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BO DIDDLEY - The Originator

A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.

"Goin' Home To McComb..."

I was born one night about twelve o'clock,
I came in this world playin' a gold guitar,
My papa walkin' 'around, stickin' out his chest,
Holler: "Mama, this boy, he gonna be a mess!"

- "The Story of Bo Diddley" (c) Arc Music Inc. (BMI)

BO DIDDLEY was born on Sunday December 30th 1928, on a small farm located between the towns of McComb and Magnolia, in Pike County, Mississippi, USA.

We are indebted to the following more than 70 musicians and friends of BO DIDDLEY for their contributions to these 3 special 70th birthday tribute pages.

"Hey, "Mona"!
"Who Do You Love?"
A "Road Runner"?
A "Diddley Daddy"?
"You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover"!
"Say, Man" - give "Bo Diddley" his propers for the big 7 - 0, because we know Diddley! A very happy birthday from your friend and labelmate on Checker...."
Steve Alaimo, Vision Records

"Dear Bo Diddley, I began my life in music listening to your unique and exotic songs and guitar playing. You were a splash of original color in that black and white time called the 1950s. Your sense of humor and showmanship were an inspiration for all of us who followed. You have managed to pull off the very difficult trick of remaining fresh and new. Happy Birthday to you, and we all honor you today", Sam Andrew, Big Brother & The Holding Company

"Hey Bo....Happy Birthday to an original - "YOU ARE AN ORIGINAL" - and many more to come. The times we worked together (your 20th Anniversary Album and the gig with you and Chuck Berry at Irvine in '85), it was always great!! And you are a great person to work with....You were one of my rock idols when I was a kid in Brooklyn. I saw you at The Brooklyn Paramount, IT WAS GREAT....HAVE A GREAT 70TH....LOVE", Carmine Appice

"Happy Birthday Bo Diddley. Thank you for all you've done for music and humanity. I am very proud of all your charitable contributions, and that I had a part in your music career. Thank you for helping me learn the bass guitar and starting me in the business. God Bless Bo Diddley", Steve Arvey

"The members of The Association would like to wish Bo Diddley a very happy Birthday, and many more to come. Thanks for all the great music, and it's always been a pleasure working with you", The Association

"Hi, this is BTO. We would like to wish BO DIDDLEY a Rockin' happy birthday. We have been fans for many years and continue to enjoy his talent", For BTO, Robin Bachman

"Hey there, Mr. Bo Diddley. My name is Paul Barrere, and I play the slide guitar for Little Feat. We actually opened a show for you back in the 70s, when Lowell George was still alive and with us, and I remember being in total awe at sharing the stage with one of my true rock and roll idols. Sir, you were and are the master jammer of rhythm & blues guitar, and the grooves you put down way back when, are still so deep that people will be scraping the funk outta them way into the next millennium....Happy, Happy birthday to you sir, and I pray you have many, many more", Paul Barrere, Little Feat

"Happy Birthday, Bo Dittlie. I was such a small piece of Bo's life but he was such a big piece of mine. I have a pile of Bo stories. We backed Bo at several dates including Las Vegas, which was rumored to be a bootleg recording. When I was a kid from Detroit, Michigan we were on vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My dad, who didn't think much of me being a guitar player, saw a Bo Dittlie marquee and said, "That's a guitar player!" Later in life my dad was to see me back Bo at The Park West Theater in Chicago. Stories about Bo, Freddy Cannon and I eating some home cookin'. Stories about Bo worrying about me and my band travelling in an old band van, telling me as a band leader, I always should keep 50 dollars hidden and never tell the guys; it would be for emergencies only. Of course, I thought gee Bo, I have credit cards, but Bo would know better; sometimes late at night on the road, 50 dollars can be a life saver. I actually tuned Bo's guitar, something Bo said no other white man had ever done. Bo didn't like my drummer at one gig, and decided he would play drums! Leaving me to play the guitar, and he is a good funky drummer. One time at an autorama gig, Willy Mosconi was doing pool demonstrations. So during a break, Willy, Bo and I had some fun, a scene later re-enacted as a George Thorogood video without ME! Yes, Bo is the father of rock and roll. HE is the college of musical knowledge, and yes BENNY does know Bo! Yours truly", Benny of Benny and The Jets

"We send our best wishes and congratulations on your 70th birthday. One of our guitar players (Rickie Lee Reynolds) had the chance to play with you in Memphis at The Peabody Hotel. He was honored, and quite impressed with how much of a true gentleman you are. You have been an inspiration to so many, and an icon in music history. HAPPY 70th BO DIDDLEY. We look forward to wishing you MANY more!!", Black Oak Arkansas, Jim Dandy, Rickie Lee Reynolds, Pat Daugherty, Johnnie Bolin & Rocky Athas

"Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley, have you heard? (Hey, Bo Diddley)
This 6-bit beat's gone round the world
From Mississippi to the real Hong Kong
Y'all sing the originator's song

3 times 7 make 21 -
10 times 7 - still having fun
Play it straight or play it twiddley
Whatever - you know it's still Bo Diddley

Seattle or Seoul, Iran or Italy,
It's still the man - it's still Bo Diddley!",

Paul Jones, vocals/harp, The Blues Band & The Manfreds, (Manfred Mann)

"Hey Bo Diddley! Happy Birthday to the Diddley Daddy. 70 years young and going strong. Where would our music have been without you? Thank you for the inspiration!",Tom McGuiness, guitar/vocals, The Blues Band & The Manfreds

"Happy Birthday, Bo! Thanks for the music and - keep Diddlin'!", Dave Kelly, slide guitar/vocals, The Blues Band

"Happy Birthday Bo! Congratulations on reaching 70, and keep on doing that thing!", Mike Hugg, sax/keyboards, The Manfreds (Manfred Mann)

"I can't believe it's your 70th, Bo! You were there at the start and remain part of all that's followed since. Very few have emulated you in this - even fewer are still actively rocking now. Best wishes to one of the greats!", Gary Fletcher, bass/vocals, The Blues Band

"Keep on givin' us that shave & a haircut, Bo - we love it! Have a great day!", From all in The Blues Band and The Manfreds, and us here at "Ready", The Blues Band newsletter, and "Groovin'", The Manfreds newsletter

"Bo: "Happy Birthday" to you and may God give you many, many more. You're not just a pioneer in the music business, but a leader in the richest form. We're grateful that God has extended this space and time to you. I also want to thank you on behalf of so many artists, including Wilson Pickett, Don Covay, Ben E. King, the Redding Family, Joe Tex Family, Arthur Conley, and all the sons and daughters of Solomon. We love you. May God bless you and your family. My Prayers and thoughts are with you always", Solomon Burke

"A very Happy Birthday to Bo. He has been a friend from the beginning. Tell him his friend Freddy-Boom-Boom says have a great birthday! Jeanette also wishes him a wonderful birthday. Sincerely", Freddy Cannon

"If you're in this business long enough, you meet a lot of people. Some are more real than others. I just want to say thanks to Bo for keeping it real, and I hope you have a great 70th birthday!" Rick Cortes

"Happy Birthday Bo Diddley: From the Original Marcels, Fred Johnson, Cornelius Harp, Bingo Mundy, Dick Knauss, Kenny Mitchell, Gus Collins, and Sunny James Cvetnic, the Manager and current Trademark Holder of The Marcels. If we could be of service please call 412-782-5858. Once again, Keep on Rockin'", Sunny James Cvetnic, The Marcels

"Dear Mr. Bo Diddley, Happy Birthday to you my friend, Remember, there are many Imitators, but there are NO Duplicators! Let's keep playing from our hearts and show these youngsters the right road to follow. Your long-time admirer", Dick Dale, King of The Surf Guitar

"Hey Ellas! Congrats on making it to 70! You are one of the kindest men I've ever met in this business! I still have very fond memories of the time we shared. Truly, there are very few people in this world who would have done for anyone, like what you've done for me! I am forever in your gratitude...and, Hey! Look me up sometime!" Albert J. DeGroft

"Happy Birthday. You are a National Treasure, and I sincerely hope that you go on and on", Rick Derringer

"Dear Bo, on behalf of the band Black & White, we'd like to wish you the best on your 70th birthday. We had the honor of being on a bill with you in Providence, Rhode Island in 1993, and it stands out as one of our best experiences in the music business. You took the time to talk with us, give some valuable advice, and serve as an overall inspiration to us. We look forward to seeing you on stage for many years to come. God bless you", Don DiMuccio, Mark Wagner and Kevin Martin, Black & White

"I remember standing in line at a theater in Washington, DC to see Bo. It was the winter of 1960, (and as cold as -; you insert the description.) I was on a weekend pass from the Army at Ft. Dix. My #3 hit record number "My Heart Is An Open Book" was still in the Top 100 at that time, but I was just another fan in line. I had always been a fan of Bo and wanted my Army buddy to see him too. It was cold, and a long wait, but well worth it. Bo "brought the house down". No one could lift your spirits like Bo and his famous guitar riffs. Long live Bo Diddley. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for the memories", Carl Dobkins, Jr.

"Birthday greetings to Bo from Iron Butterfly. Thanks for all the great music throughout the years. Some of the guys in the band grew up on your music. May you have many more creative and wonderful years ahead", Lee Dorman and all the guys in the band, (Doug Ingle, Ron Bushy & Eric Barnett), Iron Butterfly

"Hi Bo: The last time we worked together was at Little Darlin's Rock & Roll Palace, you looked like a teenager then, and I'm sure God keeps blessing you. Have a wonderful 70th....Regards", Mike Douglas

"Iko-Iko played with Bo at The Stephen Talkhouse on Miami Beach, Florida. I had seen a film of a show that Bo did in England with footage of the rehearsals, so we were prepared for everything. We had been told that Bo wouldn't play a very long show, and that he wouldn't do many of his hits. We ended up playing two shows, each over two hours long, and we played every hit he ever had. Roadrunner, Who Do You Love, Hey Bo Diddley, Before you Accuse Me....Bo was very cool and I was in heaven. I learned how to play guitar jamming along with Quicksilver's versions of Who Do You Love and Mona. Everyone in the band wishes Bo Diddley a very happy birthday, and if he ever needs us again, we are ready!" Graham Wood Drout, Larry Williams, Ronald Dziubla, Doug Leibinger, Mike Mennell, Stewart Jean, Iko-Iko

"Hey...Tell Bo I said Happy 70th to The Originator...The Instigator...and The Perpetuator...The King of The Swamp!! Before Bo...I did not Know!!!" Gary Duncan, Quicksilver Messenger Service

"As a great fan and player of Bo's music, please pass on my greetings and long may he rule!!" The Emperor Rosko, Rosko World Syndication and Party Productions

"It has been an incredible honor and a great pleasure working with one of the World Treasures of Rock'n'Roll. Entrain would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Bo Diddley on this auspicious birthday, because "Bo Knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!"", Entrain

"We'd like to extend a hearty happy 70th to The Road Runner, Mr. Bo Diddley. The show we did with him at Slim's in San Francisco a little while back was a total gas, and one of our most memorable. Hope to see him out West sometime soon. Diddley Diddley Diddley Diddley Daddy!" Tim Eschliman, Rhythmtown-Jive

"Thanks so much for allowing me to express my feelings for the fabulous Bo Diddley. Bo Diddley! The Man - and definitely one of my early music heroes. Bo and his peers - their energy - truly inspired me to dream about getting into the music business and following that dream. My music might have been different than his (I sang "Seven Little Girls Sitting in The Back Seat" and wrote "Roses Are Red" for Bobby Vinton), but I've been in the "biz" all my life and have enjoyed it all. Thanks, Bo. Have a Happy Birthday and many, many more", Paul Evans

"Hey Bo Diddley...Happy Birthday to the one and only...proud to call you "friend". Remember all the good times when we shared dressing rooms on the UK Regal Tour in 1985. Ooh-Wee, Baby! Won't You Let Me Take Bo Diddley On A Sea Cruise? God Bless You!" Frankie Ford

"Happy Birthday Mr. Diddley! Best regards", Peter Frampton

"Dear Bo, I can't believe you're 70....GOD did bless you....After all the 30 and 60 day tours we did together, you're still around and look and sound great. I once again want to thank you for all of the GREAT fried chicken you used to make in the dressing rooms. It was one of the highlites of being on the road with you. We had great times, and I'm sure, as long as you keep rocking and cooking, there will be many more. Mark and I want to wish you a very happy 70th B-D", Jerry Gross, The Dovells

"HEY BO! Happy Birthday to the second best lookin' cat on the planet! If me and you don't hit the Big Time in the next 25 or 30 years, let's just pack it in and start gigoloing for a livin'!!! Let's get together as soon as we can and write a book...HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND KEEP ROCKIN' BO!!!", Ronnie Hawkins

"Hi, Bo. Have a very happy 70th birthday! I have great memories of our time in New Mexico. Being exposed to you and your music affected my life in a most positive way. I hope you have a lot more music to bring to the world, and I hope we can get together again before too long. I have been busy making music of my own, and I have you to thank for introducing me to the idea! Much love and respect from a former "Diddley Darling" and granddaughter of "Miz Moorer"", Kristy Hinds

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