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BO DIDDLEY - The Originator

A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.

"Bo Diddley's In The Spotlight..."

Movie Appearances and Credits

  • The Big TNT Show (Director: Larry Peerce 1966. Live performance, November 1965, plus Ray Charles, Ronettes, Ike & Tina Turner, etc. Reissued with The TAMI Show in 1984 and re-titled That Was Rock) available on Quantum Leap Group DVD "The TAMI/TNT Show (That Was Rock)", 2004
  • The Legend of Bo Diddley (Director: Gary A. Sherman 1966. Documentary sponsored by Chess Records)
  • Sweet Toronto (Director: D.A. Pennebaker 1971. Live performance from the Toronto Rock'n'Roll Revival Festival, September 1969, plus Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band etc. Reissued in abridged version in 1972 and retitled Keep On Rockin') part performance available on Geneon Entertainment DVD "John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band-Sweet Toronto", 2002
  • Bo Diddley Is Back In Town (Producers/Directors: Iain Ewing, Paul Saltzman 1972, Canadian Broadcasting Corp./Hallelujah Films)
  • The London Rock'n'Roll Show (Director: Peter Clifton 1973. Live performance from the Wembley Stadium, London, England, August 1972, plus Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis etc.) available on MVD DVD, 2001
  • Let The Good Times Roll (Directors: Robert Abel, Sid Levin 1973. Live performance from a Richard Nader Revival Concert, New York, 1972, plus Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Coasters, Little Richard etc.)
  • Bo Dream (Director: Gordon Much 1973, Nova-Narma Productions. Documentary on the events surrounding the opening of the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia)
  • The Diary Of A Sinner (Director: Ed Hunt 1974. Danton Films, Canada. Provides original music with The Paul James Band)
  • Cobra Snake For A Necktie: Bo Diddley & The Young Adults (Writer/Director: Jim Wolpaw 1978. Live performances from Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI)
  • Live At The Lone Star Cafe (Bergman/Harris Productions Inc. 1981. Live performance from The Lone Star Cafe, New York, NY, 1980, plus Johnny Paycheck & Levon Helm) available on Harmony Vision/Vestron Video
  • Hells Angels Forever (Directors: Richard Chase, Leon Gast, Kevin Keating, Lee Maden, Producer: Roger Corman 1983. Semi-documentary inc. live performance on-board the SS Duchess in New York Harbor, New York, NY, September 1976, plus Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson, Johnny Paycheck) available on Anchor Bay Entertainment Video, 1988
  • Trading Places (Director: John Landis 1983. Actor, plays the part of a pawnbroker) available on Paramount Home Video, 2003
  • Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll (Director: Taylor Hackford 1987. Documentary tribute to Chuck Berry, interviewed with Little Richard and Chuck Berry) available on Universal/MCA Video, 1989. Reissued on Image Entertainment, Inc. 4-disc box set DVD plus bonus "Witness To History" DVD, 2006
  • Eddie & The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! (Director: Jean-Claude Lord 1989. Actor, plays himself) available on Artisan Entertainment Video, 1990
  • Rockula (Director Luca Bercovici 1990. Actor, plays the part of Axman) available on MGM Home Entertainment Video
  • Bo Diddley: Legends Never Die (Producers: Paulette & Victor Stanley 1996, Documentary)
  • Blues Brothers 2000 (Director: John Landis 1998. Cameo appearance) available on Universal Studios Home Video
  • The Legends of Rock & Roll: The Lost Films (Editor: Gregory Javan Mills 2001, Documentary, plus Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Moonglows etc.)
  • Screamin' Jay Hawkins: I Put A Spell On Me (Director: Nicholas Triandafyllidis 2001. Documentary tribute to Screamin' Jay Hawkins)
  • Recall Florida (Director: Greta Schiller 2003. Jezebel Productions. Provides original music) available on Jezebel Productions Video & DVD, 2003
  • Backstage With Bo Diddley (Director: Rod Webber 2003. Documentary short)
  • 3-D Rocks (Director: Chris Columbus 2005, 1492 Pictures. Live performance from Little Steven's International Underground Garage Festival, Randall's Island, New York, NY, August 2004, plus New York Dolls, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Nancy Sinatra, Strokes etc.)
  • Ucho Sound/Walkin' To New Orleans (Documentary about the group Bo Gumbos, including their 1989 recording session for their song "Bo Gumbos") available on Far Side Music DVD FSV2550, 2005
  • One For The Money: The Birth of Rock 'n' Roll (Director/Producer: Mark McLaughlin 2006, Passport Productions. Documentary, plus Sam Phillips, Little Richard etc.) available on Koch Vision DVD 1632, 2006
  • Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Live In Concert (Live performance of the song "Bo Diddley") available on ABC Entertainment/Charly Films DVD CHF-F1013LF, 2006
  • Cheat You Fair: The Story of Maxwell Street (Writer/Director: Phil Ranstrom 2006, Big Shoulders Digital Video/Chicago Historical Society. Documentary tribute to Chicago's Maxwell Street Market)
  • Electrified: The Story of The Maxwell Street Urban Blues (Writer/Director: Phil Ranstrom 2008, Big Shoulders Digital Video/Chicago Historical Society. Documentary story of Chicago's Maxwell Street Market urban blues scene)
  • Stars And Their Guitars: A History of The Electric Guitar (Director: Kent Hagen 2008, Passport Productions. Documentary, plus Billy F Gibbons, BB King, George Thorogood etc.) available on Passport DVD 1665, 2008
  • Bo Diddley & A Day In The Ring, (aka Bo Diddley & The Bout With Mike Tyson) (Director: Rod Webber 2009. Documentary short)
  • Lennon or McCartney (Scared Goose Productions 2014. Documentary short, archive audio interview)

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