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BO DIDDLEY - The Originator

A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.

The most detailed and accurate source of information about BO DIDDLEY on the Internet.


"History belongs to the victors and in the annals of rock & roll, three men have emerged as winners: Chuck Berry, Little Richard and BO DIDDLEY, a holy trinity who were there at the start". (Rolling Stone magazine, issue #981, August 2005)

In early on-line chats in 1997, Tom Petty happily answered questions from fans. One of the questions was: 'You've played with a lot of legendary rockers. Any others you would like to play with?" Tom Petty immediately answered, "BO DIDDLEY". At the 1997 Fillmore shows, the band often played the BO DIDDLEY song "Diddy Wah Diddy". When introducing the song, Tom Petty said: "There is no one we admire in the whole world more than Mr. BO DIDDLEY. If BO DIDDLEY was English, I think he should be knighted. Actually, this country should build a monument in every State to BO DIDDLEY. Elvis is King, But Diddley is Daddy". Tom Petty received his wish when BO DIDDLEY opened for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and joined them on-stage for a few songs at the first two of their Irving Plaza, New York shows on April 11th and 12th in 1999.

The musician the world knows as BO DIDDLEY has, over the past five decades, indelibly stamped his mark on rhythm 'n' blues, rock 'n' roll and popular music. His innovative trademark rhythm, his electric custom-built guitars, his use of female musicians, his psychedelic guitar sounds, his wild stage shows, and his on-record and on-stage rapping, pre-date all others. His influence on other musicians, both black and white, is immeasurable. We think it's time to set the record straight....BO DIDDLEY put the Rock in Rock 'n' Roll.

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"BO DIDDLEY is so cool, he's permafrost...."

Paul Gambaccini, BBC TV, 1998

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"I'm due a little credit for being first... I was the very first one to start to change the sound of the electric guitar into what is now called rock 'n' roll..."


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"He changed the face of music..."

President George W. Bush, June 2008

"BO DIDDLEY was a very unique individual. The distinctive style that Bo created was one of the most copied in music history. He was not only a pioneer of rock 'n' roll, but also one of the founding fathers of a style of music that continues to this day..."

Dick Clark, June 2008

"To say BO DIDDLEY influenced rock 'n' roll is an understatement. BO DIDDLEY invented rock 'n' roll..."

Alexander Billet, SocialistWorker.org, June 2008

"Bands in China and other distant places are now grappling with the intricacies of that simple yet magical beat which so effectively expresses the pulse of life and which BO DIDDLEY ingeniously invented for us all..."

Giorgio Gomelsky, June 2008

"He leaves an indelible mark on American music and culture..."

Neil Portnow, President & CEO, The Recording Academy, June 2008

"He was an American original..."

Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins, June 2008

"We will never see his like again..."

Sir Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, June 2008

"We all wanted to play like BO DIDDLEY..."

Ronnie Wood, The Rolling Stones, June 2008

"No one I know has more soul than Bo. He was an entertainer's entertainer. Thanks, Bo, for teaching the world what rhythm in music is all about..."

Steve Cropper, June 2008

"His legacy will live on forever..."

BB King, June 2008

"So many musicians owe this man a debt of gratitude, none more so than us..."

Juicy Lucy, June 2008

"He created a sound that no one else had. He was a pioneer, a revelation and an inventor. The BO DIDDLEY style is known all over the world and there was no one else like him..."

Dave Davies, The Kinks, June 2008

"Man, this guy was from another planet! It's an honor to be associated with his great music..."

George Thorogood, June 2008

"He was one of the legendary guys, man, he was..."

Hubert Sumlin, June 2008

"When we lost BO DIDDLEY, we lost a great part of rock 'n' roll..."

Steve Miller, June 2008

"Every decent guitar player has stolen something from BO DIDDLEY..."

Stephen Stills, June 2008

"Don't forget BO DIDDLEY!"

Ted Nugent, June 2008

"BO DIDDLEY was a musical giant. His contribution to rock 'n' roll is too great to measure..."

Tom Petty, June 2008

"He was every musician's great-uncle..."

Stan Lynch, June 2008

"I just want people to know how important this guy was. I'll never put on a guitar without thinking about him..."

Keith Caton, June 2008

"There's not a single living rock 'n' roller that does not revere BO DIDDLEY as a key inspiration. For all his musical achievements, he is best remembered as a warm-hearted performer and family man that always took time to engage and connect with his fans. His popularity and influence will live on..."

The Gretsch Company, Savannah, Georgia, June 2008

"None of us may live long enough to see his influence diminish, so strongly is his imprint woven into the fabric of the music..."

The Rhythm & Blues Foundation, June 2008

"BO DIDDLEY was a true innovator and any fan of rock 'n' roll owes him much..."

The Chicago Coalition For The Homeless, June 2008

"We thought he was the tops! He was indeed the coolest cat in the world! We will miss him!"

Sylvain Sylvain, New York Dolls, June 2008

"I never met him - wish I had. I would have said... Thank you, BO DIDDLEY, for inspiring us all..."

Brian May, Queen, June 2008

"BO DIDDLEY and his beat exerted a huge influence on the development of early rock 'n' roll and beyond, from The Stooges' '1969' to U2's 'Desire'..."

The Edge, U2, June 2008

"BO DIDDLEY was an original, a giant..."

Mickey Hart, The Grateful Dead & The Rhythm Devils, June 2008

"He was an inspiration to all blues guitarists and singers..."

Neal Schon, Journey, June 2008

"He was a pioneer and he will be greatly missed..."

Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple, Rainbow & Blackmore's Night, June 2008

"I remember learning how to enjoy the road from him and his band. They really had it down! Bo's guitar rhythm influenced everybody, including me..."

Roger McGuinn, June 2008

"I loved Bo... he was one of the greats and we'll all miss him. God bless his soul..."

Charlie Gracie, June 2008

"One of the more brilliant and original forces of rock 'n' roll. Truly an amazing artist..."

Garland Jeffreys, June 2008

"There'll never be another sound like BO DIDDLEY..."

Darlene Love, June 2008

"He's the best..."

Charlie Thomas, The Drifters, June 2008

"You've made so many people happy, including myself and everyone in my life. I'm proud to have called you my friend. You're loved and missed..."

Hamilton Loomis, June 2008

"He was my hero..."

Ronnie Hawkins, June 2008

"Rest in rhythm, Bo..."

James Lowe, The Electric Prunes, June 2008

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