This is the only part of this page that won't change. The DKMGN Collection is the series of non-related, longer Hanson stories. This includes the title story, Don't Kiss Me Good Night, which keep most people on a love-hate basis. You can love it, or you can hate it. This is where the strange stories go...stories with odd plot lines and even odder characters. I had some trouble with Winding Roads and Got Til It's Gone, which were up on the old page, so I had to take them down. I had serious writer's block with them. Sorry. As of now, I have Don't Kiss Me Good Night, Soldier, Harmless, Bottomless Cup, and Starlight and Nightmares. The story contest also lives here. Please, enjoy yourself. I write these for you guys...otherwise there would be no point.

Don't Kiss Me Good NightStarlight and Nightmares
SoldierFor the reality of it all...
Bottomless CupHarmless
Never Quite As It Seems

You're Thinking Of Me, Right?

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