonite, like many gaming companies, works exclusively on game production and has nothing to do with marketing or manufacturing.

But it has to do some marketing of its own to win over publishers.

Every gaming company would jump (A button, Up key) at the chance to design "Harry Potter" games. To seal that deal, Griptonite staff members dressed up as various characters out of the J.K. Rowling novels when they sold their idea to the publisher. Now, the studio is hard at work on a "Lord of the Rings" game.

HP Game Developer Has Dispute With Microsoft
- Jasen @ 10:35 AM GMT [08.01.02]
From BBC:

Computer games firm Argonaut has had its new-found grip on profitability tested by a break-up with software giant Microsoft.

Microsoft has withdrawn from a joint project to develop a title for its Xbox console, over concerns about a "lack of design clarity", Argonaut said.

"The key problem with this project was the lack of a shared vision," an Argonaut statement said.

An Argonaut spokeswoman added: "When you get creative teams working together conflict often happens."

The collapse of the deal, aimed to produce a game ready for release early next year, will have a "moderate impact" on Argonaut's results for the year to the end of July, Thursday's briefing said.



Welcome to World of Harry Potter Version 4!!
Okay.. so it's not way different than version one, but still - it's different, and that's what matters..

Updates of this week -Book 5 Page added.!!!!

I have added new page calles"Mistakes" check it out. ;)

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