The Virtual Emergency Operations Center

Copyright 2000 by Walter G. Green III. All rights reserved. Copies of these pages may be reproduced as needed by served agencies and emergency managers for emergency response or as a single copy per individual for use by researchers or instructors. Permission is not granted for reproduction of multiple copies for other than emergency use without prior permission from the copyright holder at the contact address below.

The volunteer staff of the Virtual Emergency Operations Center operates this site (1) to support state and local government agencies and other volunteer organizations with virtual emergency management services and (2) to manage its own operations during Local Emergencies declared by local officials, States of Emergency declared by the Governor, and Disasters declared by the President. Use of the Virtual EOC is established by Memorandum of Agreement between the Virtual EOC and the supported agency.

Information disseminated through this site is provided by recognized and authorized representatives of the supported agencies. It is intended for emergency managers and disaster response and recovery personnel. Therefore, knowledge of applicable emergency operations plans and standard operating procedures is essential to understanding the information posted. Individuals not affiliated with the emergency services of their communities should rely on official sources within their communities for information and not on this site.

Information is posted as provided, and every reasonable effort possible given the conditions of emergency operations is made to ensure that information is both accurate and current. However, you should read the date and time of the information to ensure that it is still applicable. The Virtual EOC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness, or appropriateness of information provided by other organizations.

Served Organization Support

Organization Status
current state of alert, readiness condition, or emergency operations plan phase completion for supported organizations
Virginia ESF-8 Situation Reports
current health and medical ESF-8 situation reports issued by the Emergency Support Center
Virginia ESF-8 Emergency Briefing
current ESF-8 Emergency Briefing for Task Forces and Coordination Teams
Virginia ESF-8 Mission Taskings
current ESF-8 mission tasking formats for Task Forces, Coordination Teams, and Strike Teams
Virginia Critical Incident Stress Management Operations
current state CISM response to declared disasters
Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Situation Reports
current information on response and recovery activities of the Virginia VOAD member agencies
Virginia ESF-8 Task Force and Strike Team Reports
current reports from field units on readiness and response activities
The Virtual Emergency Operations Center Situation Briefing
current assessment of the disaster situation by The Virtual Emergency Operations Center staff based on multiple information sources

The Virtual Emergency Operations Center Operations

The Virtual Emergency Operations Center Internal SITREP
current status, mission taskings, and level of effort of our disaster response operations - normally issued daily
The Virtual Emergency Operations Center Internal Warning Order
current warning order for potential disaster response operations by the staff of The Virtual Emergency Operations Center - normally issued two to five days prior to a major event
The Virtual Emergency Operations Center Internal Mission Order
current mission order for The Virtual Emergency Operations Center operations - normally issued 24 to 48 hours prior to the start of operations
Virtual EOC Internal Incident Action Plan
Incident Action Plan for management of today's response
Emergency Glossary
definitions of terms and listing of acronyms used in The Virtual Emergency Operations Center
The Virtual Emergency Operations Center Log
log of actions taken in The Virtual Emergency Operations Center as part of the current emergency response
After Action Reports
The Virtual Emergency Operations Center after action reports for actual events and exercises

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