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[ the library ] the return of slytherin

     A thousand ago, there were four wizards. They wanted to teach young wizards and witches about the magic within them. They wanted to build a school, a place where they could fulfill their dream. But then, arguements that Hogwarts should admit only students of all-magic families, started between Salazar Slytherin and the other wizards. It became so serious at one point, that Slytherin was said to have built a secret chamber in the castle somewhere. Inside the chamber, was said to hold a terrible horror, and the only wizard or witch that could open it would be the true Heir of Slytherin. Along time after the four wizards died, a legend started. The legend said that when Slytherin built the Chamber of Secrets, something happened to him. Something that no one could explain. Something that one boy would have to find out....
     Three days before Halloween and already, Hogwarts was decorated with black and orange streamers, glowing pumpkins, bats flying around the ceiling, and the usual Halloween attitude; pulling various pranks. People from each house, especially Slytherin were puling pranks on each other, and it didn't stop, until Dumbledore finally had it. Everyone gathered into the Great Hall for dinner. "I sure hope we get some early-Halloween feast food!" said Ron in a hungry tone of voice. "Take it easy Ron. Geez, I guess the older you get, the more your appetite grows," laughed Harry. "Yeah, even when you're 16," murmured Hermione. "Oh please Hermione, you know you're starving too," moaned Ron in an irritable voice. "Excuse me Ron, but atleast I don't enjoy eating food prepared by House Elves!" cried Hermione. "Take it easy guys! I mean guy and girl! Geez. Just breath and dig in!" cried Harry as the empty plates of food on the table in front of them magically appeared with all kinds of delicious food. Ron and Harry took out their forks and knives and spoons and scooped up spoon-fulls of mashed potatoes with gravy and forks full of turkey and chocolate pudding. Harry looked up, after five minutes of eating off his plate and suddenly froze. "What's wrong, Harry?" Ron asked. "Eh? Nothing. Nah, nothing," Harry said. Ron looked in the same direction as Harry and realized what he was looking at; Cho Chang. "God Harry! Be a man and ask her out!" cried Ron. "Shhhhh!!!" hissed Harry, "Don't say that so loud!" "Why not? Think anybody cares?" cried Ron, raising his voice a little more. Harry pinched Ron hard in the back. "Ah! Ow!" yelped Ron, "Don't do that again!" "Then stop yelling!" cried Harry. "Okay, okay..." groaned Ron, rubbing the pinched spot on his back.
     Dumbledore started walking towards the stage. When he got there, he raised his wand high into the air and whispered something. BANG! Suddenly, his wand shot out an enormous green mist, followed by a couple sparks, shaped like moons and stars. The entire school became quiet. Dumbledore cleared his throat and said, "Thank you Hogwarts students! Please excuse me from interrupting your feast, but I need to make a very important announcement. STOP PULLING PRANKS!!!!!" Everyone who saw Dumbledore was shocked. They've never, once, seen Dumbledore yell before. "IT'S GETTING TERRIBLY OLD AND UNFUNNY!!!! IF THESE PRANKS DO NOT STOP, EVERY SINGLE POINT AND PRIVLEDGE WILL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM EVERY, SINGLE, HOUSE!" At the sound of this, every student in the Great Hall sucked back a deep breath of air, making a very loud gasping noise. "Thank you, now carry on!" It was a long period of time before people started talking again. "Do you think he'd actually do that?" asked Ron. "Don't know," replied Hermione. "I don't think he really will. It's just a good effect. It might work, you know. Besides, Dumbledore would never do anything like that. I know him," replied Harry. Cho Chang caught a mere glance at Harry and smiled, and Harry noticed her face turning a light pink color. "She likes me! She likes me!" cried Harry astonished, when she turned away. After the feast ended, everyone went up to their common rooms and got ready for bed. Very late into the night, something in the dark sky was forming. It was, a cloud? The strange cloud was colored black, a strange gray mist seemed to be glowing from it, on the sides. In the Gryffindor Tower, everyone was asleep. Harry turned onto his back and breathed in some air. The stars outside started disappearing because of the dark cloud. Harry reached for his glasses on his bedside table. He missed them, knocking them to the floor instead. He sighed and sat up in bed and reached down towards the floor for his glasses and found them. When he finally put them on, he reached for the glass of water, which was also on his bedside table. As he took a long drink from the glass, he looked up, out the window by his four-poster bed, and couldn't believe what he saw. He wasn't sure if he was hallucinating or just too tired. He gulped some more water and blinked a few times. Then he "choked" on some of the water, spitting it out, when he saw the black cloud, which was now in the shape of a snake.
     "Ron! Ron!" Harry cried in a awe-struck voice. Ron turned over onto his side, facing Harry and groaned tiredly, "What is it, Harry? I'm trying to sleep!" "Look out the window!" Harry whispered. "Why, Harry? Can't we do this tomorrow or something? I promise, right now I gotta get some sleep, okay?" Ron mumbled as he attempted to fall back asleep. "WAKE UP RON!" cried Harry again. "All right! All right! WHAT is it, Harry?" cried Ron, sitting up. Harry nodded blankly out the window. Ron gasped when he saw the cloud. "We better tell Dumbledore..." Ron and Harry hurried up, out of their dormitory, common room, and to Dumbledore's office. A while later, after telling Dumbledore what happened in the sky, he awakened the other teachers and began discussing certain percautions. The entire school was up and gathered in the Great Hall. Hagrid was outside, keeping an eye on the snake-shaped cloud. "Doesn't seem ter be doin anythin strange," he said, eyeing the cloud closely. Suddenly, the cloud exploded with a great green light, which lit up the entire grounds of the castle. Hagrid covered turned away from the light and ran back into the castle. "Dumbledore! The cloud! It just exploded wit light!" he cried. The light ouside suddenly disappeared, instead, the cloud began shooting out tiny, winged snake-like creatures. The "flying snakes" started spreading around the Forbidden Forest and covered the lake in front of the castle. "Close the doors!" yelled Hagrid as Dumbledore made a swift move of his wand, which shut the heavy stone doors closed. The "flying snakes" covered the top of the castle and were trying, desperately to get in. "Blasted creatures! Too bad I'm not the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!" growled Snape. Soon, loud scratching of tiny claws from the creatures could be heard through the thick walls of the castle. "Remain calm everyone! The teachers and myself are currently discussing a plan to resolve this situation," replied Dumbledore. Everyone was whispering to each other in frightened voices. "Do we even know the cause of this Dumbledore?" asked Professor McGonagall urgently. "Not quite yet," answered Dumbledore, "This is a sort of difficult situation to handle." "I'll go get hold of the Ministry," suggested Professor Flitwick as he hurried off. "This could be the work of the Death Eaters, couldn't it?" asked McGonagall. "I sense deep fear from a horrible event that will soon occur," replied Trelawney, with her eyes closed. Snape snickered quietly and said, "I sense the smell of idiosm." "As I was saying before I was interrupted," started McGonagall, "maybe we should check the Chamber of Secrets." Snape raised an eyebrow. McGonagall lowered her voice and leaned slightly, over towards Dumbledore, so Snape couldn't hear her. "The cloud was in the shape of a snake. Slytherin," McGonagall said. Dumbledore nodded his head understandingly. "Good idea, but a little risky," replied Dumbledore. Snape's face was slightly red. "Why must every other house always refer to Slytherin as the one behind everything that goes wrong at this school?" spat Snape. "Because most dark wizards are turned out by Slytherin!" cried McGonagall. Snape's temple was pulsing madly.
     "I think I'll go help Flitwick!" growled Snape, as he turned around and walked away. The creatures outside were getting more anxious to get in. Faint hissing sounds could also be heard from outside the castle walls. "What are those things outside?" cried Ron. "Freaky things, that's what!" cried Neville wildly. "Just breath Neville, just breath," replied Hermione. A sudden, loud scream came from one of the ends of the Great Hall. "HELP! HURRY!" yelled a Ravenclaw. Everyone crowded around the scene at the end of the Great Hall. "What is it? What's going on?" some people would say. Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Trelawney hurried over to the location of the scream. "Please excuse me," replied Dumbledore as he finally made it through the enormous crowd of people. McGonagall and Trelawney gasped in shock right when the saw what the commotion was about. A student was laying on the stone floor, with her hands over her ears and her mouth in a position that looked as though she were screaming. "Petrified," mumbled Dumbledore in disbelief. He turned around, glanced at McGonagall with stern eyes and said, "We need to check the Chamber, now." Professor Binns, the ghost teacher hovered over the heads of students as he made his way to Dumbledore. "I'll stay here, while you check the Chamber, Albus," Binns said. "Good idea. Professor McGonagall and Trelawney should stay here too. I'll be gone for no-longer than a couple of mintues," replied Dumbledore. "Where's he going?" asked Ron to Harry as Dumbledore walked through the crowd of people, and out of the Great Hall. "Don't know. Should we keep an eye on him?" asked Harry. "Up to you," replied Ron. "Think he's going to the Chamber of Secrets or something?" asked Ron. "Well, the cloud was in the shape of a snake. Hagrid hurried over. "Thank goodness you three are all right," he said breathlessly. "Hagrid, what's going on? Where's Dumbledore going?" asked Harry. "Don't know yet, maybe he's goin ter do somethin about those creatures outside," replied Hagrid. "No, I don't think so," Hermione said uncertainly. "Well, whatever he's up to, I sure hope he gets rid of those creatures, that noise is getting to me," replied Harry.
     Dumbledore went into the bathroom where Moaning Mrytle always stayed in a stall and cried. He looked around the deserted and dirty bathroom, trying to remember how to exactly get into the Chamber of Secrets. "Ah yes," he said as he remembered how; through a hole behind a broken sink. He took out his wand, twirled it around quickly, making a rusty old sink move aside, revealing a large enough hole in the wall to allow Dumbledore to almost fit inside. Back in the Great Hall, it was noiser than ever. "What's going on?" "What are we going to do?" would be the things some people would say to each other. "Everyone, I assure you, we will have this situation sorted out very soon!" replied Professor Binns hovering around some students who were panicking. Dumbledore slid down a small tunnel-like passageway and after what seemed like ages, he came to a stop. He got up and looked around the dark cave-like structure he was in. "Oh, this school has much too many dark places," he mumbled. Suddenly, he heard a strange shuffling noise behind him, he quickly turned around, wand in his hand and fell to the ground. Someone had just put him to sleep with the flick of their wand.

*     *     *

     Finally, it was morning and no one could sleep a wink during the night. "A couple of minutes," replied Binns worringly. "It should've been only a couple of minutes." He was pacing around in the air, apparently very worried about Dumbledore. "He hasn't been back for the entire night!" cried Trelawney, "Maybe his destiny was met and..." "Give it a rest," replied McGonagall. Snape was sitting on an old wooden chair with his face in his hands. He finally uncovered his face and got up. He headed towards where the staff bathrooms were. Right when he reached the door of the bathroom, he noticed a slimy substance lying on the floor. He bent down to examine it. Then he turned around and to his horror, half of everyone in the Great Hall had turned into giant reptiles; iguana, komodo dragons, and especially snakes. "Oh my god!" yelled Snape in horror and started running away from the Great Hall and to Moaning Mrytle's bathroom. Harry suddenly awoken from his "sleep" and screamed when he saw Ron as a lizard. He turned over to Hermione, but she too was a lizard. "Oh my gosh! Ron! Hermione! You're lizards!" Then, a large cobra snake slithered past Harry's shoe, making him stop dead in his tracks. "Oh-my-god," he gasped, almost unable to breath. He glanced down at his shoe as the cobra looked up at Harry with its tongue sticking out dangerously. Harry closed his eyes, then with all his might, flung the snake off his shoe and darted across the Great Hall screaming along with the other students who were still in human form. Professor McGonagall wasn't a lizard nor was Professor Binns, but Flitwick and Trelawney both were. "What're we going to do?" yelled a student as he threw a lizard off his leg and kicked a snake away. "I don't know!" yelled Binns as a lizard attempted to claw at him, but instead clawed air. One of the Hogwarts windows bursted open, letting in an enormous breeze of chilly air. It swept through the entire room, then it went back out side the window, at the same time, the window repaired itself. "What was that?" cried Binns in shock. "I don't know! Does it look like I have all the answers in the world?" yelled McGonagall all of a sudden. "Excuse me, MINERVA! But I've been dead for awhile, so you can't count on me to know anything current!" yelled back Binns. McGonagall flourished in anger. "Why don't you go and research it in your fancy classroom that you have?" yelled McGonagall again. Harry was in shock, he couldn't believe what he was hearing.
     Students who were still human started arguing with each other, finding something to blame on someone. Even the snakes and lizard were fighting, well in the claws and fang way, anyway. Harry, however wasn't caught by the wind for some reason. He was the only one who wasn't fighting. The Ministry of Magic still hadn't arrived, who knows what was keeping them. Snape had reached the bathroom and went inside, but he couldn't find the way to get into the Chamber. "Blasted chambers!" cried Snape furiously as he kicked a stall. "Hey!" cried Moaning Myrtle as she stopped crying. "Someone's in here, so stop yelling!" "And who would you be, you little..." Snape stopped as he kicked open the stall in which Myrtle was in. He caught glimpse of her and screamed at the top of his lungs. He ran towards the door and pulled on the knob, but it wouldn't move. He banged on the door loudly, screaming, it still wouldn't budge. "Noooo!!!" screamed Snape as he slipped on some water and fell to the floor. Mrytle sighed and went back into her stall. "Another person scared dead by me..." Harry decided, finally, to go to the Chamber of Secrets and check it out himself. After a couple minutes of hurried walking, Harry reached the entrance to Moaning Mrtyle's bathroom. He took a deep breath and pushed open the door, trying hard not to remember any bad memories he gained in his second year at Hogwarts. "Who's there?" asked Myrtle, upon hearing the door creak open. Harry rolled his eyes, already annoyed by Myrtle's prescence, "No one." "Ha ha, real funny. Who's there?" she asked again. Harry looked down and saw Snape's body lying unconscious on the floor, drool coming from his mouth. "He really needs to get a raise," Harry said, amusing himself. Harry quickly looked around the sinks, trying to remember which one was the one that opened up a passageway. "Hmmmm..." Harry grumbled as he glanced around a particular sink, which seemed to be the correct one. He pushed it a little, but nothing happened. Then he pushed it some more and suddenly, it slid aside, revealing the mid-size hole in the wall. Some dust flew out the hole, making Harry sneeze. "Bless you," said Myrtle. "Uh, thanks," replied Harry as he quickly stuffed himself into the hole and started sliding down a tunnel-like passageway, at high velocity. Harry tried to grab onto something that would slow him down, but that was quite impossible.
     After what seemed more than a decade, he came to a sudden stop, landing on his back. Harry winced and got up, dusting himself off and seeing if his back had any broken bones. He pulled out his wand from beneath his robes and said, "Lumos." The tip of his wand lit up with a very bright beam of light. His eyes took a second or two in order to adjust to the bright wand light. He began walking, but soon tripped over a large body, lying on the ground. "Dumbledore! Sir! Are you all right? Can you hear me?" cried Harry as he knelt down to take the Headmaster's pulse. He was still alive, just unconscious. A shadow quickly appeared on the opposite wall of Harry's wand. His eye caught the shadow. He slowly turned around and looked at where the shadow was coming from. "Welcome back, Harry," said a cold, yet high voice. The mysterious voice sent shivering chills down Harry's spine. It seemed all too familar. The light from Harry's wand began flickering from time-to-time. "W-who are you?" asked Harry in a small voice. The dark figure gave a loud laugh. "Haven't you figured it out yet? The clues? The easiest clues that anyone could ever find? Who do you think I am?" replied the cold, evil voice. More chills were sent down Harry's spine. The scar on his forehead began hurting. "AAAAA!" screamed Harry in pain, grabbing his forehead. The pain continued to grow. Harry gathered strength and whispered, "V-voldemort?" "The one and only. Took you awhile," replied Voldemort as he stepped out of the dark and into Harry's wand light.
     The tall, skinny body figure of Voldemort shone in the bright light. Harry's scar burned more fierce than ever. "No-no! It can't be you! You're-suppose-to-be-gone!" yelled Harry as he collapsed to the ground, his wand beside him. "Thought I wouldn't come back, Harry? Thought that I wouldn't ever get my revenge? Huh, Harry? Thought that I, the most feared wizard of all the ages, Lord Voldemort, would never become supreme once again?" yelled Voldemort. "Well, you were wrong!" Harry's scar was turning a bright green color. It was getting more painful by the minute and Voldemort sure wasn't helping. "Now that I've finally returned, it is you who is hopeless, Harry! Not me, but you!" yelled Voldemort again. "I don't give pity, instead, I give power to those who deserve it by serving me. I give the new meaning of life to those who want it. But I don't give mercy to those who beg for it. You, on the other hand, is the only thing that is blocking me from supreme sorcerer, thus you should be delt with..." Harry's mind felt like it was burning up, like his forehead. Now, his scar was turning a very bright red color, with a little smoke steaming from it. "Now, Harry Potter, I will finish the job, whom nobody else could- the job of killing you," cried Voldemort as he lifted his wand and aimed it straight towards Harry's scar and yelled out, "Formabilius!" Suddenly, Harry's glasses fell to the ground, a lens popped out. Harry's pain grew ever worse when his bodily form suddenly began mutating to no form at all, blobs of different shapes and sizes. Harry's mind was for sure, going to explode. Harry tried screaming for help, but his mouth was misplaced and he couldn't think anymore. Voldemort laughed and laughed at the very sight of Harry being tortured by him. "And now, Harry Potter, your body will be blasted apart, your soul will be lost, and my reign will finally resurface, just as I have!" yelled Voldemort raising his wand once more and yelling out a spell, "Destructo-manifest!" Great jets of sparks shot out the end of Voldemort's wand, along with fire encircling around Harry. Harry's heart beated wildy as the intense heat from the fire began to grow. "Behold the horror in what I endured!" laughed Voldemort manically, as he shot some more jets of sparks towards Harry's still mutating body. Harry's mind was going haywire as well. Harry had fainted and was now about to reach the very point of death.
     Suddenly, all the fire was exstinguished in a large cloud of black smoke and the jets of sparks disappeared. "I always knew you and your family were fools, Potter," replied Voldemort viscously as he put back his wand and turned around. He suddenly gasped. Dumbledore was standing up, pointing his wand at him. "Goodbye, Tom," replied Dumbledore with hatred in his eyes as he shot a jet-flame of fire into Voldemort's chest. Voldemort's eyes widened, looking down at his burnt and severely-damaged chest. Blood was dripping out in large amounts. Voldemort couldn't believe what had just happened. "You'll-never-be-rid..." gasped Voldemort, "...of me." And with that, Voldemort fell backwards and disapparated into thin air. Dumbledore raised his wand once more and said a special charm, in which great amount of colorful lights and sparks ignited from the tip of Dumbledore's wand and into the formless shape of Harry's body. Within seconds, the sharp pain in Harry's forehead had ceased and his bodily form was soon returned to him. "Come on, Harry. Let's get back," replied Dumbledore as he helped Harry up, to his feet, at the same time picking up his even-more broken glasses. "Thanks, sir."
*     *     *
Everything was put right when Dumbledore returned back to the Great Hall. No more lizards or chaos. A little confusion, at the most. Soon after everyone was settled and cared for in the Hospital Wing, Dumbledore took Harry and some of the teachers up to his office to explain everything, after first telling McGonagall about what had happened, so that she could announce it to the students. "Harry, I know that you're in quite a bit of shock and pain at the same time, and I would like to clarify what happened," Dumbledore said in his usual, calm voice. "Yes sir," replied Harry as he wiped some blood away from his lip with a handkerchief. "First off, I know you're thinking about why I was lying unconscious on the ground and why everyone else in the Great Hall had turned into lizards. Well, the cause was the simple work of Salazar Slytherin and Lord Voldemort. Perhaps, I should go back all the way and explain. After Voldemort had come back into his human form in your fourth year, he summoned the Death Eaters to find the one possession that belonged to Salazar Slytherin. A ring. Once the Death Eaters had found the ring, they gave it to Voldemort, whom used it to contact Slytherin. He wanted Slytherin to help him carry out this terrible task that you and everyone else in this school has just experienced. Wormtail helped create a powerful spell, in which Voldemort could use to speak to other wizards, living or dead. It is this spell, that Wormtail and Voldemort wanted to keep secret, so that no other wizard could use it to become more powerful that Voldemort, himself. Tonight, when the chaos began in the Great Hall, I stepped forward to investigate, by going into the Chamber of Secrets. Not a very wise choice, but seeing as the Ministry of Magic still hadn't arrived and there was nothing else that could be done, I went. So, when I reached the end of a very steep tunnel passageway, in which you and I slid down on, I was attacked by none other than Salazar Slytherin."
     "How did you know-" Harry began. "Right after he attacked me, I saw him change into the form of a snake and slither away. Then after awhile, you came and tried to rescue me, but in doing so, I merely became bait for your encounter with Voldemort." "And a bloody ghost in the bathroom!" cried Snape, putting the bag of ice back onto his head. "Quiet, Severus, that has nothing to concern with this. Do you understand, Harry?" "Yes, I do," Harry answered as he sighed. "Okay, good. We can talk later if you'd like, but right now, I think it would be the best if everyone got some rest. You may leave now, Harry. Good night." "Good night," replied Harry as he got up to leave. When Harry reached the Gryffindor common room, he sat down on a chair in front of the fire and closed his tired eyes, taking off his mended glasses, in which Dumbledore had fixed for him. No one else was in the common room, except for himself, and a friend. Ron stepped into the common room and saw Harry sitting on a chair. "Hey Harry!" whispered Ron, hurrying over. "Where were you? Everyone was so freaked out-" "Not now Ron, I'm too tired," replied Harry as he dozed off to sleep finally. Ron understood. "Goodnight, Harry," Ron said as he patted Harry lightly on the shoulder and went up to the boy's dormitory.


Story  no 2


Harry was relieved that Christmas was so close. About a week left, to be exact. Who could blame him though? Everyone in Hogwarts was excited. Harry went with Ron to send Pigwidgeon off to deliver a Christmas card to his mum and dad. "Hold still, you dumb owl!" cried Ron as he tried to tie the card to his owl's leg, but Pigwidgeon was too excited about Christmas to even think about delivering a card. "Here, let me help," Harry said as he held Pigwidgeon down. "Thanks," replied Ron as he finally finished and quickly sent his owl off. He gave a sigh of relief. "I gotta get another owl," Ron said a little annoyed. "Oh Ron, don't complain. Atleast, you got one, right?" said Harry. "Yeah," Ron said, smiling a little. "Guess you're right." "That's what I thought. Let's go visit Hermione in the libary," Harry suggested. "Okay," Ron said as he and Harry hurried off to the libary. When they reached the libary, Hermione had just walked out, carrying an armful of books. "Hermione!" cried Ron. "We were just about to come and visit you!" "What are you doing with all those books? It's the holidays, Hermione," Harry said. "For your information, they're reading material for my pleasure," replied Hermione cooly. "Lemme take a look," replied Ron as he grabbed the book on top of the pile of books in her arms. "Hmmm, 3090 ways to spend Christmas at Hogwarts. Interesting." "Well, sometimes I rather not completely waste my holiday," replied Hermione defensively. "Just kidding, Hermione. Come and walk with us," said Ron. "What? In this temperature?" cried Hermione, almost spilling her pile of books. "Yeah," Harry said. "What's the matter?" "Oh nothing. All right. I'll come, but atleast let me put these books in Gryffindor Tower first," replied Hermione as the three of them hurried off to Gryffindor Tower to drop off the books. After they did that, they all walked around the front of the school, around the lake, and visited Hagrid for a little while.
      Dark finally came and they returned to Hogwarts. After the dinner had finished, everyone went to their common rooms. Ron yawned in a chair by the fire. "I'm tired. I think I'm gonna fall asleep," he yawned. "Oh Ron, you are so predictable," grinned Hermione. "Who wants hot chocolate?" yelled Seamus, standing on a chair. Everyone in the common room suddenly bursted out, answering "yes" to Seamus's question. "All right. Form a single line!" cried Seamus over the loud noise as he swung his wand around in the air a couple times, causing some sparks to appear, then dozens of cups of hot chocolate filled the air, lowering themselves into student's hands. Hermione smiled, "That Seamus. No one's ever done this sort of thing before." "Yeah. I'm gonna get a cup, want ont?" asked Harry. "Sure. Thanks," answered Hermione. When all the hot chocolate was finally drained to the last drop by the Gryffindor students, they all fell asleep. The fire blazed in the common room.
*      *      *
      Five days later, after another Christmas feast had passed, everyone went up to their common rooms to get a good night's rest. There was only two days left until Christmas and the holidays were becoming ever-so bright. Everything and everyone was cheery. Even Malfoy had taken a break of teasing Harry and the other Gryffindors. Right before everyone was about to sleep in Gryffindor Tower, Hermione suddenly remembered something. "Oh shoot!" "What?" replied Harry and Ron at the same time. "I forgot to return a book that I borrowed! It was due today!" cried Hermione. "Oh Hermione, don't worry. It's Christmas, I'm sure the libarians are probably too busy to even care about it!" replied Ron, yawning deeply. "Well, that's just a guess, Ron! I don't want to be a worry-wort or anything, but it's just habit!" cried Hermione. "And it's time to go to bed!" "Want me to return it for you?" asked Harry, feeling cheery. "What? Thanks, but that just kinda insults me in a way," said Hermione. "What are you talking about?" asked Harry again. "Well, it's like you're saying that females can't do anything!" replied Hermione. Harry and Ron were wide-eyed. "Hermione! It was just a question! He was just trying to help!" cried Ron. "Well, excuse me Ron. No one's exactly asked me something like that before," said Hermione, defensively again. "Hermione. This can't be the hardest question you've answer, unless you count the time Viktor Krum asked you out to the Yule Ball," joked Harry as he and Ron laughed. Hermione narrowed her eyes than sighed. "Fine, take it to the libary. Thanks," replied Hermione as she shoved the book into Harry's arms. Everyone was beginning to walk up to their dormitories. "Don't be out too late," replied Hermione. "Sure, mom," replied Ron as he started walking with Harry out the common room. "Wait! I forgot my Invisibility Cloak," cried Harry as he hurried up to the dormitory and grabbed it and came back down. "What are you doing, Ron?" "What do you mean? I'm coming with you!" cried Ron. "It's okay, Ron. I can do it by myself. I've done lots of other things by myself before, you know," said Harry. "Fine, fine. Just be careful, Harry. Good night guys," yawned Ron as he went up the stairs to the boy's dormitory. Hermione smiled as Harry went to the entrance door and left.
      About five minutes after Harry left the common room, he was thinking to himself, why did I ever suggest to do this? Why do I do these things? Well, I guess it's just the holiday spirit. It's Christmas. After awhile of walking and jogging, he finally reached the libary. He went inside and took out his wand, saying, "Lumos." Instantly, the tip of his wand lit up with green light, shining around the libary. He glanced down at the cover of the book he was holding. "Christmas With Wizards", he read aloud. "Interesting books, Hermione. Hmmm, this must be some kind of leisure book, so that has to go around here...or there." He went around from isle to isle, looking for the correct section of the libary to put the book in. "Where is that leisure section?" he asked himself. He glanced around the libary. Then he suddenly got an idea. He whispered, "Exacto-findius." The book suddenly hovered in the air, then after a short while, it started to float to the left of Harry, towards a group of aisles. Harry followed the book as it floated away. Then he glanced at a gold-plated sign, with the words Leisure engraved into it. "Cool," replied Harry. The book had found its position on a shelf on an aisle. "Well, the book's back on its shelf and it's time for me to get back," said Harry as he started to make his way towards the libary door.
      Then a small, shimmering light appeared from behind Harry. It seemed to be coming from behind an aisle. "Hmmm. What's that?" said Harry as he started to walk towards the light. He walked behind the aisle, in which the light was coming from. Then, Harry stopped, gazing upon a giant mirror...The Mirror of Erised. Why was it glowing? "Weird," Harry said as he looked up at it, some fond memories returning to his mind from his first year at Hogwarts. "Should it be glowing?" asked Harry to himself. He started to walk away, when he saw that the light had suddenly changed from a white color to a faint orange and yellow color. "Wow," gasped Harry at the beautiful light. It was truly an amazing sight to look at. Harry's eyes continued to stay on the light coming from the mirror. The light was starting to make Harry feel like he was dreaming. Suddenly, his body felt weightless as he closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was in a different place; a place which had bright, white clouds everywhere, along with mist. Harry turned around, bedazzled at what he was seeing. The temperature was humid, warmer, yet colder than in the libary. Where am I?, Harry asked himself. What's going on? "Harry, is that you?" a voice suddenly asked. The voice was soft and gentle, a female voice. Could it be? Harry slowly turned around, the voice sounding very, very familar. Harry gasped. "Mum?" Then another voice came. This time, it was a male voice- Harry's father! "Dad!" Harry cried aloud. The two figures moved towards Harry, their faces becoming more clearer. "Mum! Dad!" cried Harry as he ran towards them. When he got closer, he spread out his arms, in an attempt to hug them, but he suddenly fell through them. "Harry!" Lily Potter cried. "Harry, are you all right?" asked James Potter. Harry got up, uninjured. "Yes, I'm okay. What's going on? How did I get here?" replied Harry.
      "It's Christmas, Harry. The season of miracles," answered James. "Oh..." replied Harry. "I miss you guys so much!" "The same with us. We miss you too, Harry," said Lily as she looked upon the face of her only child. "It's been awhile since we've seen you," said James as he sat down on a cloud that was nearby. "Um, are we in Heaven?" asked Harry in a shy, yet curious voice. Lily smiled brightly and answered, "Yes." Harry gasped again. "What's wrong?" asked James. "Why are you startled?" Harry wasn't sure if he was thinking correctly, but he said, "If we're in I dead?" Lily and James let out a small, polite laugh. "What? What's so funny?" asked Harry suddenly. "No, son. You're not dead. It seems that the Mirror of Erised just brought you here," answered James, as he stopped laughing and grinned instead. Harry smiled, relieved. "Oh, okay! Just wondering," he said laughing a little. "So how's school, Harry?" asked Lily. "Do you have to ask me?" Harry mumbled. "Well, seeing as I'm your mother, yes," replied Lily. "It's been good. A little harder every year," answered Harry. "That's good to know," grinned Lily as James cleared his throat. "So, have you met any new friends?" James asked, curiously. "Uh, yeah actually. I've got a lot, but just two others as close ones," said Harry. "Ron Weasley and Hermione." "Would Ron's mother be Molly Weasley?" asked Lily. "Yes," answered Harry again. "Oh!" started Lily, "I use to know her! And also Arthur Weasley! I'm assuming they got married?" replied Lily joyously. "Yup. They got married, had a couple children." "The cute couple. Can you believe that, James?" asked Lily, turning to Harry's father. "Uh, no," he answered. Harry laughed.
      People have always told him that he was a lot like his father, and now that he finally got a chance to meet him, those people most have been right! " have things been up here?" asked Harry, trying to sound polite. There was a momentary pause. "Well, it's been quiet. We've really missed you. Since we've first arrived here, we've been worrying about you. Wondering if you're safe, away from harm. Wondering if we would ever see you again..." Lily's voice dozed off. "It's been kind of hard," replied James, "...knowing that 'You Know Who' is still out there." Harry, who couldn't contain himself, blurted out, "He's come back." There was another momentary silence. "Yes. We know, and that's why we're worrying more than ever. He's back in human form, able to hold a wand by himself...Who knows what can happen?" said James in a soft voice. "Should there be any danger, our only hope has been given to you and Dumbledore," started Lily again. "And a few other friends." Harry knew who his mother was talking about, when she mentioned 'and a few other friends'. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. ", there's been a lot of questions that have aquired inside my head, ever since I learned the truth about myself..." Harry's voice starting to drifted off. "Yes?" said Lily. "Well, why did Voldemort want to kill me?" asked Harry, his voice starting to quiver a little.
      James answered, "When he was first powerful, the only people he feared was Dumbledore and us. Somehow, your mother and I were very special when we were little. We could use our minds to carry-out magical spells, things like that. Wands weren't usually neccessary for us. We were both popular and unpopular to some kids in Hogwarts. Dumbledore, became one of our closest friends. Someone we could depend on. He wasn't the Headmaster at the time, but he was our professor. During the time we were your age, many dark forces started brewing everywhere in the wizarding world. Many wizards soon started to come out of other wizarding schools, as evil sorcerers. Maybe five from Hogwarts. One of those people, was Tom Riddle, who you know as Voldemort. I'm not sure about this, but most dark wizards fear symbols of good. Anything that was good and decent in the world would bring them down. But anything that was good and powerful, would destroy them enternally. That's why some wizards hated us. Many of them taunted us, but no one, other than Riddle had the nerve to try to kill us." Harry finally understood. He knew more of the reason why his parents died. "When we finally graduated from Hogwarts, we started seriously dating. Your mother and I went out more often, and eventually got married when we had jobs and were old enough. Then, we had you. Now, by this time, Riddle had completely become evil. His heart was black as ever. He couldn't turn back. Then one day, your mother gave birth to you. We have no idea how Voldemort heard of this, but he did. Then he sent his Death Eaters to try and kill us, but they failed. He killed some of the Death Eaters and eventually came after us, himself. He tracked us down with some of his assistants, and before you know it, we ended up here. Sirius had tried to protect us and you as well, but he got scared, and told Pettigrew to protect you, but that didn't work out."
      Harry didn't like one thing about Peter Pettigrew. He was an animagus, like James, Sirius, and Lupin. Pettigrew had transformed himself into a rat and escaped. "Blast that Pettigrew..." replied James as he momentarily glanced at the cloud-covered ground. Harry wasn't sure if he should ask his next question at this time, but he couldn't resist. ", why do I have this scar on my forehead?" Lily and James looked at each other, then James answered again, "Harry, you have that scar because when Voldemort attempted to kill you, after we were gone, his evil couldn't compare with the pure goodness inside you. I'm not too fond myself, but all I can say is that the cause was only a miracle. That scar has protected you for so long of a time." "When Voldemort said that spell, it backfired..." began Lily. All this information that Harry was hearing made it seem as though he were the "chosen one". "Son, at a later time, you will probably understand all this. I know that everyone has told you this already, but Dumbledore will explain everything when you're older. Perhaps when you graduate from Hogwarts," said James as he put his hand on Harry's shoulder. Suddenly, there was a somewhat loud ringing noise. "What's that?" asked Harry. "That is the sign that you must go back," replied Lily. "What?" Harry gasped, "No! I wanna be here, with you and dad! No! I can't leave, I don't want to..." "Son, we won't ever leave you. Just remember, that we will always be inside you. In your heart," James said as he stood up. Harry took quick glances of his mother and father's face. "No...I can't. I just can't..." Harry's voice drifting off. "You have friends waiting for you down there, wondering where you are, protecting you. You can't stay here. It's not your time..." Lily said sadly, gazing upon her son's face. Harry's emotion got the best of him and he threw himself towards his parents, with open arms. He hugged them both, tightly, and his parents did the same. Harry looked up, and there was a single tear in his eye. Lily wiped the tear from his face, at the same time a small tear drop came from her eye as well. "It was good to see you again, Harry," she said. "I promise, we'll see each other again. I promise...Now go." Lily and James let go of Harry and they slowly faded away. Harry looked bewildered. Where did they go? Then, there was a bright flash of blue and white light, which blinded his eyes completely. He fell back and dizziness erupted through his brain. A moment later, he opened his eyes and all he could see were book shelves. He was lying on the floor of the libary. His wand at his side. He realized where he was and immediately got up, picking up his wand and wiping the sweat from his forehead. He breathed hard, but soon stopped as he calmed down.
*      *      *
      Harry got back into the common room at Gryffindor Tower and quietly went up the stairs to his dormitory. When he finally reached the top of the stairs and went in, complete darkness surrounded him. Following his instincts, he walked over to his four-post bed and lied down. He took off his Invisibility Cloak and glasses and placed those items and the wand by his bedside table. Harry stared at the ceiling for a little while, trying to remember what the faces of his parents looked like. It was all fading away now. He was getting a little sad now, especially since he was spending another Christmas without his parents. He sighed, and rolled over onto his side, catching a glimpse of the window above Ron's bed. It was dark outside, with millions of stars shining brightly. Just then, he saw that a large group of stars had compiled together to form the words "Merry Christmas, Harry". Harry gasped at the sight of this. Then, after the words faded away, the stars regrouped, this time, forming a lightning bolt. Harry smiled, knowing that his parents were watching over him. "Merry Christmas, mum. You too, dad..." Harry whispered as he dozed off to sleep.


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