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The Crow Film
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    Fans (W/Email) Opinion Date
    68)Bill Thomas
    From:Erie, Pennsylvania

    Opinion on The Crow

    ""The Crow" was a ground-breaking film for all! The "seque- ls" were travesties. And, I firmly belie- ve that Brandon Lee was murdered, and it was planned. Call it whatever you wish, but the report seems too absurd! I have a suspicion of who it was, and I hope they all die slow deaths! I truly do! Brandon and his father live forever in my heart, mind, and soul! Let it be known that not everyone is going to buy into the "dummy bullet" bullshit st- ory. I don't! Had he lived without having to suffer paralysis, he would have been a well-respected actor and stellar! Hails! Death to murderers! "

    69)james lee brailey
    From:price utah

    life is a beautifull gift

    "brandon you showed us what life is really like out in the real world and that our life is really a gift that we should not waist becuase you never know when it will be your time to go or when someting tragice will happen at the speare of the moment like a love one being taken away or our life being taken away brandon you showed us fans that life is a beautifull gift from god and that we should not waist it brandon we will miss you old buddy
    brandon lee

    70)Lady Crow

    i loved brandon lee

    "hi...sorry,i dont know to write in english,my english is very bad.i am lady crow,i have 26 years old,i am from chile(sudamerica)and i loved brandon lee!!!he was a very-very sexy man.he is the crow forever,nobodyelse!!.bye."

    71)Mindy Manring

    Crow Razor Film

    "I think you need to make a razor/crow movie that would rock. I know I would definatly go to see it."

    From:Memphis, TN USA

    Best Crow Film

    "I think the crow is the best movie ever. This site is the best site by far."


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  • Fans (W/Email) Opinion Date
    73)Jason Anthony Lillard
    From:Memphis, TN

    Best Crow Film/Website

    "I think that The Crow is the coolest movie ever. This site has everything I've been looking for."


    Opinion on Brandon Lee

    "Barndon Lee was and still is according to me a real legend!I have been litterally addicted to "The Crow" ever since i first saw it and I just wanna say that i don't understand why he had to die. It almost haunts me, this question, and I would love to get an answer from other fans of Brandon. He didn't deserve to die! S."

    75)Angel Sanguine

    Opinion on the Crow TV Series

    "Why are all the Crow fans I know hacking on Stairway to Heaven?? The story is the best!! The only one better at playing the Crow than Marc Dacascos(or something like that) was( and is) Brandon Lee( May he rest in peace, we miss you).And the story in STH, was just perfect!! so stop nagging on him!! In good old danish: Han er en skide god skuespiller. Angel Sanguine "

    76)Kelly (Raeven) Kinney
    From:New Milford, Connecticut

    Opinion on Brandon Lee

    "Brandon has touched the hearts of many. His music warmed the sould of many. For me, he has given me the gift of seeing what unexspected things life has planned. He has taght me to live each day like it's your last. I'd wish i could tell the world that lesson, for it has helped me in so many ways. Thank you Brandon, where ever you may be."

    From:Memphis, TN

    Opinion on The Crow Salvation

    "I think the crow is just great. I'm glad they're making new ones but I think they can get better actors to play the crow. Mark Dacascos,from the TV show would have been great for this role. "


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