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This can get me into a lot of trouble if Tara ever reads it, but right now I couldn't personally care less. I relaly do not care so long as I get to write this and put it up. And I can, you know, because it's mine. It's all mine, it's copyrighted and all that shit and if anyone else even thinks of stealing anything from it I'll hunt them down like a dog and KILL them, because this is all Tara's fault in the first place. I still do not honestly believe she ever met Taylor Hanson, I do not believe she ever went out with him, all that good crap, and I never will until the cold hard evidence is shown to my three inches from my face. There. I said it.

I only wrote a sample for this for my own pleasure, ages ago, and named it something entirely different. Then I realized that it'd make a perfect story so decided to post it. It's very, very simple, the names in here are complete foreshadowing of the people I based them on *save Wind, that was spur-of-the-moment* and I totally admit to basing Sarah Bowman *cough* and Aries Lincoln on real people. Sarah's a give-in, but you have to really, really know the personal situation I had going in the summer to understand who Aries is...I totally screwed around with her name.

This is set in the summer of 1998, the summer of dreams for me so far where everything that could went wrong but everything that could also changed. If I could've pulled it off, I would've just come out and called everyone by their real names, and set all the places the way they should've been, and everything good like that. But other than what I had to change *I really did not want to put Aries' real name on here, I didn't ever know her and don't want to hurt her* this is all what may just have happened if Tara really had been telling the truth, and I'd actually gone with her like she said I could at the beginning of the summer. So it's not an entire figment of my imagination. I'm actually using some real stuff that I was told here, save the fact that I changed the whole tour bus and hotel deal.

Most of my friends who went to Albertane Tour concerts this year ended up making small appearances at each of the concerts I mention, especially the Hartford, CT concert, where Manda, Diana, Aja, and Erin show up. Oh, that and our dear Mizz Chelsea *HITZchels7* who appeared in Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere wearing no bra and bouncing asininely like Taylor does behind his keyboards, makes a small appearance as well. Chels, babe, if you come in here and bitch me out for it I'll package bomb you...you were so rude to me!


Wind Ceridwen Harper
Wind's just turned 13 the previous May, stands about 5'3", and has shoulder length brown hair and bright green eyes. She wears glasses for reading, has a very developed taste for Pink Floyd and punk music, and tends to wear jeans or denim shorts and tank tops or t-shirts, no matter what the weather. She met Sarah the previous summer and started liking Hanson during that summer, and the two things she has that she isn't so sure she likes anymore are her naval ring and a bra size a few too big for her desire.

Sarah Evelyn Bowman
Fourteen as of February and a bit too involved with herself for everyone else's liking, Sarah's pretty but not the supermodel she assumes everyone thinks she is. She's 5'1" (and is very sore about being so short, considering Taylor's near six feet) has shoulder-length dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes that are never warm, not even near Taylor when she tries. She wears mostly girly tank tops and jeans, and a Maple Leafs windbreaker that never goes anywhere without her. Shoes of choice are either tattered Nike sneakers or her black platform sandals that make her 5'5". She never really liked Wind, but took pity on her, for from her point of view all Wind ever was and ever will be is a sad, sentimental little girl living in her daydreams.

Arabella "Aries" Lincoln
14 and very pretty, Aries had never met Wind before the trip and had never heard a word of her. She's about 5'4", the tallest of the three, but still amazingly shorter than Isaac, has reddish blond hair and hazel eyes, and a adorable grin that would melt any male from thirteen to twenty. There's a bit of a British air about her, something a little more proper than Sarah, but kind and giving. She took to Wind quickly, but didn't let Sarah know that, and if it weren't for her, none of it would have ever happened...because she knew Isaac from the start.

Prologue: A Lie Until Proven True
Chapter One: If These Walls Could Talk
Chapter Two: Hanson Whores *what DO they look like?*
Chapter Three: What You Gonna Do?
Chapter Four: Making Cameos in Connecticut
Chapter Five: Chocolate Condoms and It's All Good
Chapter Six: Butterfly Kisses On The Nose
Chapter Seven: Girl Of My Dreams
Chapter Eight: Psychosematic
Chapter Nine: The Video Camera
Chapter Ten: She's Seen Her Share Of Devils
Chapter Eleven: C'est La Vie
Chapter Twelve: Home Of The Brave
Epilogue: I Know I Felt Like This Before

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