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Colorado History

- Colorado History -
Americans from the East
The Louisiana Purchase

Americans from the East 1800 - 1820

The Louisiana Purchase
In 1803, President Jefferson bought Louisiana from France for 15 million dollars. This purchase included any area that drained into the Mississippi River from the west.

Map of the Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase

One stumbling block to the Louisiana Purchase for the Americans was that the US lacked money. The solution was to borrow money from Britain. The British were anxious to see Louisiana occupied by a weak United States rather than Napoleon's powerful army, so they offered the large sum to the US at six percent interest.

Napoleon negotiates Louisiana Purchase
Napolean discusses the progress of the Louisiana Purchase negotiations with his bargainers.

When the US bought Louisiana, just exactly what that included was a complete mystery. France refused to specify the southern and western boundaries, implying that the US should use force to get the best possible terms from Spain. Napoleon needed money big time, but he had promised first dibs to Spain. Naturally, Spain was not happy about Napoleon selling Louisiana to the United States.

New Orleans in 1803
The French flag is lowered and the Stars and Stripes raised at New Orleans on December 20, 1803.

President Jefferson decided to send out the Lewis and Clark expedition, which had been commissioned months before the actual Louisiana Purchase. In addition to exploring Louisiana, he hoped to strengthen US claims to Oregon Country and possibly to find a water route to the Pacific.

Spain got word that an American military expedition was heading west to the Pacific. (Guess who?) Spain dispatched men to intercept them, but the men they sent disappeared and never returned home.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson was a genius. He wanted to know about everything. Jefferson was constantly asking questions and looking for answers. He loved science, botany, biology, and oh yeah - history.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson as President in 1803.

Military Expeditions to the South
Spain was then warned of other Military expeditions to the south. No one on either side really knew the boundaries. Spain knew in reality it would come down to political and military clout.

Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny, the expansionist creed in the US, is depicted as a spirit stringing telegraph wire.

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- Colorado History In Depth -
Lecture Notes, Reading, and Information:

| The Cheyenne Migration to Colorado |
| The Gratlan Affair, Massacre, Fort Laramie Treaty |

The Cheyenne Social Club
| A Cheyenne War Story: Wolf Road, the Runner |
| Cheyenne Traditions and Beliefs, Sacred Stories |
| Horses, Warriors, War Pipe, Sweatlodge Ceremony |
| Cheyenne War Parties and Battle Tactics |
| The Scalp Dance and Other Cheyenne Dances |

Fort Union
| The Sante Fe Trail and Fort Union |
| Sumner - Ninth Military Department / The First Fort Union |
| Early Arrivals to Fort Union, Daily Life at Fort Union |
| Captain Grover - The New Fort Union, the Confederate Threat |
| Fort Union Arsenal, William Shoemaker, End of Fort Union |

Americans from the East
| Thomas Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase |
| The Expedition of Zebulon Pike |
| Pikes Peak or Bust / Colorado Gold Rush |

Colorado's Role in the US Civil War
| The Civil War, Fort Wise / Fort Lyon |
| Mace's Hole, Colonel Canby, F.C.V.R. | Fort Weld |
| The Pet Lambs, John Chivington |
| General Henry Sibly, Battle of Valverde, Fort Union |

Cripple Creek District Labor Strikes
| The Western Federation of Miners / State Militia |
| The 1893 - 1894 Strike | The Strike of 1903 - 1904 |
| The Mine Owners Association |
| Crimes and Military Rule in the Cripple Creek District |
| Marshall Law in Cripple Creek District / End of the Strike |
Early Cripple Creek District
| Photos, Fire, and Life in Cripple Creek |
| Other Colorful Towns in the Cripple Creek District:
Gillett - Colorado's Only Bullfight, Victor, Independence
| A Guide to the Miners' Gritty Lingo |

More Colorado History Information
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| What Was Easter Like at Bent's Fort? |
| Colorado Trivia, Miscellaneous Old Photos,
Western Personalities, Forts, and More

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| Heraldry of the Branding Iron |
| Project Aims to Clear Infamous Cannibal, Alferd Packer |
Lead Gives Alferd Packer's Story More Weight |
| Legendary Colorado Love Stories: Baby Doe Tabor & More |
| Colorado Pioneer Women: Elizabeth Byers |
| Early Denver Jokes / The History of April Fools' Day |

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