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February 8, 2003

Eleven months since my last pseudo-update (which was in fact not an update at all but a dismantling of a page) - I'm surprised this site is still functioning. But updates should be trickling in steadily, I expect, now that I've moved halfway across the world back home. Being away for so long, home is... strange.

I have been remiss in answering my emails, so sorry to everyone who had e-mailed me and did not receive a reply. I am terrible, terrible at writing e-mails! Rest assured that I read and appreciated every e-mail that was sent to me. I am working thru my backlog of messages, so unsuspecting persons who wrote me perhaps half a year ago or something might go, "Who the heck is this?" when they suddenly get a much overdue reply from me ^^.

Almost forgot to mention - updated the profile page.

March 3, 2002

Took down the anime gallery for the moment cos i think that's what has been consuming the bandwidth. Tripod is... very irritating.

January 4, 2002

I have about three years' worth of updates on this page. About time I shift them into their respective pages organized by year... later ^^;;. Happy New Year, btw ^^. Four days into the new year, and two days before classes restart. I need more time to vegetate. What an unproductive winter break this has been. The only semi-productive thing I did was going to Toronto - spent the four-hour drive there listening to my housemate and her boyfriend bicker in the front seat, shopped, ate, drank, crashed at my friend's place in Etobicoke, watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on his laptop, and spent the four-hour drive back listening to some weird rap music that contained an average of five expletives a minute that said friend had a penchant for blasting at maximum volume.

Okay. Creativity-wise, zilch. Didn't even update the site once. And I did have a vague, nebulous notion of continuing one of my various unfinished fics, but... dot dot dot, indeed ^^.

Uploaded a Luna Sea pic, and posted some J-rock, J-pop and anime music that you can listen to here. It's streaming online music, and plays in Winamp or Windows Media Player and presumably Realplayer as well. It expires sometime next week or something -_- but I'd probably re-upload a different playlist then. Oh, and here's another webpage I did last term for another of my professors - http://finaleofseem.tripod.ca/atwood.

November 25, 2001

Did up a small website for my term project. It's at http://finaleofseem.tripod.ca if anyone wants to take a look. It's about the etymology of every word in Wallace Stevens' (excellent, wonderful) poem "The Emperor of Ice-Cream". Exciting, isn't it just? Took me more than ten hours to type up everything so I thought I might as well do some quasi-advertising here.

By the way, it's 7:40 AM and I haven't slept a wink. Despite having a single bottle of beer and spending some unimaginative times at a bar last night, my insomnia had nothing to do with partying all night, nor with the aforementioned project. Instead, it's due to a certain over-long and surprisingly well-written Harry Potter fanfic I chanced on that I tried but couldn't stop reading. Don't you just hate it when that happens? ^^;;

October 7, 2001

Fixed the mp3 links on my Luna Sea page, so they should all be working now (previously only the ones on my Carleton server were working). I'm typing this standing up in the library freezing my ass off and my backpack is trying to dislocate my shoulder so I'm not inclined to ramble on and on as is my habit. Wait, I just did.

August 22, 2001

Uploaded a make-shift Luna Sea page, some personal opinions and mp3 samples.

August 15, 2001

Done with summer classes... feeling a little bit sad cos I'd have to leave soon... I think I'm in love with Ottawa. ^_^ It's fast becoming one of my favorite cities in the world.

Uploaded some Sugizo pics I saved off his site... is it just me or does he look different nowadays? ^^ Ryuichi's looking like a pop idol, Inoran looks cute but scruffy... I kinda like his brief dreadlocked image though ^^.

July 4, 2001

Anou... finally I managed to do something to the site after days and days of mere intention. It's 1:56 AM and I'm strangely feeling incredibly tired *yawn~~*. I wanna do a lot of changes to the site, I really do, but... dammit I'm just a lazy ass! There, I've admitted it. Well, actually, that's something that I've always known ^^;;.

But, let's be optimistic! ^__^ Pages that should see some updates soon are the anime fic page, anime gallery, and the original poetry section. Yes yes.

This time the update is a new page, linked from the index, on my favorite poet P.B. Shelley - magnanimous, incredibly idealistic and pragmatic all at once, married to Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (author of Frankenstein), intimately acquainted with Lord Byron, and writes some of the most beautifully lyrical but difficult poetry in the language, which still baffle scholars to this day. My Shelley page is still heavily under construction.

June 17, 2001

Ahhhhh, what am I doing?! I should be starting on my term paper, yet here I am doing pseudo-updates. It's bad enough that I wasted yesterday doing absolutely nothing. -_-#

Some tiny J-rock updates, including more senseless ramblings. And, I forgot to mention it anywhere, but the Rurouni Kenshin screencaps have been uploaded to my screencaps folder since... um, six months ago?

June 8, 2001

Urgh, I dislike using FrontPage. Editing an existing html page with Word 2000 is even worse (try looking at the html source for my misc J-rock page. An elephant could get lost in there). Where's Netscape Composer when you need it?

Added a short student essay to falling tree. Changed the BGM on this page to "Gravity" by Luna Sea. Or at least, it should be "Gravity". It could still be "Imitation" (the previous midi, also by LS) or total silence, depending on whether I can browbeat FrontPage into submission.

June 6, 2001

Hey all ^_^. I'm surprised people are still checking out this site, seeing as how it has been updated so seldom that it's almost in stasis. How fast time flies, no? I'm in Ottawa for the spring, no personal internet access - meaning I gotta take a ten-minute walk to the computer lab on campus... what is civilization coming to?! ^^;; Anyway... a small update on the links and misc J-rock page. Actually I did quite a lot of updates on various parts of the site last year and uploaded them temporarily to Driveway, but as some of you may know, Driveway has terminated its service. I did save some onto a disk, but that disk was screwy and now I can't access them. *sigh* The original copies are quietly sitting on my computer at the other end of the world. So it'll probly be a while before I feel inclined to make new Luna Sea, hide pages, etc since I hate having to make a page I'd already made. Oh, and I was storing the mp3 samples on Driveway as well, so they're down. I shifted a few to Myspace, but now it's discontinued also. In both cases I got notices telling me to get an account with Freedrive. I did, but - well, Freedrive sorta... sucks... a bit. It seems to be taking over everything, veritably. It's like Yahoo or something.

Anyway, more updates are coming. Hopefully. For those of you who want to be notified when this site is updated, send me an email with "Updates" in the subject. You can leave the body blank, but if you like, you can also tell me which page you'd like to see updated, e.g. Anime Fanfiction, J-rock, etc.

December 8, 2000

Updated the J-rock page again... I guess that would be the most frequently updated portion of the site these days. "Frequent" being relative, of course ^^;. Also created a folder for the various screenshots I made and stored on my computer. Only Glay for now, but going to upload some Rurouken screenshots soon.

Oh, and I decided to put a midi back on this page again ^^ (for the moment, that is... might remove it later). This is Imitation, one of my favorite songs by my favorite band Luna Sea. Btw, I also finally organized things somewhat and stored most of the midis that were/are used on this site and those I downloaded to my comp into a folder. Great things, folders.
November 23, 2000

Added Buck-Tick to the miscellaneous J-rock page - can't believe I forgot them ^^; they're one of my favorite bands. Also generally edited the page a bit - added a few pics, a couple more mp3 samples. And I finally did something to my outdated profile page ^_^. There're other stuff I want to update, but I'm sooooooo damn sleepy... it'll just have to wait till tomorrow or something *yawn*.

Nighty-night and sweet dreams! ^_^ Have you ever dreamed of falling? It's one of my favorite dreams of all.
October 21, 2000

Ah, humid, humid nights! Too hot to do anything, but... I've finally uploaded the J-rock pages ^_^v. Not complete yet, but take a look. Music lovers should give Japanese rock a try. Some of the most interesting, amazing music I've ever heard. Bishounen lovers should definitely take a look ^_~.
September 26, 2000

Well, my semester break has come and gone, but no updates could be seen. Hmm... Well, I've been busy... and yet not busy... if anyone actually knows what I mean ^^;;. Work at school is surprisingly relaxed, but I've got a ton of stuff that needs to be done which I keep putting off doing... I was going to list them all out here, but that would be a tad too much information, wouldn't it? *laugh* I'm thinking of going to Japan later in the year... but may settle for Hong Kong instead... at any rate, if I go, there'll be *gasp* photos posted! -_-; Travel photos, diary... this is turning more and more into a generic homepage...

Quotes update. This is a page I had not done anything to for... what, more than a year?
August 8, 2000

Hi! Here's my once-a-season update! ^_^ Actually, the interval wasn't that long this time, ya? Did quite a lot of updating, made new pages, etc, but haven't finished them so they're not up yet. Redesigned the index page cos the previous one was really ancient (I actually made it with the Tripod builder when I first got an account with the server). Speaking of servers, any of you know anywhere I can upload mp3 files to? Tried Homestead, but this irritating message kept popping up (after halfway uploading) that said the file had exceeded Homestead's limit, even after I zipped it and all. *sigh* Computers are annoying, ne? ^_^; Btw, it's my semester break again, so I shall again make claims of frequent updating. Pages likely to be updated are the quotes page, poetry, anime gallery, probably the fics page also, THotY, and new personal pages on Japanese visual rock, Smashing Pumpkins, movies, etc etc etc.
June 1, 2000

Just a little editing on the Heroine of the Yangs page. It's not anime, but it's as close as you can get to it with real life people ^_^. If you want to know what my current obsession is, this is it. Go look, go look. ^_^
May 28, 2000

Fanfics update! Finally! ^_^
May 3, 2000

When I go to other sites and see that they're updated at least two or three times a month, I am instantly ashamed. I really am. ^_^; I think this site may be described as being updated seasonally. And... um... what was I going to say...? ^_^ It's currently 3:11 in the morning, and though it is usually during this time that I'm so energetic I can sing The Everlasting Gaze at the top of my voice and nimbly dodge the flying shoes afterwards, I have recently adapted to a new timetable in which I go to sleep before midnight. So, what I'm trying to say is - I'm damn sleepy. Yesterday I went to sleep with the radio on. Never go to sleep with the radio on. It's a psychedelic experience. For me, that is. Links update - added some general and anime links. That's it. ^^;; But updates shall be fairly consistent from now on, I expect. At least for the next two weeks, since it's my semester break. Oh, and I wanted to tell you something about sushi. I really do, but... damn, I'm sleepy.
January 26, 2000

This is my first update of the century. Or millennium. Or whatever. People like to say things like that, I notice ^_^. Btw, I'm currently listening to Luna Sea's "No Pain". Into JRock lately, dunno why. Well, updated the fanfics page, with some new stuff. I've kinda lost interest in YYH fanficdom, cos... well, I've never been much of a fan of K+H (since all the fanfics out there seem to be repeating the same old theme again and again) and I hardly ever come across any Yuusuke/Kurama or Sensui/Itsuki or basically any fics not revolving around K+H (something focusing on Raizen would be nice). Anyway, if you wanna know what fics I like to read these days (um, for whatever reason known only to you  ^^) there's a whole page on that linked from my fanfics page under the Miscellany section. I wanna update the gallery, but I have a feeling that if I do, the search engines are gonna start ignoring it...
November 19, 1999

Yay, my finals are over! *jumps for joy* Don't you just love November? In spite of all the rains, yes. Tiny update on the links page, added a whole bunch of links. The YYH Djs I particularly recommend if you're into the K+H stuff. Some of the dojinshi there are really ultra sweet, touching, funny, etc etc etc. And, if you're an avid YYH fanfic reader, look no further than the YYH Fanfiction Bookstore. The webmaster was even nice enough to select one of my fics as the featured fic of the month for September. And, I don't know why, but the moment I updated my fanfics page, the search engines stopped referring to it. *sweatdrop*
November 6, 1999

Wow, four months without an update. ^^;; Blame it on my computer. It died on me. My hard disk crashed, taking with it assignments, journals, fanfics, and you remember I said I'm gonna make a shrine for all those villains? Well, it took that with it as well. There goes that development. I may still make a shrine to Iori though (Iori-kuuuuuun!!! ^^ *major sweatdrop*) For those who don't know, Iori Yagami is, I reiterate, the coolest videogame character ever, period. ^^ There's a new fic about him and Chizuru Kagura, both from KoF, in the fanfics page. Plus updates on two YYH fanfics, "Life and the Universe as Seen Through Zen" and "Desert Places" cos I've been getting requests on them.
July 3, 1999

New pics in the gallery - some of them are my favorites, like the Kaworu one... so beautiful! Well, that's it. I'll probably update my other pages in a few days' time or something. I know I should update everything all at once (so's it more systematic and all) but too lazy lah. I'll update when I feel like it ^_^.
June 14/15, 1999

Fanfic update - a poem on Iori Yagami, the coolest videogame character ever. Put up two fanart that I finally had scanned, one isn't really a fanart, just a sketch of Kurama from manga 15 with a leaky pen. It's not of Kurama posing with a leaky pen, I mean it's sketched with a leaky pen. Um, whatever. The other is a pencil drawing of Gatchaman's Katse, or at least, my version of what s/he looks like. Slam Dunk update as well. Oh, and I'm gonna make a collection of shrines dedicated to villains! I'm currently looking for a webhost, so... watch out for it. ^_^
June 8, 1999

Little tweakings here and there... joined a webring, namely "The Bishounen Underground" ring. Fixed the Cafe Poetry ring, though why it needed fixing in the first place I have no idea. Added a submitted poem and two of my own to the poetry page, which is due for some tweaking of its own. Finally fixed the midi link in my fanfics page, and also a broken SD fic link. The midi, btw, is Fairytale by Enya, which is very lovely if you listen to it using Quicktime. Recently I found another midi that I really like, I have no idea what the name is, but it's way cool. Hm, I'm thinking of putting it somewhere on my site, but where? I am not going to put a midi on every single page. I find that annoying when I visit other sites, so no way.
May 30, 1999

Yatta! I did update the gallery, with lots of requested pics! And I should do new episodes for Slam Dunk, but I'd taken a break from watching Slam Dunk recently and watched Rurouni Kenshin instead. Kenshin's too preachy for me to like him all that much, but Aoshi is just so cool! ^_^ I just watched up to episode 16, so all the other cool characters (Saitou, Misao, Soujiro, etc) haven't shown up yet *sigh*. The filler episodes are horrible.
May 18, 1999

Finally updated the fanfics page with three new fics. Unbelievable. For me, that is. ~_~ But oh well, I just felt like I should make up for not updating for so long. ^_^ One of the fics has nothing to do with Kurama. Absolutely nada, zip, zilch, zero. Er... okay, maybe a little. Very, very little. I think I've got too many Kurama fanfics. Can't help it, love him, so there :P. Oh, and I'm really gonna update the gallery. Really. Honestly.
May 16, 1999

After not doing anything with the site for more than a month, finally made some updates. Specifically, the poetry page and Slam Dunk. Had some good response to my anime survey, so I really should update the gallery. Which I will! Soon. ^_^
March 29, 1999

Updated the fanfics page with a new YYH fic, When It Rains. The title's kinda tentative, I'm really bad at titles so... Also added a fanart, my own, which is really very badly drawn :P and very badly scanned. Can't believe I'm updating the page almost weekly. Did a little tweaking on the poetry and the anime summary pages. Also did episodes 48 to 51 for Slam Dunk.
March 22, 1999

Made a separate page for poetry webrings, they were taking too much space on the poetry page. Added "Favorite Male Anime Characters" to the gallery. Added Anchella's Sounds to the links page, which I forgot to do yesterday.
March 21, 1999

Well, made this updates page so that I can actually know when I'm updating what and space out my updates more evenly. Reconstructed the poetry page, changed the layout, backgrounds, everything. But I kinda liked the old green background, actually. I mean, everywhere you go, you see black. It's positively trendy or something. I mean, how often do you see a page with, say, a lime green background? Not that I have anything against black, in fact I'm thinking of turning my fanfics page black. Black black black. Gothic-ky and depressing and fashionable. Updated the links page too, which was also reconstructed recently. Oh, btw, anyone who's interested can still view the old version of my poetry page. I guess it's not very good as far as webpages go - it being my second page-making attempt and all, but I didn't have the heart to throw it away ^_^. Reconstructing a page's really a hassle, I think. At least the way that I do it. I wonder if there's a shortcut. Ack, I'm turning into Hanamichi, looking for secret techniques everywhere ^_^;. But I think reconstructing is even more work than making a new page. Probably won't be doing any reconstruction on my poetry page anytime again soon ^_^.

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