Catholics of the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia and the Great War

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Rev. J. C. Chisholm, P.P.

Summary: 46 enlisted, 3 killed, 11 wounded

Chisholm, Sgt. John Charles,                                 A.E.F. 
Chisholm, Pte. Michael,                                      Depot Bn. 
Chisholm, Pte. John,                                         1st Depot Bn. 
Calder, Sgt. Lewis,                                          Western Bn. 
**Cryan, Sgt. Thomas J.,                                     R.C.R., C.I. 
Son of Elizabeth MacDonald & ? 
Cryan, Ashdale
*Forbes, Pte. Alex,                                          85th Bn., C.I. 
Forbes, Sgt. David, 
promoted from ranks                                          C.M.G.C. 
*Forbes, Gnr. William H.,                                    C.F.A. 
***Fraser, Cpl. Ronald,                                      54th Bn., C.I. 
Gillis, Pte. Joseph,                                         85th Bn., C.I. 
Grant, Pte. Rod,                                             17th Can. Reserve Bn.
GRANT, PTE. WILLIAM,                                         no entry 
MacDonald, Gnr. Alex. F.,                                    8th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
MacDonald, Pte. Allan,                                       R.A.F. 
MacDonald, Pte. Angus A.,                                    10th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
MacDonald, Pte. Alex.,                                       17th Can. Reserve Bn. 

MacDonald, Cpl. Charles R. MacDonald                     
Son of  John and Catherine (McInnis) 
MacDonald of Ashdale                                         CI 85th Battalion
MacDonald, Pte. Duncan C.,                                   1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, Sgt. John James, M.M.,                            C.E.
*MacDonald, Pte. John C.,                                    106th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. John R.,                                     85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. James C.,                                    1st Depot Bn. 
MACDONALD, FLIGHT COM. RODERICK,                             R.A.F. 
*MacDonald, Pte. William J.,                                 25th Bn., C.I. 
MACDOUGALL, PTE. RODERICK.                                   54th Bn., C.I.
MacGillivray, Lt. Charles J.
(Son of Angua MacGillivray 
& Mary C. Cameron)                                           A.E.F. 
*MacGillivray, Sgt. Duncan,                                  106th Bn., C.I.
*MacGillivray, Pte. Dougald,                                 4th C.M.R. 
MacGillivray, Pte. Ronald,                                   A.E.F. 
MacGillivray, Gnr. Vincent,                                  10th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
Son of Ronald and Margaret (MacDonald)
MacGillivray, Glen Road
MacInnis, Pte. John D.,                                      195th Bn., C.I. 
MacInnis, Pte. John R.,
Angus John & Sarah (MacGillivray)
MacInnis of Ohio                                             193rd Bn., C.I. 
MacInnis, Pte. John A.,                                      10th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
MacInnis, Pte. Dan D.                                        no entry 
MacInnis, Gnr. Neil J.,                                      C.F.A. 
MacInnis, Pte. William A.,                                   17th Can. Reserve Bn. 
MacIsaac, Pte. Bernard,                                      A.E.F. 
MacIsaac, Cpl. John,                                         106th Bn., C.I. 
MacKenzie, Spr. Roderick,                                    Wireless & Signalling Corps. 
MacKinnon, Pte. Alfred 
(prisoner 2 years)                                          3rd C.M.R. 
*MacKinnon, Pte. Angus F.,                                   85th Bn., C.I. 
**MacKinnon, Pte. Frank,                                     193rd Bn., C.I. 
MacKinnon, L.-Cpl. John,                                     25th Bn., C.I. 
MacLean, Pte. Alex,                                          10th Siege Batt., C.G.A.
MacLean, Pte. Dan J.,                                        25th Bn., C.I. 
*MacLean, Pte. John D.,                                      3rd C.M.R. 
MacLean, Pte. Rod.,                                          A.E.F. 



Rev. R. L. MacDonald, P.P.

Summary: 72 enlisted, 7 killed, 9 wounded

Bissett, Instructor Clarence,                                 H.M.S. "Niobe" 
*Bissett, Pte. William C.,                                    246th Bn., C.I. 
Boucher, Pte. Arthur,                                         C.A.M.C. 
Bounoughs, Pte. George,                                       R.A.M.C. 
Briand, Pte. Joseph,                                          6th Depot Bn. 
BROPHY, LIEUT. J. D.,                                         R.A.F. 
Butler, Sailor George,                                        Navy 
If you are researching this name write 
Joan Somers 
Burke, Pte. Firman,                                           106th Bn., C.I. 
*Burke, Pte. Pacifique,                                       25th Bn., C.I. 
Cameron, Pte. Alex.,                                          1st Depot Bn. 
Cameron, Spr. Henry,                                          3rd C.E. 
Cameron, Stephen (no rank)                                    U.S. Navy 
*Cameron, Pte. William,                                       C.F.A. 
*Campbell, Pte. Joseph,                                       106th Bn., C.I. 
DEWER, Q.M. SGT. D. L.,                                       246th Bn., C.I. 
*Flaherty, Pte. Matthew,                                      C.R.T. 
Gibson, R. E. (no rank)                                       U.S. Navy 
*Gillis, Sgt. Daniel, M.M. 
promoted from ranks                                           40th Bn., C.I. 
GILLIS, PTE. JOSEPH,                                          8th Bn., C.I. 
Gillis, (Rev.) Capt. M.,                                      Can. Chaplain Service 
Gillis, Pte. Thomas, C.E. 
Hall, William J., (no rank)                                   U.S. Navy 
Hall, Pte. John,                                              1st Depot Bn. 
Hall, Michael (no rank)                                       U.S. Navy 
Jackson, John A. (no rank)                                    British Navy 
Jackson, Pte. Joseph,                                         1st Depot Bn. 
JOHNSTON, PTE. FRANK,                                         72nd Bn., C.I. 
Kelly, Pte. Clarence C.,                                      185th Bn., C.I. 
Kyte, Sgt. Stanislaus J. 
promoted from ranks                                           40th Bn., C.I. & C.A.P.C. 
Kyte, Gnr. G. Val.,                                           10th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
Lafford, Lindsay J. (no rank)                                 A.E.F. 
Lewis, Pte. J.,                                               1st Depot Bn. 
*MacDonald, Pte. Angus R.,                                    185th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Dan M.,                                       85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Frank,                                        85th Bn., C.I. 
MACDONALD, STOKER GEORGE,                                     Navy 
MacDonald, Pipe Sgt. John A.,                                 185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. John A., M.M. 
mentioned in dispatches                                       4th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
MACDONALD, PTE. JOHN A.,                                      40th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. John,                                         no entry 
MacDonald, Pte. John,                                         C.R.T. 
MacDonald, Pte. Joseph,                                       185th Bn., C.I. 
MACDONALD, FLT. LIEUT. JOSEPH,                                R.A.F. 
MacDonald, Pte. J. Louis,                                     85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Richard,                                      85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Sgt. Ronald,                                       85th Bn., C.I. 
MacIntosh, Pte. Charles,                                      C.F.C. 
MacIntosh, Pte. Colin,                                        C.E. 
MacIntosh, Pte. Peter, Mons Star,                             4th Bn., C.I. 
MacNeil, Pte. David,                                          C.E. 
MacNeil, Pte. John J.,                                        Siberian Forces 
MacNeil, Spr. John M.,                                        C.E. 
MacPhee, Pte. Dan,                                            185th & 85th Bn., C.I. 
Morrison, Pte. Ernest,                                        23rd Can. Reserve Bn. 
Nevens, Pte. Sam,                                             23rd Can. Reserve Bn. 
O'Toole, Pte. Wilfred C.,                                     C.M.G.C. 
Paul, Noel (no rank),                                         107th Bn., C.I. 
Rogers, Henry (no rank),                                      Navy
Sampson, Pte. Patrick,                                        150th Bn., C.I. 
Samson, Pte. Amable,                                          C.E. 
Samson, Pte. Frank,                                           C.E. 
Samson, Pte. George,                                          1st Depot Bn. 
Samson, Pte. James,                                           C.E. 
Samson, Pte. Leo J.,                                          85th Bn., C.I. 
Scott, Spr. Charles,                                          C.E. 
Shanahan, Pte. Michael,                                       18th Res. Bn. 
Stone, Pte. Dan L.,                                           1st Depot Bn. 
Stone, Pte. Bernard,                                          185th Bn., C.I. 
Sutherland, Pte. Dan,                                         19th Bde. 
Sutherland, Pte. Duncan,                                      Western Bn. 
Sutherland, Pte. John P.,                                     R.A.F. 
Sutherland, Sgt. Joseph C.,                                   C.A.M.C. 
**Walker, Pte. John J.,                                       185th Bn., C.I. 



Rev. Leo. J. Keats, P.P.

Summary: 14 enlisted, 2 killed, 3 wounded

Curtis, Pte. Thomas D.,                                        85th Bn., C.I. 
DONOVAN, PTE. GEORGE T.,                                       25th Bn., C.I. 
Donovan, Pte. Herbert A.,                                      17th bn., C.I. 
*Doucett, Pte. John D.,                                        25th Bn., C.I. 
*Doucette, Pte. John J.,                                       85th Bn., C.I. 
*Doyle, Pte. George A.,                                        25th Bn., C.I. 
Doyle, Pte. Michael D.,                                        25th Bn., C.I. 
Hines, Pte. Angus A.,                                          5th Brigade 
Hines, Pte. Augustine,                                         5th Brigade 
Hines, Pte. George,                                            3rd Bn., C.I. 
Hines, Pte. Thomas J.,                                         25th Bn., C.I. 
MACDONALD, PTE. CHARLES,                                       26th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Neil,                                          26th Bn., C.I. 
MacGean, Pte. Amos,                                            17th Bn., C.I. 
Robinson, Pte. John,                                           85th Bn., C.I. 



Rev. F. J. Chisholm, P.P.

Summary: 53 enlisted, 9 killed, 10 wounded

*Boyle, Pte. Duncan,                                           14th Bn., C.I. 
*Coady, Spr. Daniel M.,                                        C.F.A. 
*Coady, Pte. J. M. P.,                                         10th Bn., C.I. 
*Coady, Pte. James H.,                                         5th C.M.G.C. 
Coady, Pte. Patsy,                                             1st Depot Bn. 
Coady, Pte. Peter J.,                                          1st Depot Bn. 
COLLINS, CPL. ALEX. D.,                                        64th Bn. & 25th Bn., C.I.
Collins, Pte. Allan,                                           A.E.F. 
Collins, Pte. Dan A.,                                          Depot Bn. 
COLLINS, L.-CPL. JAMES PATRICK, Rec. for D.C.M.,               46th Bn., C.I. 
Collins, Cpl. John Dan,                                        1st Depot Bn. 
Collins, Sgt. Hugh A., 
promoted from ranks                                            1st Depot Bn. 
Gillis, Pte. Allan,                                            1st Depot Bn. 
Gillis, Pte. Allan,                                            1st Depot Bn. 
Gillis, Pte. Duncan,                                           1st Depot Bn. 
Gillis, Pte. Hugh,                                             A.E.F. 
GILLIS, CPL. JOHN P.,                                          85th Bn., C.I. 
Gillis, Pte. James Alex,                                       6th Squadron, A.E.F. 
Gillis, Pte. John Angus,                                       301st Inf., A.E.F. 
*Gillis, Pte. John Angus,                                      1st Can. Reserve Bn. 
GILLIS, PTE. JOHN ANGUS,                                       185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 
Gillis, Gnr. John R.,                                          C.F.A. 
Gillis, Pte. Neil,                                             1st Depot Bn. 
Gillis, Dvr. Peter J.,                                         C.F.A. 
Gillis, Pte. Peter J.,                                         85th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. J. R.,                                         1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, Sgt. Alex. 
promoted from ranks                                            94th R.C.H., C.I. 
MacDonnell, Pte. Dan J.,                                       1st Depot Bn. 
*MacDonnell, Pte. James A.,                                    103rd Reg't., A.E.F.
MacDougall, Pte. Dan,                                          A.E.F. 
MACDOUGALL, PTE. JOHN ANDREW,                                  40th Bn., C.I. 
MacDougall, Pte. Donald,                                       no entry 
*MacDougall, Pte. Peter A., M.M.,                              26th Bn., C.I. 
MACFARLANE, PTE. ANGUS J.,                                     185th Bn. & 25th Bn., C.I. 
MacFarlane, Pte. Archibald A.,                                 503rd Engineers, A.E.F. 
MacFarlane, Pte. James,                                        Imperial Army 
MacFarlane, N.S. Mary Jessie,                                  C.A.M.C. 
MacFarlane, Pte. John Archibald,                               C.A.M.C. 
*MacFarlane, Pte. Peter A.,                                    185th Bn., C.I. 
MacFarlane, Pte. Walter A.,                                    185th Bn., C.I. 
MacFarlane, Dvr. Walter S.,                                    4th Can. Field Ambulance Corps. 
MACLELLAN, PTE. ARCIBALD A.,                                   185th Bn., C.I. 
MACLELLAN, PTE. DAN,                                           44th Bn., C.I. 
**MacLellan, Pte. Dan A.,                                      185th Bn., C.I. 
MacLellan, Pte. Dan H.,                                        A.E.F. 
**MacLellan, Pte. Donald A.,                                   25th Bn., C.I. 
MacLellan, Pte. James A.,                                      Can. Res. Bn. 
MacLellan, Pte. John,                                          A.E.F. 
MacLellan, Pte. Malcolm D.,                                    1st Depot Bn. 
MacLellan, Pte. Allan,                                         1st Depot Bn. 
MacLellan, Lieut. Ronald,                                      R.A.F. 
ROSS, ANGUS (no rank),                                         Western Bn. 
Stewart, Pte. Finlay,                                          1st Depot Bn. 



Copyright© Transcribed by Joan Hapeman Somers
30 June 1998