Kevin's hectic activities are numerous, which include operation of his own demo services studio in Indiana, songwriting, recording, and performing his "Living History" program throughout the midwest approximately 125 times per year. The below pictures of Kevin are representative of scenes from his touring history show.

KEVIN STONEROCK is about as COUNTRY AS COUNTRY EVER GETS, in the truest sense: Above, Kevin is seen as "BILLY YANK" - common soldier for the Union; concerns an actual soldier from Henry County, Indiana named William Fentress. The presentation is set in the year 1864 with a battle-weary Fentress home on furlough from the Union Army. Although the character portrayed by Kevin was a real individual in history, most of the presentation Kevin does deals with issues or items which would have been common to most northern soldiers of the Civil War period in the United States. These include camp life, battlefield experiences, army humor, food, equipment, weapons, uniforms and the home front. The program objective is to bring the students as close as they will ever come to visiting with a real veteran of the War Between the States and to give them a better & accurate understanding of the men who wore the blue.


For those unfamiliar with the term "hoosier", this is the name given to Indiana residents many years ago; the exact source or initial reason for that term is unknown and the stories are many, but several Pharaoh artists can rightfully claim they are "hoosiers" being either current or former residents of that state or having ties, incuding Pharaoh President, TOM WOODARD, whose family was one of the first to settle in the territory before statehood in the 1700's. Other Pharaoh artists from Indiana include JULI MANERS, BARBARA MORRISON, MIKE BEELER, & KEVIN STONEROCK. The above picture of Kevin depicts THE HOOSIER PIONEER, a character Kevin compiled & performs from several different accounts of the period 1775-1810. Kevin's extremely interesting and enlightening program centers around the life of Andrew Amonett, a true-to-life frontiersman of the Indiana Territory. The presentation, complete with tall tales, deals with various aspects of frontier life and dangers faced in the Indiana Territory just prior to the War of 1812. Topics include trapping, militia service, Indian affairs, tools, weapons and frontier clothing. The program is designed to do what, many times, textbooks cannot; present a less generalized look at the Indiana frontier before statehood.

Kevin Stonerock
c/o Pharaoh Records
P.O. Box 30115 Knoxville, TN 37930-0115
United States



KEVIN STONEROCK is a highly talented and versatile artist who has been writing and entertaining audiences of all age groups since 1977. His works have received rave reviews in several major publications, including GUITAR PLAYER magazine. Among Kevin's numerous credits, some include "The Improvisation" in West Hollywood, California; "Market Square Arena" as pre-game entertainment for the Indiana Pacers (at athletic events); "Master Musicians Festival" in Somerset, Kentucky, where he and his band, "BOTTOM DOLLAR" (see band photo below), opened for Mark O'Conner; "Live At Libby's" syndicated radio program, and numerous venues throughout the Midwest. He has headlined for various artists, including The Dixie Dregs, Marshall Chapman, and former CBS recording artists, The Wright Brothers.

Kevin has released three albums to date. His original songs have been published by several major firms, including several that were contracted in 1999 by Pharaoh's STEINWOOD PUB (BMI).

Kevin's music has been and continues to be heavily influenced by the folk, country-rock and singer-songwriter acts of the seventies. He has also worked as an independent producer for other regional artists and offers a highly professional demo service for songwriters. (For songwriters seeking demo service, contact the Pharaoh office for details on Kevin's service.)

In addition to songwriting, Kevin has written three one-man dramatic LIVING HISTORY presentations (see left-hand column) which he performs approximately 125 times per year. He has also written and directed "The Point In Time", an outdoor music/drama which has been presented in Carrollton, Kentucky since 1991. He is currently under contract to produce a similar drama in Wabash, Indiana. Kevin also composed much of the original music for the Carrollton series and his "Beautiful River" has been featured several times as theme music for Kentucky Educational Television's "Kentucky Outdoors" program.

For the past year, Kevin has also been working with Tom Woodard of Pharaoh Records in preparation for Woodard's "ALAMO GEORGE - Last of the Original Frontiersmen" production, an historical, educational, & highly entertaining account on the life and times of the last known survivor of the American Revolution, GEORGE FRUITS, who is Woodard's great-grandfather ancestor, and who lived to be nearly 115 years of age (1762-1876) - George fought in both the American Revolution and War of 1812 and was deeply hurt when the government refused to let him serve in the Civil War - but, of course, he was 99 years old at that time. The production will be performed on stage by TOM WOODARD (who strikes an uncanny resemblance to his grandfather ancestor) and the script is being co-written by Woodard & Stonerock, and will also have an accompanying CD of narration and song produced .... many of the songs already selected, written, and contracted have been written, co-written, and/or performed by KEVIN STONEROCK.

One song in particular from that forthcoming new "ALAMO GEORGE" CD album entitled, "WILD ROSES" (also written by Stonerock), was showcased on the "GOLD RUSH COUNTRY - #6" compilation CD, along with a second song (written by Travis Stegall) entitled, "WITHOUT YOU". Both selections, published by Steinwood Publishing, are absolutely gorgeous ballads and the production work and vocal performance Stonerock delivers are impeccable! Both songs were also previously released (but only in the midwest of the United States) on a Kevin Stonerock 11-song CD album entitled, "HOME STRETCH". A third song from that album, which Stonerock wrote, is entitled, "Small Town Rock and Roll". Kevin was also featured on GOLD RUSH COUNTRY, #6, with his own rendition of this fast-paced, country rock original. With two ballads and an a great up-tempo tune, listeners got plenty of opportunity to witness the highly professional versatility of this great writer and talented singer. All three songs, when released throughout Europe, received rave reviews and lots and lots of solid airplay (and continue receiving airplay on numerous radio stations abroad.)

When it comes to singing, few artists can match KEVIN STONEROCK on superb vocal delivery: his pitch & overall general control, including putting just the right amount of emphasis in all the right places without being under or overly dramatic, are ALWAYS right on target. His ability to express that splendid feel of honest spontaniety makes any listener feel as though Kevin is singing the song from his heart and just for that particular listener, and in this business called music, THAT'S WHAT SELLS A SONG and it's most definitely a talent that far too many artists lack! Undoubtedly, Kevin's vast experience on stage as an actor and his skill as a polished writer have helped him in developing this very special vocal ability. One can sense immediately after hearing Kevin sing the first few measures of any song that -- "this guy's got the right attitude for this song, and he's got experience!" PHARAOH RECORDS is, indeed, very honored to have such a fine talent aboard it's artist train that is now pulling into the new Millennium. WELCOME ABOARD!!

The BOTTOM DOLLAR BAND, picured above, include(left to right) Laurie & Kevin Stonerock, Steve Smith, and Jane & John Harrod. Many of the songs that will be featured on the new "Alamo George" album will be performed by these highly talented artists.


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