Star Trek TNG Stories


Revenge of Hearts NC-17

Picard discovers a mysterious black box at an archaeological conference, and hasn't been quite himself since. (Aug 98)


Hearts Redemption PG-13

Sequel to Revenge of Hearts. (Jan 99)


Say Goodbye NC-17

"You were my best friend's wife...". That doesn't stop Jean Luc in this one. Read it from Picard's point of view. Then, hop on over to TrexPhile's for Beverly's POV. And finally, Zoinky has written one from Jack's POV.


POV series page

Go here to read both of the POV series.


5 Minutes NC-17

Picard steals Beverly away from the dance floor, but she doesn't seem to mind. (Dec 98)


Just Let Me Do This NC-17

Another Jean Luc and Beverly are married and expecting story. Well, not quite the same... (Nov 98)


Fantasy Fullfilled NC-17

Dr. Crusher is working late in the lab, but she's not alone. (Dec 96)


Shuttlecraft Surprise NC-17

A little 'what if' tale that takes place after the Picard in Allegiance gives Beverly the boot from his cabin. You all know what I mean ;) (Sep 98)


The Rescue PG

A lone survivor of a ship explosion tests Jean Luc and Beverly's relationship. (Oct 96)


When the Vacation's Over NC-17

Beverly has a little surprise for Jean Luc when she comes back from leave. (Oct 96)


Give Me One Reason NC-17

Jean Luc and Beverly have history. Read one version of it. (Mar 97)


Guest Star Trek TNG Writers


Complications PG-13

Woohoo!! Mariel has finally decided to let me let her story live here. Come, and read as another woman comes to the Enterprise and 'takes' Jean Luc away. This is an excellent saga that has a great new character, a story with more plot twists than a squiggling Denebian Slime Devil, and if ye are a faithful reader, Picard and Crusher doing things you always dreamed of...against a bulkhead no less.


Addictions NC-17

Jean Luc has to come to terms with Beverly's time with Ronin. Read this marvelously written tale by Nancy L. Clarke that not only has some great P/C, but some very clever plot elements, and well developed new characters.


Forever Knight Stories


Heated Revelations NC-17

Natalie takes LaCroix up on an invitation.


CSI Stories


Drive NC-17

Sometimes you don't want to make any decisions; you just want kick back, relax, and let someone else drive. G/S



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