I have to do it, otherwise I'm liable to a lawsuit if someone doesn't like something about this, so I'm going to get it out now and then you can read Don't Kiss Me Good Night to your heart's content.

I am in no way associated with Hanson, and/or Mercury Records. I do not know Hanson, I never have, and I'll be damned if I ever do in this lifetime. All characters in this story, save any celebrities, are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance that they may bear to any persons, living or dead, is completely unintended and coincidental. (Though I did base Dawn and Jayde on friends of mine deliberately).

August herself is completely my mind's offspring, and only bears resemblance to me in looks and personality. The home life I gave her is far from mine, and I hope it stays the way it is. This story is NOT some cry for help from me.

I recently changed this so that the ages were a little more reasonable, so August is fourteen and Taylor is sixteen. I hope this gets some of those skeptics off my back for having August in her state at thirteen. This means that this is set in 1999, and hasn't happened. I also did that to prove that this never happened, and most likely never will. I probably have a better perspective on Taylor's real life than most of you right now, and I'm well aware that this is a very UNLIKELY thing to happen to him, or myself. *Smile*

I don't care what your opinion on my story is if you don't like it, and if you should ever choose to state a negative opinion in anything less than an intelligent manner, then I have to words for you:


This is entirely MY story, save a few ideas from my friend Dream Scape. If you like something that trademarks this, (e.g. the almighty black Calvin Klein boxer switch) and want to use it for your own Internet story, PLEASE ask first! Thanks, I'm done now.

Chapter One: Red Jellybeans and Doc Martens
Chapter Two: William's Coffee Pub
Chapter Three: Government Hackers, Wooden Spoons, and Four-Assed Monkeys
Chapter Four: Cried
Chapter Five: Secrets & Lies
Chapter Six: Smoke (Promises)
Chapter Seven: Shimmery Little Tank Tops
Chapter Eight: Dammit
Chapter Nine: Night Mare (Mission Accomplished)
Chapter Ten: Ten Thousand Roses
Chapter Eleven: Forgotten Innocence
Chapter Twelve: Problems Anew
Chapter Thirteen: Bittersweet Symphony
Chapter Fourteen: Super Bitch Supreme
Chapter Fifteen: My Heart Will Go On
Chapter Sixteen: Furry Little Black Pillow
Chapter Seventeen: Don't Kiss Me Good Night
Chapter Eighteen: Final Regrets [Memories]
Epilogue: Closing Credits

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