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Chamber of Secrets Mistakes

When Harry first meets Dobby in his room, he sits on the end of his bed to talk to Dobby. The green ball (used as a guide for Daniel Radcliffe to follow so a computer animated character can be added later) is clearly reflecting in his glasses.

In the scene where Dobby talks to Harry in the infirmary, Dobby says he has ironed his hands and shows them bandaged. A few shots later the bandages are gone, and then in the next shot they are back.

When the car crashes in the Whomping Willow, it is turned and moved around a couple of times. Meanwhile, Hedwig is sitting on his perch, not moving at all.

Before Professor McGonagall told the students about the Chamber of Secrets, she changed an animal into a goblet, and it was sitting on a stand. When she starts telling them, the camera angle changes to the whole room and the stand with the goblet is gone.

When Ron and Harry crash into the Willow you can see that the Willow smashes the front side of the car and the left light. Afterwards the light is back and undamaged.

When Harry and Ron are reversing out of the forest to escape the pursuing spiders, Ron spins the car 180 degrees. However, when the shot cuts to inside the car both of them are leaning the wrong way.

The phoenix carries Harry and the rest of the people from the Chamber, and they fly out of some sort of cave outside through the opening of which Horwarts is visible. If there is such an obvious exit from the Chamber, why hasn't the Chamber been found before?

At the dueling club Snape blasts Lockhart in the air. Before that Lockhart just had a shirt on, afterwards he has pads on. I don't think old Gilderoy could have summoned them while being cursed with excruciating pain from jealous Snape.

When Gilderoy jumps into the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets you see his cape go flowing up above his head. In a short second shot, taken from above, it's not.

When Harry, Dumbledore, and Lucius Malfoy are in Dumbledore's office and Harry says he will be around to save the day, his face is clean. Later, when Harry gives Malfoy Tom Riddle's diary, his face is as grimy as it was in the Chamber.

During the scene when Harry and Ron are talking to Malfoy as Crabbe and Goyle, Draco has his hair slicked straight back. A couple of seconds later, Draco's hair is parted a bit, and messed up at the back. Some more seconds later, his hair is slicked and tidy once more.

At the end of the movie, when Hermione comes back to the feast from the hospital, Harry and Ron look at her standing in the doorway. It is obvious that everyone at their table is squished. When Ron, Harry, and Hermione go to sit down again, there is suddenly this huge space for the three of them to fit.

In the scene where Harry has the bones in his arm regrown, we see him move his hand just before he sees Dobby, although he later claims that his arm has not healed yet. He also never shows any pain in this scene, while Madame Pomfrey told him the regrowing process would be painful.

When we see the first defence against the dark arts class with the pixies taking over, when Lockhart goes out and tells Harry, Ron and Hermione to pop them back into the cage, Hermione makes them all freeze in mid-air. Most of the pixies drop bits of paper, but one drops a big book. You can see it go thundering down the the ground, but you can't hear it land. All you can hear is bits of paper flying everywhere.

When Harry meets Dobby for the first time, there is Gryffindor stuff all over his walls. If Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia are so keen on keeping Harry as much out of touch as possible from the wizarding world, why do they allow him to keep that stuff up?

When Myrtle is flooding the girls' bathroom all of the sinks are running with water. But when Harry, Ron, and Lockhart are in the girls' bathroom looking for the entrance to the chamber of secrets, Harry turns on the sink that leads to the entrance of the chamber but no water comes out.

In the first movie, Scabbers is a brown hooded rat (white with a brown face and a brown stripe partway down the spine). In this movie, Scabbers is all brown.

When Harry is stabbing the diary, he stabs one page and the tooth appears to go right through the cover, but when he closes the book, it doesn't have any holes.

When Harry and Ron crash into the barrier at Kings Cross, Hedwig falls ot of Harry's trolley with a loud crash. He remains calm, actually sort of looking as if he is bored. Shouldn't he be screeching in fear?

When Harry goes back in time through the diary, he sees that Dumbledore was around through the first attacks and that he knew that Moaning Myrtle had been the one that died. So why doesn't Dumbledore go and ask Myrtle how she died and what happened? Surely it would have made it easier to find out where the chamber was and what was in it. He obviously knows that she still haunts the toilets which she died in.

In the Quidditch scene, Harry breaks his right arm, but as he sits up after he falls off his broom, he leans directly on it.

When Harry and Ron are sitting in the hall doing work and Hermione comes up to them she swings her leg over and it is bare. Then 2 seconds later as she is sitting down she is wearing tights.

In the first film, we see that Susan Bones (the red haired girl) is sorted into Hufflepuff, however throughtout the Chamber of Secrets, Susan not only has her classes with the Griffyndors BUT is also wearing a Griffyndor tie.

When Ron and Harry are escaping from the spiders in the flying car the passenger's side window that broke earlier hitting the willow tree is not broken, you can see Ron's reflection. A minute later you see that the window is broken again.

At the beginning of the scene near the end of the movie with Lucius Malfoy fuming at Dubledore in his office, Malfoy's hair is fanned back behind his shoulders. The lighting in the room illuminates the back of his neck, where you can see his real, short brown hair.

When Harry and Ron can't get through the barrier at Kings Cross, they go outside to the car. The outside of the station is St Pancras station and not Kings Cross.

During the final moments in the Chamber, Harry overcomes Tom Riddle (Voldemort) when putting the Basilisk tooth through the diary. If you watch carefully, you will notice that Harry is keeping his right arm idle, as it has also been posioned by the tooth. He keeps striking the diary and finally closes it for one final attack on the cover. Right before he closes it, you see his left hand still poised in the air with the tooth, but as they cut to the closing of the book right away, they show Harry's left hand closing the book with no sign of the tooth. Now they cut back to Harry's face and his left arm is still up holding the tooth.

When Harry first meets Dobby, Dobby is bouncing on the bed. There is a bulletin board of some kind with a Gryffindor flag thing on it. A couple of minutes later, the flaggy thing is still there, but the board itself is gone.

When Harry Potter and Tom Riddle are talking inside the Chamber of Secrets, notice the bridge of Harry's nose. There is a small piece of duck tape under the bridge of the glasses to hold them in place.

In the second to last scene when Dumbledore is talking to Harry and Ron, Ron's hair is a bit roughed and has a big cowlick. In the next shot, the cowlick is gone and both Ron and Harry's hair is neat.

When Harry first hears the whispering voice and is walking down the hallway feeling the wall as the voice gets louder. Notice he has a round red mark on the back of his right hand. In the next shot it's gone.

When Harry first meets Dobby, Dobby is moving all about, yet Harry is just focused on one spot.

In the scene where the Chamber finally opens, we first see Harry, Ron and Professor Lockhart from the front, and Harry and Ron are slightly behind Lockhart, and in a position to threaten and guard him. When you next see them a moment later from behind, Lockhart is behind them and they are in no position to guard him.

When Harry and Ron crash into the Whomping Willow, the tree made a big hole in the back windshield. Later, when they are escaping in the car from the spiders, the hole is considerably smaller.

When Ron and the Weasley twins come to pick up Harry from the Dursleys in the flying car, they fly over hundreds of houses. How is it then that we and Harry can hear the car when it is quite a distance away, but the people who live in the houses that the car flies over can't? The car isn't even invisible at the time.

When Harry is looking at the journal, a bright light appears right in his face and eyes, yet his pupils don't shrink.

After the basilisk is killed, and Harry talks to Dumbledore, the sword used is lying on the desk, covered in blood. Harry picks it up, and it's clean and shiny. Later, when it's back on the desk, it's all messy again.

The basilisk shown in the movie must be at least sixty feet long and 5-10 feet across. It would NOT be able to fit through pipes of any kind.

When Lockhart falls down the hole into the Chamber of Secrets, we hear him hit the ground a second or two later. When Ron and Harry jump down, not only do they take longer to get down, they also slide down the pipe, rather than fall straight down.

After Errol delivers the Howler to Ron, he flies very close to Hermione's head, the wire attached to the Owl is clearly visible as it passes her hair. It looked like it actually hits her in the face.

In the scene where Professor McGonegal is teaching the class how to turn an animal into a goblet the writing on the blackboard at the front of the classroom is back to front.

In the first film, Harry's family clearly live in a small close with trees behind their house - see owls delivering mail. The opening of COS shows Privet Drive to be in the middle of a large housing estate with houses to the rear.

In the chamber, as Harry crawls back to Ginny after killing the Basilisk, there is a pool of black ink in the water just past Ginny's head. It is only as the scene continues that Harry stabs the diary and it leaks all the ink - causing a trail down to the water, where the pool of black ink is.

During the filming of The Chamber of Secrets, Emma Watson broke her wrist. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are drinking the polyjuice potion, you can see the cast on Emma's wrist sticking out of her robes.

Notice as Harry walks into his room his hair is flat. They cut to Dobby for a bit and they return to Harry, but this time his hair is a bit messy.



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