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Margo Lewis or Faith Fusillo
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Talent Source Management
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BO DIDDLEY - The Originator

A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.

"Hey Good Lookin'..."

Miscellaneous Radio, TV Appearances & Music Videos

  • The Ed Sullivan Show (Performance, CBS) 1955, included on The Very Best of The Ed Sullivan Show, Sofa Entertainment, 1991 (incomplete) and on Ed Sullivan's Rock 'n' Roll Classics: Rock Legends, Sofa Entertainment, 1998 and Ed Sullivan's Rock 'n' Roll Classics: The Bad Boys of Rock 'n' Roll, Sofa Entertainment, 1999 (complete)
  • The Rock'n'Roll Show (The Alan Freed Show) (Performance, ABC) 1958
  • Your Show with Eddie Weiss (Interview, WAVY 1350 Radio, Tidewater, VA) 1959
  • The Milt Grant Show (Performance, WTTG-TV Channel 5 Washington, DC) 1960
  • The Clay Cole Show (Performance, WPIX-TV New York, NY) 1962, included on Legends of Rock'n'Roll, 1990 and on Rock'n'Roll Hit Parade (Vol 2: 1957-60) UK Charly Video VIDJAM-45 (1991) and Rock'n'Roll Hit Parade (Vol 3: 1960-64) UK Charly Video VIDJAM-46 (1991)
  • Scene at 6.30 (Performance, Granada TV (UK)) 1963
  • Thank Your Lucky Stars (Performance, ABC TV (UK)) 1963
  • Saturday Club (Performance & Interview, BBC Radio (UK)) 1963
  • I, Cassius (Impromptu performance with Heavyweight Champion of the World boxer Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay), BBC TV (UK)) 1965
  • Discs A Go-Go (Performance, TWW (UK)) 1965
  • The Eamonn Andrews Show (Performance, ABC TV (UK)) 1965
  • Gadzooks! (Performance, BBC TV (UK)) 1965
  • Ready, Steady, Go! (Performance, Rediffusion TV (UK)) 1965
  • Shindig! (Performance, ABC) 1965, included on Shindig! Presents The Legends of Rock'n'Roll, Rhino Home Video RNVD-1453, 1992
  • 9th Street West (Performance, KHJ-TV, Los Angeles, CA) 1965
  • Hollywood Au Go Go (Performance, Syndicated) 1965
  • The Hollywood Palace (Performance, ABC) 1965
  • Thank Your Lucky Stars (Performance, ABC TV (UK)) 1965
  • Saturday Club (Performance & Interview, BBC Radio (UK)) 1965
  • Rock Reflections with Jim Pewter (Interview, Playground Productions) 1966
  • The Music Scene (Performance, ABC) 1970, included on The Music Scene, Volume 8, MPI Home Video, 1999
  • Pop Chronicles Episode #29: The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! (Interview excerpt, American Forces Radio & TV Service (AFRTS)) 1970
  • Ron Magers' Electric Impressions (Performance & Interview, KPIX-TV Channel 5, San Francisco, CA) 1970
  • The Mike Douglas Show (Performance, CBS) 1971
  • Norm N. Nite's Honor Roll of Hits: The Royalty of Rock (Interview excerpt, WGAR Radio, Cleveland, OH) 1972
  • Jazz Montreux (Performance, SSR TV (Switzerland)) 1972
  • Weekday (Interview, CBC (Canada)) 1972
  • Rollin' On The River (The Kenny Rogers Show) (Performance, CTV (Canada)) 1972, included on Kenny Rogers & The First Edition Vol. 2, VIEW Home Video, 1991
  • The Soul Story Episode #6 (Music excerpt, American Forces Radio & TV Service (AFRTS)) 1972
  • The Old Grey Whistle Test (Interview, BBC TV (UK)) 1972
  • In Concert (Performance, ABC) 1972
  • Dick Clark Presents The Rock & Roll Years (Performance, ABC) 1973
  • The Midnight Special (Performance, NBC) 1973
  • Barry "Reazar" Richards Show (Performance & Interview, WTOP-TV Channel 9, Washington, DC) 1973
  • Shake, Rattle & Roll (Performance, CTV (Canada)) 1973
  • GTK (Get To Know) (Performance, ABC-TV (Australia)) 1973
  • Chuck Berry & Friends In Concert (Performance, ABC) 1974
  • Dance Party (Performance & Interview, KOTV Channel 6, Tulsa, OK) 1974
  • Southern Exposure With Bill Boggs (Interview, WGHP Channel 8, High Point, NC) 1974
  • BST (Blood Sweat & Tears Special) (Performance, CBC TV (Canada)) 1975
  • The Midnight Special (Performance, NBC) 1975
  • Berliner Jazztage 1975 (Performance, live in Berlin, Germany) 1975
  • The Old Grey Whistle Test (Archive performance, BBC TV (UK)) 1975
  • Berliner Jazztage 1976 (Performance, live in Berlin, Germany) 1976
  • The Midnight Special (Tribute Show, NBC) 1976
  • Donny & Marie (Performance, ABC) 1976
  • Dick Clark's Good Old Days (Performance, NBC) 1977
  • All You Need Is Love: The Story Of Popular Music, Episode 1: Introductory Program and Episode 10: Good Times (Rhythm & Blues) (Performance & Interview, London Weekend TV (UK)) 1977, included on All You Need Is Love: The Story of Popular Music, MVD Visual 5-CD box set, 2008
  • American Bandstand's 25th Anniversary Special (Performance, ABC) 1977
  • Dick Clark's Live Wednesday (Performance, NBC) 1978
  • Sha Na Na (Performance, NBC) 1978
  • Wie Kommt Der Rock Zum Roll #1 (Performance) 1978
  • Evening Magazine: Rockin' 50s with BO DIDDLEY (Performance & Interview, WTTG-TV, Washington, DC) 1979
  • Echoes (Interview, BBC Radio London (UK), Host Stuart Colman) 1979
  • Checkpoint: Rock Bottom (Interview excerpt, BBC Radio 4 (UK)) 1979
  • Nationwide (Performance & Interview, Australian TV) 1979?
  • The Chuck Berry Special (Interview, NBC Radio Network) 1980
  • From Jump Street: Rhythm & Blues (Performance & Interview, WETA, Director/Producer: Robert Kaiser) 1980
  • American Bandstand's 30th Anniversary Special (Performance, ABC) 1981
  • Echoes (Interview, BBC Radio London (UK), Host Stuart Colman) 1982
  • Bad To The Bone-George Thorogood & The Destroyers (EMI America Records music video) 1982, included on George Thorogood & The Destroyers Video Hits, EMI Video DVD, 2005
  • The Mike Walsh Show (Performance, Nine Network (Australia)) 1982
  • Unforgettable (Performance with The BMTs (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transfer), Channel 4 (UK)) 1983
  • Entertainment USA (Interview, BBC TV (UK)) 1983
  • Sing Me A Song with Jill Ayn (Performance & Interview, Selkirk Communications, Hallandale, FL) 1984
  • Breakfast Time (Interview, BBC TV (UK)) 1984
  • The Tube (Performance & Interview, Channel 4 (UK)) 1984
  • Arena: The Apollo Story, Part 2 (Home movie footage from the late 1950s of BO DIDDLEY and friends outside the Apollo Theater, New York, NY, BBC TV (UK)) 1985
  • Fabian's Goodtime Rock 'n' Roll (Performance, Choice Channel) 1985, included on Goodtime Rock 'n' Roll, 1985 and on America's Music - Rock 'n' Roll (Volume 2) on UK Magnum Music Group Video MMGV-050, 1993
  • Live Aid (Performance with George Thorogood & The Destroyers) 1985
  • Our Message To The People (For The Children)-Roots of Rock 'n' Roll (Downtown Records UNICEF all-star charity music video) 1985
  • Whistle Test (Performance & Interview, BBC TV (UK)) 1985
  • 30th Anniversary of Rock'n'Roll (Performance, Western World TV/MTV) 1985, included on Rhino Home Video and DVD
  • American Bandstand's 33 1/3rd Anniversary Special (ABC) 1985
  • Late Night with David Letterman (Performance, NBC) 1986
  • The Bammies, Bay Area Music Awards Show (Performance, KQED-TV San Francisco, CA) 1986
  • The Spud Goodman Show (Interview, KTZZ-TV Seattle, WA) 1986
  • NBC News report, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees (Interview, NBC) 1987
  • Solid Gold '87 (Performance, Syndicated) 1987
  • Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes (Interview, Andy Warhol TV Productions/MTV) 1987
  • The La Bamba Rock 'n' Roll Revue (Performance with Los Lobos, live at The Palace, Hollywood, CA, MTV) 1987
  • I Don't Sound Like Nobody (Performance & Interview, Channel 1 (Sweden)) 1987 & A&E Network, 1990
  • The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers (Performance, Fox Network) 1987
  • Ain't Nothing But The Blues (Interview, Auburn TV/Alabama Public TV) 1987
  • The Late Show (Performance with The Bonedaddys, Fox Network) 1987
  • The Gunslingers Live At The Ritz (Performance with Ron Wood, live at The Ritz Nightclub, New York, NY, Westwood One Radio) 1987 & MTV, 1988
  • Solid Gold Rock 'n' Roll (Performance, Syndicated) 1988
  • Super Live - The Gunslingers Live In Tokyo, Japan (Performance with Ron Wood, live in Tokyo, Japan) 1988
  • La Notte Rock (Interview, with Ron Wood at the Pistoia Blues Festival, Italy, RAI-1 TV (Italy)) 1988
  • Toptime In Concert (Performance, with Ron Wood at the Out In The Green Festival, Giessen, Germany, HR-3 Radio (Germany)) 1988
  • The Gunslingers Live At The Pistoia Blues Festival (Performance with Ron Wood, live at The Pistoia Blues Festival, Italy, RAI-2 TV (Italy)) 1988
  • The Gunslingers Live At The Hammersmith Odeon (Performance with Ron Wood, live at The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, Capital Radio) 1988
  • Showtime's Classic Rock & Roll Reunion (Performance, Showtime Entertainment/KMW Productions Inc.) 1988
  • The Legends of Rock'n'Roll-The Cinemax Sessions (Performance with James Brown, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, Cinemax/RAI (Italy)) 1989
  • The Legends of Rock'n'Roll-Once More With Feeling (Performance, Channel 7 (Australia)) 1989
  • Transmusicales: Made In Trans (Performance & Interview, Transmusicales music festival, Rennes, France, TV Rennes (France)) 1989, included on Transmusicales: Made In Trans, Prosperine 847 Home Video, 1990
  • Book of Love - BO DIDDLEY & Ben E King feat. Doug Lazy (Atlantic Records music video) 1990
  • The Pat Sajak Show (Performance & Interview, CBS) 1990
  • Routes of Rhythm with Harry Belafonte (Performance, KCET) 1990
  • 2nd Annual International Rock Awards Show (Performance, New York, NY, ABC) 1990
  • Nashville Now (Performance, The Nashville Network TNN) 1990
  • The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (Performance, NBC) 1990
  • Sesame Street (Appears with athlete Bo Jackson for a "Bo Knows Bo" segment, Children's Television Workshop) 1991
  • Sesame Street Special: Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake (Appears in the celebrity version of the "Monster In The Mirror" song, Children's Television Workshop) 1991
  • American Music Shop (Performance, The Nashville Network TNN) 1991
  • Late Show With David Letterman (Performance, CBS) 1991
  • Into The Night (Performance, ABC) 1991
  • 3rd Annual International Rock Awards Show (Performance, London, England, Rock Inc. Productions) 1991
  • Puisto Blues (Performance, live at the Puisto Blues Festival, Jarvenpaa, Finland) 1991
  • Guitar Legends-Blues & Soul Night (Performance, live at Expo' 92, Seville, Spain, Tribute/BBC TV co-production) 1991
  • Guitar Legends-Through The Electric Age (Interview, Tribute/BBC TV co-production) 1992
  • It's Showtime at the Apollo (Tribute Show, Apollo Theatre Productions) 1992
  • Get Down With It! - The Fancy Ray Show (Performance & Interview, Minneapolis Cable Access, Channel 33) 1992
  • New York At Night with Clint Holmes (Performance & Interview, WWOR-TV) 1992
  • Today (Performance & Interview, NBC) 1992
  • A&E Revue (Interview, A&E Network) 1992
  • American Bandstand's 40th Anniversary Special (Performance, ABC) 1992
  • Here Comes Bo Diddley-Edoardo Bennato (Virgin Records music video) 1992
  • Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? - Big Bad Lug Bags Big Egg (WGBH Boston/WQED Pittsburgh) 1992
  • NBC News report, Godfathers of Rock & Roll (Interview, NBC) 1993
  • Third Annual South Bay Blues Awards Show (Performance with LADY BO, San Jose Civic Auditorium, KNTV-11 San Jose, CA) 1993
  • Cue The Music (Performance, London Weekend Television (UK)) 1994
  • Hoodoo U Voodoo-Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge Pay Per View Special (Performance, live in Miami, FL) 1994, included on The Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge Castle Music Pictures Home Video and DVD, 1999
  • Blues Heaven Foundation, Inc. Promotional Video (Interview) 1994
  • House of Blues Radio Hour (Interview) 1994
  • Music City Tonight (Performance, The Nashville Network TNN) 1995
  • Live At The Joint (Performance, live at The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV) 1995
  • Crackin' Up: Moe Tucker Meets Bo Diddley (Interview, with Moe Tucker, Freies Sender Kombinat (FSK), Hamburg, Germany) 1995
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Performance with Bonnie Raitt, NBC) 1996
  • Late Night with Conan O'Brien (Performance, NBC) 1996
  • Salute to The 50s-The Reunion of The Decade (Performance, The Nashville Network TNN) 1996
  • Later with Jools Holland (Performance & Interview, BBC TV (UK)) 1996, included on Later... With Jools Holland - Giants, Warner Music Vision DVD, 2003
  • Talkin' Blues (Interview, BBC TV (UK)) 1996
  • Rock'n'Roll (US Title)/Dancing In The Street (UK Title) 10 part history of rock music, Part 1: The Roots (Interview, WGBH Boston/BBC TV co-production) 1996
  • Bo Diddley is Crazy-BO DIDDLEY (Code Blue Records music video) 1996
  • 70th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (New York, NY, Dick Clark Productions) 1996
  • Record Row: Cradle of Rhythm'n'Blues, History of Chess & Vee Jay Records (Interview, Chicago Production Center/WTTW co-production) 1997
  • Nightline (Interview, episode titled "The King" broadcast on the 20th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, ABC TV News) 1997
  • The Kennedy Center Presents: A Tribute to Muddy Waters, King of The Blues (Performance & Interview, Kennedy Center Opera House, Washington, DC, October 1997, WETA) 1998, included on A Tribute to Muddy Waters: King of The Blues, WEA Home Video, 1999
  • E! True Hollywood Story: Marvin Gaye (Interview, E! Entertainment TV) 1998
  • Rock & Roll America - Bo Diddley (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR), Host Richard Aquila) 1998
  • Rock & Roll America - African-American Styles (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR), Host Richard Aquila) 1998
  • Rock & Roll America - By Request (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR), Host Richard Aquila) 1998
  • Rock & Roll America - Doo Wop (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR), Host Richard Aquila) 1998
  • Rock & Roll America - Rockin' On Bandstand: Dick Clark & American Culture (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR), Host Richard Aquila) 1998
  • The Greatest Commercials of All Time (1989 "Bo Knows" Nike TV commercial placed at No. 18, TV Land) 1999
  • High Grass Dogs-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Live From The Fillmore (Performance, The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, March 1999, DirecTV) 1999, included on High Grass Dogs WEA Home Video, 1999 and In The Spotlight - Tom Petty Special, Thirteen/WNET, 2000
  • Live At The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Performance with The Bo Gumbos, New Orleans, LA) 1999
  • Studio One (Interview, University of North Dakota TV Center, UND Channel 3) 1999
  • London American (Part 2) 4 part history of the influential UK record label (Interview excerpt BBC Radio 2 (UK), Host Stuart Colman) 1999
  • So Weird (Guest stars as Frank, the record shop owner in episode titled "Blues", Disney Channel) 2000
  • Fox Thing In The Morning (Performance with Billy Branch & The Sons of The Blues, WFLD-TV Fox 32, Chicago, IL) 2000
  • Live! From Las Vegas (Interview with "Dangerous" Dan Allen, KQOL-FM Oldies 93.1, Las Vegas, NV) 2000
  • The Jason Jarvis Show (Interview, Talk Back Radio, Hartford, CT) 2000
  • The Chess Story (Part 2) 2 part history of the Chess label (Interview excerpt BBC Radio 2 (UK), Host Marshall Chess) 2000
  • Speaking Freely (Interview, Executive Program Services (EPS TV)) 2001
  • Groovin' On CS (Interview, Fuji TV, Tokyo, Japan) 2001
  • Blues Odyssey (Interview, Bravo TV) 2001, included on Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey, Image Entertainment DVD, 2003
  • Western New York Magazine (Interview, WKBW-TV Buffalo, NY) 2002
  • Great American Music: Blues Chicago Style - A History of Chess Records (Interview excerpt KDHX community radio, St. Louis, MO) 2002
  • Let The Good Times Roll - #6 Bold, Bawdy & Banned (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR), Host Jerry Butler) 2002
  • Let The Good Times Roll - #7 The Jet Pilots of Jive (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR), Host Jerry Butler) 2002
  • Let The Good Times Roll - #9 Goin' To Chicago (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR), Host Jerry Butler) 2002
  • American Routes (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR)) 2002
  • Weekend Music (Performance, AVO Session Music Festival, Basel, Switzerland, November 2001, Swiss TV SF2 Channel) 2002
  • The Henry & Pennie Morning Show (Interview and broadcast debut of his song "We Ain't Scared Of You", WKZY Lite Rock 106.9 FM, Gainesville, FL) 2002
  • The Connect Zone (Interview and TV broadcast debut of his song "We Ain't Scared Of You", Thunder Communications Inc., Cox Cable, Dunnellon, FL) 2002
  • The Steve Cochran Show (Interview, Radio 720 WGN, Chicago, IL) 2002
  • The Spike O'Dell Radio Program (Interview, Radio 720 WGN, Chicago, IL) 2002
  • Northeast Journal (Performance & Interview, Government TV Network, GTN16, White Bear Lake, MN) 2002
  • The Future Of Aging Is Florida, University of Florida Institute On Aging Promotional Video (Interview) 2003
  • Mancow's Morning Madhouse (Interview, Q101 alternative rock radio station, Chicago, IL) 2003
  • American Routes: Off The Record (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR)) 2003
  • According To Jim (Guest stars as himself in an episode titled "Bo Diddley", ABC) 2003
  • Late Show With David Letterman (Performance, CBS) 2003
  • It Figuers Show (Performance & Interview, Raleigh Community TV, Raleigh, NC) 2003
  • Mixed Bag Radio (Interview & in-studio performance, Syndicated, Host Pete Fornatale) 2003
  • American Soundtrack - Rock & Roll 50: The First Decade (Performance & Interview, WQED Pittsburgh/PBS) 2003 included on Rock & Roll At 50 and More Rock & Roll At 50, PBS VHS/DVDs, 2004
  • Afropop Worldwide - Concert of Colors: 2003 (Interview, Public Radio International (PRI)), 2003
  • Afropop Worldwide - Blues Reflections (Interview, Public Radio International (PRI)), 2003
  • The Son of Saturday Gold (Interview, KRVM 91.9FM, Eugene, OR) 2003
  • Let The Good Times Roll - #16 R&B in Black And White (Interview, National Public Radio (NPR), Host Jerry Butler) 2004
  • The Pat St. John Show (Interview, Sirius Satellite Radio) 2004
  • Jonesville Station with Glen Jones (Interview, WFMU 91.1FM, Jersey City, NJ) 2004
  • World Cafe with David Dyer (Interview, 88.5 WXPN, Philadelphia, PA) 2004
  • Live At The Crossroads Guitar Festival (Performance, live at The Crossroads Guitar Festival, Dallas, TX, SIRIUS Satellite Radio) 2004
  • Paul Jones Show (Interview, BBC Radio 2 (UK)) 2004
  • Something Inside Of Me (Interview & in-studio performance, 89.9 WKCR, New York, NY) 2004
  • Crocoline (Interview, Radio Okerwelle 104.6FM (Germany)) 2004
  • 2005 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony (Performance with Eric Clapton & Robbie Robertson, VH1) 2005
  • Marc Riley's Mint (Interview, BBC 6 Music, (UK)) 2005
  • Jay & The Doctor (Interview, Triple J/ABC (Australia)) 2005
  • Drive With Richard Glover (Interview, 702 ABC Radio Sydney (Australia)) 2005
  • Music News (Interview, ABC News Radio (Australia)) 2005
  • The Leonard Lopate Show (Interview, WNYC New York Public Radio, New York, NY) 2005
  • Red, White & Blues (Interview, KRCL 90.9FM, Salt Lake City, UT) 2005
  • The Liz Wilde Show (Interview, WRXK 96.1FM, Fort Myers, FL) 2005
  • 2005 US Open Tennis Championships Opening Night Ceremony (Performance, USA Network) 2005
  • Tracks (Interview, ARTE TV (France/Germany)) 2005
  • Live On Stage (Performance, live at the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, March 2005, ABC Radio National (Australia) ) 2006
  • Chuck Berry: Hail, Hail The King of Rock 'n' Roll (Interview excerpts from Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll 1987 documentary movie DVD tribute to Chuck Berry, interviewed with Little Richard and Chuck Berry, Tres Hombres Productions, Host Taylor Hackford) 2006
  • Psych (Cameo appearance (deleted) in episode titled "Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Piece", USA Network) 2006
  • Saturday Night Oldies (Interview, WABC 770 AM, New York, NY) 2006
  • Two For The Blues (Interview, WORT 89.9 FM, Madison, WI) 2006
  • Sunday with Liz Walker (Interview, WBZ-TV, Boston, MA) 2006
  • Motor City Blues Project (Interview, WCSX 94.7 FM, Detroit, MI) 2006
  • Green Arrow Radio (Interview, WHUS 91.7 FM, Storrs, CT) 2006
  • Saturday Night Blues (Interview, CBC Radio One (Canada)) 2007
  • Hey! Bo Diddley - 3 part celebration and exploration of his life and career (Interview, BBC Radio 2 (UK), Above The Title Productions Ltd., Produced by Neil Rosser, Narrated by The Who's Roger Daltrey) 2007
  • American Stock Exchange (Amex) Opening Bell Ceremony (Amex, New York, NY, Amex TV) 2007
  • Mississippi Governor's Award of Excellence in The Arts Ceremony (St. Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral, Jackson, MS, Mississippi Public Broadcasting) 2007
  • Morning Edition: Musicians In Their Own Words (Interview excerpt, National Public Radio (NPR)) 2007
  • The Bluesfest Special (Performance & Interview, live at the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, April 2007, Channel 9 TV (Australia)) 2008
  • County Update #13 - obituary (Alachua County Community 12 TV, Gainesville, FL) 2008
  • Last Word - obituary program (Interview excerpt, BBC Radio 4 (UK)) 2008
  • A Celebration of Blues and Soul: The 1989 Presidential Inaugural Concert (Performance at Pres. George HW Bush's inaugural "Celebration For Young Americans: Tribute To Rhythm & Blues" gala concert at the Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC, January 1989, WNET/Thirteen) 2014, included on "Celebrating Blues & Soul" Shout! Factory DVD, 2014

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