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BO DIDDLEY - The Originator

A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.

"Say Man..."

Some comments from Visitors to this Site

{Two Bo's Maniacs CD cover}

"Hi - Just surfed on your website (which I liked a lot - I'll check it again!). I thought Bo fans like you MIGHT be interested to know about anything dedicated to him...and I guess I have an odd one. Well I happen to play drums in an independent garage band here in Italy called the "Two Bo's Maniacs". We named the band like this cause we liked him a lot (still do of course). Then, by chance when we traveled to the USA we met him in the street and while we asked him for an autograph, along with quite a few more people who had stopped in the meantime, he kept on telling me "have some grape!" ('cause he was eating some grape in that moment). We thought it was funny cause he was insisting so much, and only with me, and we decided that was my personal initiation to the "Cult of Bo Diddley" (heh heh heh!) and we thought it could be funny to have a record cover, for our band, featuring him like some kind of Saviour. So we titled our record "Bo Saves" and asked to a friend of ours, a Spanish illustrator named El Bratto, to make a cartoon-like drawing of Bo Diddley for the cover. Now it was released and well...we can't be sure Bo or his fans would appreciate the music we play or the cover drawing, but well...we do think it's funny! Note: Hey, this is not meant to be some kind of publicity for our band...we're just doing all this cause we enjoy ourselves. I just thought you might find it funny too (maybe). That's all. Ciao :)" Gisella (ITALY)

"In 1959, I had the rare opportunity to sit in with Bo when he and his small band visited a street party at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. I was a drummer then and in my first year of college...... This man was the sole purveyor of what we know today as R & B. How much music could come from one guitar is still a mystery, even sitting on the stage with him, upclose..... years later, I met Bo again at The Exit In in Nashville, he showed everyone the old flame still burns...... His music is more "laid back" now but as a youngster, he inspired me to be the best I could be..... Not Chuck Berry, nor Fats Domino, no one even comes close to this man and his music..... I still feel the blood boil when I hear his music or play one of his old 45 rpm records........ Great website" (WT White, Nashville, Tennessee USA, by e-mail)

"The man is a national treasure!" (James M Holland, New York State USA, by e-mail)

"I spent quite a bit of time with Bo, Duchess & Dr. Green, (as Jerome was known then, due to him having the reputation of being the world's greatest tambourine player). Being quite young then, we were the resident band at The Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany and Bo being one of the true great stars of the day, we found all three to be most gracious and encoraging to the other bands on the same bill. Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers backed him on that occasion. We did record "I Can Tell" in 1963. I hasten to point out that The Dominoes and myself and The Shakers are one and the same! This was due to contractual reasons at the time. As you have probably seen on my site, my wife and I run a fund-raising organization called "Sounds Of The Sixties" in Liverpool, England. We raise money to give help and support to 60s musicians who, from time to time, may need it. It's musicians helping musicians! We run a jam night at The Cavern Club every Sunday evening to raise funds. We also take the opportunity to give younger musicians the chance of showcasing their band at The Cavern, which, after all, is the center of Merseybeat. At this moment in time, we are being approached by younger bands from Europe and Canada to do a feature spot for us! Perhaps the link on your site would open the gates for the many American bands who visit the UK each year. I think they would love to play at The Cavern".(Kingsize Taylor, {Kingsize Taylor Web Site}, by e-mail)

"Wow, what a great website. I'm glad I stumbled on it. So much cool info. I saw Bo in 1967, 2001 and 2002 and he keeps getting better.Thanks for everything". (Pat Graham, Blues Director, {KLBC.ORG}, by e-mail)

"I've played guitar for four years. I began at 11, (yeah, I'm 15, I know it's uncommon to see such young rock 'n' roll fans, lol). And I even received a BO DIDDLEY guitar, (the junior model one, since it's pretty less expensive than the big one), and I've been a BO DIDDLEY and Chuck Berry fan since I began playing guitar. I'm not in a band, yet, but I plan to be in a band soon, I'll try to get a good drummer, probably a bass also, and piano sounds good too. I'd be the leader with vocals and electric guitar. I've always been amazed by the BO DIDDLEY beat, the weird sound effects in his songs, his originality and his dancing steps, (from what I've seen on 60's and 70's tv shows' tapes). I'd like to tell you that your site is the greatest site I've ever visited, not only musically, but all over the Internet. You've got so much information, photos, and the way things are classified, it's just so great. I visit it very often, in fact I visit it every time I go on the Internet. OK, my e-mail is getting a bit long, well one last thing I could say that might interest you is the BO DIDDLEY songs I can perform: "Bo Diddley", "I'm A Man", "You Don't Love Me", "Diddley Daddy", "Bring It To Jerome", "Diddy Wah Diddy", "Hey! Bo Diddley", "Before You Accuse Me", some parts of "Bo's Guitar", "Crackin' Up", "Oh Yeah", "Gunslinger", "Road Runner", "Mona", "You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover", "Let Me Pass", "I Can Tell", "Back Home", "The Greatest Lover In The World", "500% More Man", "Shut Up Woman", "We're Gonna Get Married", (thanks to you), "Spend My Life With You", "Pills", "Look At My Baby", "Bo Meets The Monster", (kind of), and "The Story Of Bo Diddley". So, this is a lot of songs, I could almost do a BO DIDDLEY tribute CD all by myself, lol. I'm going to learn some other BO DIDDLEY songs too, such as: "Pretty Thing", "Who Do You Love", "Say Boss Man", "Who May Your Lover Be", "I'm Looking For A Woman", "Spanish Guitar", "Bo Diddley Is Loose", "Hey, Good Lookin'", "Willie And Lillie", "Hong Kong, Mississippi", and just so many others! My dad is a journalist, and he used to meet artists (and see movies too). He used to meet rock stars, you know. The first one he met was Jerry Lee Lewis in 1961 (my dad was born in 1944). He told me there was going to be a show (I forgot where it was) and then my dad sneaked in the place, and knocked on Jerry's door. Jerry Lee opened the door and greeted him. My dad said he was a journalist, but Jerry Lee Lewis didn't believe him and smiled. Anyway, my dad said he was going to make an article about the show. Jerry told him "Man you won't be able to see the stage. Have you seen the crowd? You'll have to go back at the end of the crowd... wait a minute, stay here, ok?". My dad waited, a few minutes after, Jerry showed up followed by two bodyguards. He told my dad to follow him, made my dad pass in front of the whole crowd. Made my dad sit in the first row at a few meters of the stage. Later when the show began, Jerry Lee Lewis was crazy with his piano. It was a hell of a show. At the end of the show Jerry asked my dad: "Liked it?". lol. So that was his first meeting with an artist. But now something that's gonna interest you... BO DIDDLEY! In 1962. Yeah man. My dad saw him at the "Esquire Show Bar" in Montreal. The crowd was like all up the street. Well my dad saw the show, and BO DIDDLEY gave an electrifying performance. My dad was like hypnotized, like chained to his seat. Well there was this barman trying to sell alcohol to my dad, but my dad didn't have no money, the barman kept on insisting. Then, BO DIDDLEY - who was playing a song - stopped playing, and said directly to the barman: "Leave him alone, he's with me!". Man this is cool, eh! Bet the barman left my dad alone. And since then, BO DIDDLEY and my dad kind of became friends. My dad recalls that once BO DIDDLEY performed "Put The Shoes On Willie" with Duchess, and that it was great. My dad once got Bo's phone number to join Bo in his room at the hotel. My dad dialed, then someone answered. My dad said "Mr. BO DIDDLEY please". Then the person answered "It's me". Man it was BO DIDDLEY, how cool. Then my dad asked him if he could come to the hotel to make an interview. BO DIDDLEY said "Sure, come". So my dad and his photographer came. One day, my dad met Bo again and asked him why he had defended him when the barman was insisting to sell him alcohol. BO DIDDLEY said "You reminded me of myself when I was younger." So my dad has met BO DIDDLEY a couple of times in 1962, couple of times in 1963, in 1966, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1976, 1980, 1985, 1992 and I probably omitted a few years as well. But my dad recalls that BO DIDDLEY used to play songs like "Road Runner", "You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover", "Bo Diddley", "Hey! Bo Diddley", "Mumbling Guitar", "Say Man" (or "Signifying Blues", you know talking with Jerome (Green)). He thinks Bo performed "Before You Accuse Me" once. He doesn't remember every song he performed the first times he's seen him, but it was his classics, you know. One of the two BO DIDDLEY pics you see with his truck has been taken by my dad's photographer, by the way. My dad organized a few concerts that BO DIDDLEY performed. He once rent a car for BO DIDDLEY. Did publicity (like posters) for his shows, and stuff like that. My dad has seen Cookie a few times too. Once, BO DIDDLEY, Cookie and my dad were eating Chinese food that they had ordered in a hotel room. BO DIDDLEY that didn't like to waste, took some of Cookie's food and put it on my dad's plate, lol! They've eaten a few times together. My dad remembers that Cookie didn't let BO DIDDLEY step on her shoes. She used to argue a little bit. Oh yeah, I remember something else too. One day my dad heard a conversation between Bo and Jerome (Green). BO DIDDLEY was telling Jerome that he didn't like it when he drank, or something. He also told his musicians: "So you wanna be dressed like me? Well you'll have to pay for your clothes, cause with the little money we're doing, I ain't gonna pay for everybody." My dad told me that around 1976 BO DIDDLEY had created a song "The Snake And The Weasel" that said something like "I got sixteen tons of dynamite in my truck, and if you mess with me, you're gonna blow up too" (I forgot, but the way my dad told me it sounded much better). And my dad said it was a great song. And one day BO DIDDLEY came up with a tape with the live version of "Mona" that he had performed at the "Donny and Marie Osmond Show" in 1976. My dad said: "Wow, it's great! You should put it on a record" Bo said "Maybe". Well he didn't do it, unfortunately. My dad also saw Chuck Berry on December 31st 1969, it was a rock 'n' roll revival concert. There was like 2,000 people only, and the stars of the show were Chuck Berry, BO DIDDLEY, Bill Haley, and a female vocal group (I forgot the name), (The Shirelles, Webmaster). Oh yeah, and my dad was very excited about meeting Chuck Berry. The doors opened suddenly, and then a man wearing a white impermeable came in. It was Chuck Berry!! When Chuck saw Bill Haley he put his guitar case on the floor, ran to him and kissed him on the cheeks saying: "Bill!". I imagine it had been a while since the two guys had seen each other. BO DIDDLEY told my dad: "So you're glad? Here he is!" Chuck Berry began duck walking around Bo who was playing his guitar, while the female group, (The Shirelles, Webmaster), clapped their hands. Quite cool, ain't it? My dad also saw Little Richard, The Everly Brothers, Ronnie Hawkins, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan (two seconds when he told my dad: "Tell your ******* photographer to stop flashing", lol), Johnny Cash, Jimmy Clanton, Ozzy Osbourne, Muddy Waters and many many other artists." (Francis Goulet, Canada, by e-mail)

"I have seen all the great rockers now, (Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Fats Domino, BB King, Status Quo etc.) and saw BO DIDDLEY the first time in Basel (Switzerland) on Friday and I can tell you: HE BLOWS THEM ALL AWAY!!! Bo, please come back again, we want to party again with you! Fantastic!!" (Wolfgang Guhl, Webmaster {Chuck Berry - Mr. Rock 'n' Roll}, by e-mail)

"I thought I would tell you how much I like the idea of keeping Bo's music and The Man behind it all, out there. As a musician and entertainer, I was very fortunate to have played with Bo several times in Florida and upstate New York. It was a thrill! He is a definite pioneer of this music, and a legend.... Keep up the good work". (Joe Borelli & The Runaways, by e-mail)

"I had the pleasure of playing guitar in a band called Rat Salad that backed Bo on his Australian tours in the early 80s. I caught up briefly backstage at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney last year. Call me sentimental, I was listening to the Chess recordings tonight and felt I should let the man know what he's meant to me - we all know the importance of the musical legacy, but the grace with which he handles the legend (and friendship that developed sharing cars and motels around the country) meant a whole lot more. I'm the tiniest footnote there is in the history of Bo, but here in Canberra, Australia I'm now a 50 year old "blues veteran" - (I even have young players who call ME a mentor! ) - but whenever I play and I mean every gig, I play at least a few of Bo's songs with pride and joy. So if it's not too much trouble, can you let the man know I think of him often, as a friend, even more than influence, and wish him well" (Steve Russell, Canberra, Australia, by e-mail)

"Thank you for your consideration and kindness in developing this site for such a great legend and hero in the music industry. Many blessings...." ({Bishop Solomon Burke})

"The Bo Diddley site is great!" ({Barry Melton}, lead guitarist with Country Joe & The Fish)

"Please pass on my love and best regards to the "man", he's done a lot for rock and roll!" ({Carol Kaye}, bass player)

"I really dug your page. It is about time somebody did one on Bo!" (Devin Miller, by e-mail)

"Thanks for maintaining such an informative website. It's the best on the web!" (Roger Ahlforth, by e-mail)

"3 years ago I was finally able to buy my own house. The very first thing I brought in was my framed 8x10 of Bo, which I put on the fireplace mantel, where it still holds a place of honor!...I've always loved him and I always will!" ({Moe Tucker}, GA, USA, drummer with The Velvet Underground)

"Bo is too cool for his own sake. I hope he lives forever. Cool site". (Joe, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

"Great site. Bo is truly the man". (Bones, TX, USA)

"Your site is a great public service indeed! A testimonial to one of the greatest ever!" (Hank Zevallos, Southern CA, USA)

"If I were asked to describe the soul of rock, I would call it BO DIDDLEY. Thanks for a great Web Page. Best wishes to you - and to Bo". (Michael Hyduk, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

"Your web site is GREAT! I still think he is the GREATEST and most original artist in modern history" (Brent Adams, Dunn, NC, USA)

"I hope he has many more years of pluckin' & singing". (Carole Hanrahan, NJ, USA)

"There's just something about BO DIDDLEY that just makes you want to go OOH-WALLA-WALLA-RE-BOP-A-HUNGA-DUNGA-DINGA-DING-DONG-DAMN!!!!" (Rude Ray Powers, Toronto, Canada)

"BO DIDDLEY opened up the ears, hearts and souls of young America. Once hearing "Bo Diddley", "Mona" and the rest..no one would ever be the same. Every musician should bow in respect." (Elliot M, by e-mail)

"He IS the cornerstone of Rock and Roll!" ({Dennis Chandler})

"When I was all of 8 years old, I wondered who the Stones were listening to. Mr. Diddley gets mentioned a lot. He plain and simply is a genius. When they talk about the roots of rock & roll, his name HAS TO BE THERE." (Vince Koskin, by e-mail)

"Mr. "Brother" BO DIDDLEY... As long as men have hearts that beat, and search for love even at beautiful women's feet, they will have a mentor to thank! That dues-payin' man among men: Brother Bo!...Brother Bo! Who gave them reason and rhythm, seasons and a cause. Respectfully." (Harry Miler, ThD, by e-mail)

{Bo Diddley backstage, Atlanta, GA}
Bo backstage, Atlanta, GA, May 2002, photo 1
{Bo Diddley backstage, Atlanta, GA}
Bo greets Andy Davis backstage, Atlanta, GA, May 2002, photo 2
{Bo Diddley backstage, Atlanta, GA}
Bo and Andy Davis backstage, Atlanta, GA, May 2002, photo 3

"Hello - My wife and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Bo, Debby and the rest of the Band for allowing us to spend a little time with them after their set at the Atlanta Midtown Music Fest on Friday May 3rd 2002! This was truly an awe-inspiring experience for me especially. In the early eighties, while in high school, I began playing guitar after seeing a PBS special on early blues/rock artist and it was BO DIDDLEY that inspired me to play. I learn to play guitar from several of his albums that at that time were pretty hard to find. It was really, really great to finally meet the Legend, the Originator, BO DIDDLEY! We have included some photos from that night...feel free to pass them on to the Band or use them on your site and again, THANK YOU BO!" (Andy Davis, by e-mail)

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