Prose and Poetry
Original fiction by myself and others. So far, only poetry, no prose yet.
There is also a section on dead poets and my personal response to their works.

A bunch of weird quotes I got from... weird... places.

falling tree
Opinions on euthanasia, homosexuality, feminism...

Anime Gallery
A page dedicated to the beautifully-rendered characters of anime.

Anime Fanfiction
Fanficking is something I do just for the heck of it. Fooling around with
other people's characters is fun! :P

Slam Dunk
Episode synopses for Slam Dunk, a hilarious Japanese animated series
based on the manga by Inoue Takehiko.

Personal pages on my favorite band Luna Sea, my all-time favorite artist hide, and miscellaneous
others including Glay, Dir en grey, Guniw Tools and L'Arc~en~Ciel. Has mp3 samples,
midis and screencaps.

The Heroine of the Yangs
Live-action period drama series set during the reign of the Song Dynasty in China.
The page has summaries, opinions, and images.

Shelley (under construction)
On Shelley, one of the most iconoclastic, larger-than-life figures of the literary Romantic movement.

Sunlight in the attic (under construction)
Where everything else is... Smashing Pumpkins, Frédéric Chopin, moving pictures,
eye candy, and instant noodles.



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 Graphics are from Kaleidoscope and modified by me. I have no idea where the picture of the kitsune in kimono originally came from, I've had it saved on a random disk for ages. The haiku is by Issa Kobayashi, a Japanese poet. I have a story about how I came to know about him. Long time ago, I bought this bookmark from a Buddhist shop because I liked the words on it. It goes something like this: the world of dew is only a world of dew./ and yet.../ and yet... It was ascribed to "Issa". Which gave me quite a shock, because I thought it was Christ ("Issa" is one of Christ's appellations). Other than the fact that it didn't sound like something he would have said, what was it doing in a shop selling Buddhist paraphernalia? Surely that is taking syncretism to new and surprising heights, I thought. But for a long while, that was the notion I stuck with, until one day, I happened to chance upon the name in a book of haiku. Ah, the light dawns. =)
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