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    Opinions Archive Section # 1
    Total Opinions (27)

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    Fans (W/Email) Opinion Date
    1)gina digregorio
    From:Philadelphia, PA

    Favorite Crow Line/Scene

    probably in gideons pawn shop, its one of the funniest, and when eric finds shelly's ring it is really very touching. the flashback segments always touch meean so much to shelly, i used to think they were rather trivial. believe me, nothing is trivial"

    2)Beth Tamney
    From:Saskatoon, Canada

    Opinion on a Crow Scene

    "The best part of the entire movie is when Sarah is doing the monologue in the loft when she knows Eric is there and then she's about to leave when Eric appears and tells her he does care. That is the most touching part of the movie I think"

    3)Claire Steels

    Brandon Lee

    "Brandon Lee will always remain close to everyones heart forever he was someone whom even if you had never met him you thought you could connect with immediately. He is a legend now and will be forever."

    From:The Realm

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    " My favourite Crow scene would have to be when Eric Draven is in Top Dollar's loft and he walks in, sits at the table and points at Skank and says "I only want him." Eric has no fear!!! When Top Dollar and the rest of the villians shoot him, he gets back up to the amazement (very cool how he scares them by surviving all the bullets he took) and starts shooting and killing them all. It has got to be the best action scene ever.to try and find ( I have not found it anywhere else yet) is sound waves of when Eric is on the roof playing his guitar. I love the music and would really love to get a full version sound wave of it.

    The coolest line (one of them since there are so many) in The Crow is when Eric saves Sarah from getting hit by the car, he says to he "It can't rain all the time," reffering to his band's song. Eric startles Sarah when he says that, and it was even better when she spun around saying his name but he had vanished. Very Cool."

    5)Bridget N O'Brien
    From:Holland, NY

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    " My fav. Crow scene would have to be when he first comes alive and goes into the apartment...he dresses in his new crow moteff and stands next to the window. Lightning strikes his face and the music pumps you up for the rest of the unforgetable movie!"

    6)Heather Ruby Arnold
    From:Bethlehem, PA

    Brandon Lee

    " Brandon Lee was a great man , and a wonderful actor, and will always be very missed and loved by all of us. "

    7)Denise Jorgensen

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    " My favorite Crow scene is where Eric Draven comes in the window of Fun boy's apartment and then Fun boy see's him and says "What the fuck. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You need professional help." Then when Eric shoots him in the leg and Fun boy says "Look what you've done to my sheets." The coolest line is:

    'I heard a rapping as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamberdoor. You heard me rapping right?'"


    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    " My favorite scene is where Sarah is riding her skate board in the road and Eric saves her from getting ran over. 'is the word for god on the lips and hearts of all childern. Morphine is bad for you.'"


    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    " My favorite scene in the crow is either the Gideon scene or the Funboy scene. I don't know, the whole movie rocks! Don't ask me things like that where I can't make decisions ;) "It's funny. Little things used to mean so much to Shelly. I used to think it was kind of trivial. Believe me, nothing is trivial." -Eric Draven

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    10)James Salvatore Higgins Jr.
    From:Newport News, VA

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    "Lemme see, my favorite crow scene is kinda hard...theres the parts where he and Shelly have their sweet moments, Eric plays the guitar, he and Shelly kiss and hold eachother...then the kiss. The favorite of mine is when he's at her grave and she appears. She brushes his hair to awaken him, and plants a kiss on his lips so soft, inocent. It was sweet. This was the only movie in a logn time that made me hate the villain. Villains and heroes are so alike in movies now, you tend to cheer for the villains, and its sad. I hated wincott's character, and this movie will always be my favorite. Im one guy who can say I love the nicer movies, and I dont care what my friends think about it. This movie was so touching, and so beleivable."Little thigns used to mean so much to shelly, I thought they were trivial...believe me NOTHING is ."

    11)James Salvatore Higgins Jr.
    From:Newport News, VA

    Tribute to Brandon Lee

    "Brandon Lee was the most well spoken and perhaps greatest actor of our time. I believe that someday, had he lived, he would have an Oscar. He played the crow excellently, as did everyone else who played their parts. I live my life looking at everythign with great admiration and wonder after hearing/seeing/reading his alst interview. He is sadly missed and his final performance will be a favorite of mine, always."

    12)Nino Himala
    From:West Covina, CA

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line and STH Opinion

    "In First Crow, when Draven was slashing everyone in the club with the katana. After that, him saying "Your all going to die!"Keep bring in new stuff & also I want The Crow Stairway to Heaven to stay on the air, & I don't want no stupid Austrilian show!!!!!!!!!"

    13)david perez
    From:S.I, N.Y

    Favorite Crow Scene

    "At the end when eric is figthing with top dollar on the old church roof. i like the part where eric grabs a hold of a metal sharp cross of some sort and uses it for battle. i also like how lighting hits the cross when he's grabbing it.(he screams and you or maybe just me feels the pain and power of that scene. But then again pain is power.(city of angels)."

    14)Vampira Duclos
    From:New Hampshire

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    "There are two.

    1. The part when he puts on the "crow-makeup" or whatever, and puts on that cool black outfit."

    2. The scene where he goes to the cop's house."Quick impression for ya; 'Caw, caw, bang, fuck, I'm dead!"

    15)kyle easter
    From:Weatherford, OK

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    "when eric has two guns and is shooting top dollar's gang at the pit upstairsupgrades have been sponsored by advertising:

    "victims,are'nt we all?"

    16)lyndsey hicks aka the stinger
    From:Columbia, South Carolina

    Opinion on The Crow

    "i think that the crow is the best movie out there even if it is 6 years old. no matter how old it gets, you can still see the energy, the passion, the dedication that Brandon poured into that role as well as the other actors in the film. the crow and city of angels has done so much for me in the past few months...when the first movie came out i was in the 7th grade and i clearly remember saying that it looked cool. never did i imagine that one day the film would change my life... because a friend got me into the crow it saved me from committing suicide and putting myself out of this misery. through the crow i have learned that vengence is possible and that everyone has a story to tell at some time or another...through the graphic novel i learned that there is a such thing as revenge, especially for those who deserve to give it to their victims.. if one day i could meet james o'barr i would have the world in my hands, for his wisdom and insight has changed my life...believe in the crow...it can't rain all the time...nothing is trivial....!"

    17)lyndsey hicks
    From:Columbia, South Carolina

    Favorite Crow Scene

    "my favorite scenes in the first movie were:

    1)when eric puts on the crow makeup and stands at the broken window with the crow on his shoulder;

    2) the entire gideon's pawn shop scene

    3) the entire funboy scene

    4) the end fight(s) with top dollar ( i must give my props to mike wincott, the most beautiful villian on this earth who played the role so well he made you hate top dollar for ever breathing!)

    5) the end scene when shelly comes to take draven away to the other side with her ( it makes me cry everytime i see it)

    6) when the whole crew with top dollar tries to take out draven in the loft

    7) when eric remembers how much he loved shelly (every scene that it is in makes you want a love like that)

    8) when eric is with albrecht in his apartment ( hudson and brandon just made that scene come alive)

    basically the entire movie...."


    Total Opinions


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  • Fans (W/Email) Opinion Date
    18)lyndsey hicks
    From:Columbia, South Carolina

    Favorite Crow Lines

    "i've already listed my favorite scenes (basically all of the movie) but i really liked when Draven got all of his killers back for what they did and i really loved how eric and shelly were shown through the flashbacks even though that's where both died--eric and brandon...it can't rain all the time...The Crow:

    1)"Is that gasoline I smell?"- Eric Draven to Gideon

    2)"Victims aren't we all?"- Eric Draven to TinTin

    3)"Jesus Christ? Stop me if you've heard this one...Jesus Christ walks into a hotel...(gets shot by Funboy)...Ow...He hands the inkeeper three nails...(gets shot by Funboy again)...and He asks 'Can you put me up for the night?'..."another shot goes off shooting Funboy in the leg...-Eric Draven to Funboy

    4)"Abashed the Devil stood and felt how awful goodness is."-T-bird to Shelly and later to himself as he is about to die

    5)"What's all this happy horseshit?"- Skank

    6)"Quick impression for ya...'Caw, caw, bang, fuck, I'm dead'."-Top Dollar to Eric

    7)"Aw fuck." - Eric after he discovers he can be wounded after Grange shoots the crow and Top Dollar shoots him in the arm

    8)" ...little things used to mean so much to Shelly. I used to think they were kinda trivial but believe me nothing is trivial."-Eric Draven

    9)"It can't rain all time." - Eric Draven

    10)"Guess today's not a good day to be a bad guy huh Skank?" Skank says,"I'm not Skank, Skank's over there, Skank's dead." Eric says,"That's right."

    my favorite from the City of Angels was:

    "Hush little baby don't say a word, daddy's gonna buy you a big black bird."-Ashe Corvin to ??? (forgot her name, the one who sang the lullaby to his son just before they were killed)

    I did like the poem about the numbers which Ashe recited while killing someone and also that Shelly recited in a flashback as well..

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    19)Michael Cistercian
    From:Charlotte, NC

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    "The one where Eric is running across the rooftops after he has put on the crow make-up for the first time. That was a great scene.kicks ass.

    "I want his eyes..."
    From:Centralia, MO

    favorite scene

    "My favorite scene would haved to be where eric sits in front of the broken mirror. Starts to have flashbacks of him and shelly. The song "Burn" from The Cure starts to play and Eric slams his fist into the mirror, then dresses up for the kill."
    21)Sean "Mad Max" Maxwell
    From:New York

    Opinion on The Crow

    "I know for a fact that The Crow is definitely one of the most touching and amazing films that I will ever see in my life. Just the entire story of undying love and unstoppable revenge makes me love this film. I will admit that I do cry everytime I see this masterpiece of a movie,Its just so tear jerking how you can have a great life and then one sad day it could all come to a crashing hault as it did for Eric Draven. I think it is wonderful how this movie made it possible for loved ones to come back to life and put the wrong things right, it makes you wonder, could this really happen? Definitely one thing I want to do when I reach heaven is ask the good lord if I can talk to Brandon Lee. He did an excellent Job as Eric Draven and I feel terrible knowing that he was killed 2 weeks before his own wedding. This film should never ever be forgotten by anyone do to it's ability to touch the human heart. My favorite scene is when Shelly's Spirit comes to him at the very end and puts !

    her hand on his head and they are finally reunited in peace. That scene makes me cry every single time. R.I.P.-Brandon Lee, may you go with the grace of God."

    22)Ian Duer

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    "either in albrechts apartment, or when draven goes to gideon's pawn shop...cool line:"I know you...i knew i knew you...but you can't be you...there ain't no coming back...this is the really real world, there ain't no coming back..."
    From:New York

    Favorite Crow Lines

    "I looked at your opinion page and was surprised to find this line not among them as fans' favorites:

    "He was already dead...he died a year ago the moment he touched her. They're all dead...they just don't know it yet." - Eric.

    I also liked these two(they made me laugh):

    "There are so many cops, you'd think they were giving away donuts" - Albrecht.
    " 'I feel like a little worm on a big fucking hook', well boy, your mama must be damn proud of you!" - Top Dollar Also wanted to say that this page was very informative and Brandon was one of the great ones and he will be missed greatly."

    24)Sebastian Olsson
    From:Gellivare, SWEDEN

    Opinion on the Crow TV Series

    "Itīs wery good but itīs a little bit diffrent than "the crow stairway to heaven" beacaus i saw stairway to heaven"
    25)Dave Demoss

    Opinion on the Crow Comic

    "I think that "The Crow" is really the most emotional love story I have ever read before in my life.Some people thought the violence was so disgusting,but I thought the violence in that comic is as justified than anythhing alse.I really enjoyed that comic,and the movie.I really like that comic."
    26)Shannon Yvonne Tyson
    From:Moose Lake, Minnesota

    Favorite Crow Scene/Line

    "Oh Light... There are too many... when he's using the sword before he killed Skank in the Original. and

    "Mother is the word for god on the lips and hearts of all children."

    27)Roman J Yurek
    From:Chicago/reside in Hawaii

    Opinion on The Crow

    "The Crow, comic, movie, soundtracks, novels, everything are great. The comics what are they all about, vengence right? The TV productions are the same arn't they? The novels same as well? Even soundtracks shows the vengence in the Crow's life? Well in part this is true, but there is a complete flipside to the world of the Crow. That is the side of love. Every aspect from the comic to the music show the dark and bright sides of the Crow. Each comic is over the love of someone, be it a girlfriend or unborn child. The movies have gone from a soon to be wife to a son. The soundtracks have songs that are mellow and slow, just like the kind that you dance to with a girl and look deep into her eyes. The novels follow suit. So, the Crow is not a hedious monster that kills for justice, like many superheros. He only kills those that killed, not just him/her, but the loved one. To be honest, if anyone killed my soon to be wife, there ass is grass. "

    Total Opinions


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