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BO DIDDLEY - The Originator

A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.

"Goin' Home To McComb..."

We are indebted to the following more than 70 musicians and friends of BO DIDDLEY for their contributions to these 3 special 70th birthday tribute pages.

"Happy Birthday Bo. I'll play the harp behind you any time!" Johnny Hoy of Johnny Hoy and The Bluefish

"Bo, Congratulations and Happy Birthday. All the roads in the Rock & Roll Roadmap lead back to you...Keep Rockin'", Tommy James

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY! from a nearly-anonymous sideperson who you had a great affect on. I played with you for a weekend in NYC in the early 1980s, as a saxophonist, and was really impressed with your belief in your music and steadfastness with the groove. That conviction is tangible and contagious. Your musicianship reaches out to people and we connect because of your vibration. Thank you for your years of dedication and for your good time vibe", Jessica (Fuchs) Jones

"To The Great Bo Diddley: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A WONDERFUL GREAT LEGEND - BO DIDDLEY!!! You taught everyone the "groove", and grooved on to please many, many millions of people, and taught us musicians that it's all in the groove. We all love you, and it's not easy getting a few white hairs, but you've done it in style!! Happy 70th you Funky Dude! Love", Carol Kaye, (bass player)

"A few years ago my band had the honor of backing up the legendary Bo Diddley for two shows at Rock Island Brewing Company. That evening he paid us the highest compliment in our 10 years together as a group. Halfway through the first set, with things cooking pretty good between us, Bo looked out at the crowd, turned around and pointed towards us and said, "Now ladies and gentlemen....this is a band!" He is a very gracious host, a world-class ambassador of blues and rock & roll, a socially-conscientious humanitarian, and a killer performer. Accept no substitutes, 'cause there's only one "Originator". Happy 70th Birthday, Mr. Bo Diddley, from The Ellis Kell Band", Ellis Kell, The Ellis Kell Band, Rock Island, Illinois

"Hey, Bo Diddley!!
Here's a happy birthday wish
For the king of the beat
My "uncle",
My hero,
My teacher,
The Mighty Bo Diddley!!
Here's to many more, my friend,
Cub Koda

"On behalf of Sha Na Na, I'd like to extend our best wishes to Bo Diddley on his 70th birthday. Here's hoping he keeps on rockin' & rollin' well into the 21st Century!", Bill Kurtz, Sha Na Na

"Happy Birthday, Bo! You were Ritchie Valens' greatest inspiration. Here's to another 70 years! Good health and good luck", Bob Keane, President, DEL-FI Records

"Hey Mr. Bo - It's a great pleasure to wish you a Happy Birthday. You have been an inspiration to many, and it's great to be able to say "I Know Bo". Really enjoy the times we have spent together in the UK", Ken Keene

"Not only is Bo Diddley a Rock 'n Roll legend and a Rhythm & Blues pioneer, Bo is one of the originators of Funk! The man can still outplay and outsing musicians half his age. Happy 70th Bo!" Jack de Keyzer (Toronto, Canada)

"Hey there Big Bad Bo! I hear you're going to be 70, and I just couldn't resist to send you a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting from Australia. I been playing my Bo Diddley CDs recently, and then I get an e-mail from David Blakey who put 2 and 2 together about The Mean Machine that I built for you in 1978, and now I realise why, all the planets were lining up...for your birthday. Well, congratulations on being a continuing success and a living legend. They say old legends never die, their strings just go rusty. But I never believed yours would, well not on my CD player anyway. Your strings will always be sounding real good on it. I hope this finds you in good health, happy and still rockin' the way you always do. I hope to be sending another greeting when you turn 80. The world wouldn't be the same without you, so look after yourself. All the best in great sound", Chris Kinman, Kinman Guitar Electrix, Brisbane, Australia

"Hey Bo!!!! Happy Birthday - "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" - that's the song I wrote that you recorded - remember??? Have a great birthday and keep on rockin'!!!!!!" Al Kooper

Read LADY BO's birthday message to BO DIDDLEY here.

"Happy Birthday, Bo! Thank you for all the years of great music - the rhythm and the grooves - that gave us so much inspiration to play music for a lifetime, just as you have. We're so lucky that you're still with us and still doing it, and hope you will keep on for many years to come - you GO, Bo!!!! We love you - Happy Birthday", Keri Leigh & The Blue Devils, Austin, Texas. Keri Leigh, Mark Lyon, Greg Jackson, John Teames

"Our blessings and best wishes to Bo Diddley, one of the founding fathers of Rock n' Roll. Your beauty will endure forever. You are a national treasure, and 70 years is not enough. Little Isidore Loves you so!" Little Isidore & The Inquisitors

"Hi Bo! This is to wish you a very happy 70th birthday. I had the pleasure of meeting you about 5 years ago in a hotel restaurant somewhere on the road, which was an unforgettable experience. I was a bit overawed at the time and didn't get to thank you for all the great music you have made. You were a major influence on me. I bought your "Go Bo Diddley" album in 1959 or '60 and listened to it over and over! Songs like "You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)", "Little Girl" and "Crackin' Up" still move me. You were my introduction to the world of blues, opening the door to such great artists as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf etc. etc. I'm glad you're still rockin' the house and hope you continue for years to come. Maybe we'll run into each other on the road somewhere. All the best", Lonesome Dave of Foghat

"BO, Ain't no doctor, lawyer, Indian chief that heard that crazy beat and wasn't affected by it. I was...to the core. Keep on shakin', BO. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY", James Lowe, The Electric Prunes

"Happy Birthday to Bo!", Roger McGuinn

"Happy 70th birthday Bo Diddley. The years have flown, but you are forever young in my thoughts. A picture comes to mind of you playing many, many years ago in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco: You came, you saw, you conquered. Every musician who has ever played rock'n'roll owes an everlasting debt to you, Bo Diddley. Rock on for at least another 70 years!", Barry Melton a/k/a The Fish (Country Joe & The Fish)

"Our heartiest congratulations to you, Bo, on the occasion of your 70th birthday. Your contributions to the world of music are well documented. Donald enjoyed sharing the dais with you at The NARAS Lifetime Achievement Award banquet in February. May you have many more birthday celebrations", John and Donald Mills of The Mills Brothers and the members of The Mills Brothers Society, Dan Clemson, President

"Hey Bo Diddley. Happy Birthday from some Diddley-ites from Maine! May you enjoy many more! (Mine is one day before yours.) Hope your back injury feels better. We worked for you for some sold out shows at Morganfield's (now defunct), on the Muddy Waters Front Porch Stage in '95 and '96. I played guitar, and went pawn shopping with you. Larry Peterson, our drummer, says to tell you that he finally got good tires on his van! Tommy Thompson, our keyboard player, is now ill with cancer, so those gigs were probably his curtain call, and our bass player, Jeff McIllwain, is now an ordained Reverend in the AME Zion Church, so he can't play in clubs anymore either. We all agree that working as your band was an honor. I especially liked it when you spotted my crate of percussion toys as you were exiting the stage. You grabbed an African shaker, and we got down! Also, the first-hand stories about Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and others were priceless. Thank you. This summer we went to Lithuania to headline some festivals as the featured foreign guest performers. We did some radio and print interviews, and each time when we were asked about our influences, we made sure to tell them at length about Bo Diddley. We even made them spell it right! One more thing. I have a confession to make. I tuned your guitar between shows one night. No disrespect intended. Sincerely, a devout and influenced guitar player", Randall Morabito, The Good Rockin' Daddies

"Dear Bo, my band "ILLUSION" was your back-up band when you toured with Darryl Starbird's Rod and Custom Car Show. It was between 1981 and 1983. We played all over the place! It was a great experience playing your songs and trading guitar licks with you. I'll always cherish those times. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BO! You're the greatest!" Dave Morgan

"Dear Bo, You've been going strong forever and I know you always will. I still remember seeing you driving that stretch Checker limo all over Chicago. That was quite a sight thirty five years ago, and now I run into you tearing it up all over the world. You are one of the most unique individuals the world has ever seen; as a musician and a person. On stage and off you got a rap that is unbelievable and a total delight. I hope I get to see and hear you forever. YOU MAKE EVERYBODY HAPPY! Thank you Bo, I love you", Charlie Musselwhite, Kosclusko, Mississippi

"Thank you for the E about one of my favorite people....BO DIDDLEY! Add my BEST BIRTHDAY WISHES to that legendary guitar man. I first heard "Bo Diddley" and "Hey, Bo Diddley" on the Porgy Chadwick radio show on WAMO in Pittsburgh in the 1950s. I first met Bo Diddley when he played the first Rock & Roll Revival tour in the Northeast in late December 1969. First impression was that he was imposing, mean and nasty. Nothing could be further from the truth. We became friends and expressed a great respect for each other's contribution to Rock & Roll and for the artists who share their hearts with us. In the mid-eighties I put Bo on a multi-city tour in the UK with Rick Nelson, Del Shannon, Bobby Vee and Frankie Ford. Bo's performances were so awesome that Rick Nelson's manager demanded an intermission immediately aftr Bo's set....There was no way that Rick could follow him...no way! Bo, if you read this little piece of music history, just know that I love you....always will", Richard Nader, Richard Nader Presents Inc.

"I remember working with Bo in 1985 on his special for HBO. The show was one of the highlights of my career. Bo had created such a family atmosphere by cooking ribs and foods for everyone involved in the show. He made me feel very welcomed and a part of the extended family. I also remember fondly that Carl Wilson was there, he was a friend of mine, and of course now, sadly, he is gone. Carmen Appice was there too. When Carmen was with Vanilla Fudge, my band at the time, Three Dog Night, opened for them on our first tour.So it was great to see him again. Happy Birthday, Bo. I have been, and remain, a big fan", Chuck Negron, former lead singer of Three Dog Night

"I would like to say, as a member of Graham Central Station and Sly & The Family Stone, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BO DIDDLEY" and thank you so much for the inspiration you have given all of us", Papa J (Jerry Martini), Graham Central Station, Sly & The Family Stone

"We want to wish the great rhythm and blues master Bo Diddley a very happy Birthday. You have been an inspiration to all of us throughout the years. Keep on Rocking, and bring it to Jerome!", Adalfo de la Parra, The Canned Heat Band

A cool yule,
And a frantic first!
HAPPY 70th to
From Ernie Pinata & The Delta Wires, Thanks for sharing a great gig! PLAYDATE: 1974, Oakland, California

"Happy Birthday Mr. Bo Diddley! I'm pleased to express my very best wishes to you on this milestone birthday. The world has been enriched because of your unique contributions! I had the privilege of performing with you at the 1984 Seattle Bumbershoot Festival and it has remained a highlight of my career. Thank you so much for your creativity, your energy, and some of the best music of all time. Happy 70th Birthday! Sincerely", Dick Powell, Seattle, WA

"Hi Bo. My very best wishes to you on your 70th birthday; may you celebrate many, many more! You have always been one of the greatest of the guitar legends, giving so much to all us "younger" guitar players, (well, maybe not that much younger!). When I started playing back in '56 you were already "the man"....I thank you with all my heart for paving such a fine path for us to follow. You sir, ARE rock n' roll. It has always been a pleasure and honor to be in your company, and I look forward to our next experience. Very warm regards", Elliott Randall

"Give Bo my best on his 70th birthday. He is an original and a dear friend, and we are all better off as entertainers and musicians because of Bo's contributions to Rock'n'Roll", Tommy Roe

"Dear Bo, you were a huge influence on us during the early 60s....As a freshman in college I used to trek to other towns every weekend to hear you play. You are at the very least, part of the reason that we experienced success in rock and roll. Only one word comes to mind when I think about your music....Timeless....Happy Birthday and God bless", Mike Rabon, The Five Americans

"We had the extreme pleasure to play on the same bill with Mr. Bo Diddley himself at The Ventura Concert Theater in Ventura, California on July 16, 1994 - which seems like only yesterday. What a great show - and showman! We were so dazzled and impressed by his timeless, captivating appeal that after this experience we wrote, recorded and released an instrumental tribute to this legend, titled "So Bo!" To this day, it is still a standard on the playlist at our live performances. He is one of a kind and truly an inspiration to all musicians. So, Bo....HAPPY BIRTHDAY - and many, many more! Keep on rockin' until our paths cross again! Love and best wishes", Micky Rae, Tony & Jerome, Cadillac Angels, Santa Barbara, California, USA

"Happy Birthday Bo", Herb Reed, The Platters

"Hey, Bo Diddley! Congratulations on your 70th birthday! As a drummer, your influence on my playing is tremendous (Bo Diddley Beat). One of the highlights of my musical career was back around 1966-67, the band I was in (The Electric Prunes, using another name at the time), was playing on the same bill with you at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. You paid me a compliment about my playing that I will forever remember and cherish. God Bless, and thanks for 50 years of great music. You definitely deserve more recognition for your contributions to music!", Preston Ritter (drummer for The Electric Prunes and many others)

"Happy Birthday Bo. You may not remember me, but I played guitar with The Hesitation Blues Band in Chicago. We were your band for several gigs at Biddy Mulligan's, a club where we played a lot of gigs. This would have been about 1985. Playing as your band was one of the high points in my long and checkered career in music. You are the finest performer, and the baddest guitar-slinger, and always a gentleman. I'm really glad I got the chance to meet you, and play music with you. You are the greatest, Bo. Happy Birthday and many, many more. P.S. Call me if you need a guitar player", Mark Robinson, guitarist, The Groove Brothers, Bloomington, Indiana

"Happy 70th birthday Mr. Bo Diddley from Duke Shanahan of "The Bobby Comstock Band". You gave me some great memories when doing those Richard Nader Rock n' Roll Shows. I wish you health and happiness. Sincerely", Duke Shanahan, The Bobby Comstock Band

"One of the true characters of Rock & Roll, Jerry and I have known and toured with Bo many times, and man....do I have stories. Happy Birthday Bo", Mark Stevens of The Dovells

"Dear Bo, your show was the first great show I ever saw, with just a drummer and Jerome, at St. Anthony's Hall in Westport, CT in the late 1950s. You were traveling in the hearse at that time. I must have been 12 years old, and kept asking you how you tuned your guitar, what kind of strings you used, etc. I think I bugged you too much. Sorry. Later, I got to play on some shows with you at the U of Mass. and around New England with my band, The Remains. We cut Diddy Wah Diddy on Epic Records. I want to send you Best Wishes for your 70th Birthday!! I will be thinking of you on the day. Best wishes also for continued success and the best of health! You are loved by a lot of people. You have given a lot of joy to a lot of people!! Thank you Bo, safe travels. Sincerely", Barry Tashian

"Hi, Claude and Skip Trenier and the rest of the group would like to tell Bo: Have a VERY HAPPY 70th Birthday. We hope you have 70 more!!! KEEP ROCKIN!!! Cuz Rockin is our Bizness and Rockin is what you do Baby!! Have a Great one!" The Treniers

"Dear Mr. McDaniel: Man, am I glad YOU were born!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday with many, many happy returns. I also want to thank you for the untold hours and hours and hours of complete happiness, wonderment, and delight that I have spent listening to your music. I couldn't even BEGIN to explain what your music has meant to me! I was being interviewed about a year ago and one question was "What makes you believe there's a God?" My answer was "Bo Diddley". Love and Kisses", Moe Tucker

"Happy Birthday Bo! You are one of a kind. In the six or seven times over the years that we have done shows, (mostly at The Iron Horse in Northampton), it has always been a fun time....You've been great for the first 70 years, now let's see where you are going to take us in the next 70....Best wishes and many happy returns of the day!" Ed Vadas & The Fabulous Heavyweights

"Bo Diddley is one of the great founding fathers of both Rock & Roll and R&B and too often overlooked as such. Although often remembered as a player of strange shaped guitars, he has one of the greatest voices ever, and forged his own style of Rock and R&B combining elements of African, Spanish and American music to create his own individual and hugely influential form of music. Happy Birthday, Bo - have a great day! Best wishes" from Steve Winwood

BO DIDDLEY shared his birthday with the following musicians: Paul Stookey (1937), Michael Nesmith (1942), Davy Jones (1945), Patti Smith (1946), Jeff Lynne (1947) and Suzy Bogguss (1956).

"Bo Diddley, may you continue to inspire, influence and teach future generations of musicians who fall under the spell of the Bo Diddley Beat. May you continue to entertain audiences with your unique talent, professionalism and charm, and may you continue to fully enjoy all the recognition that you so richly deserve. Bo Diddley, for 50 years the Light-Heavyweight Champion of The Rhythm and Blues World....We Salute You!"
David Blakey, Webmaster

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