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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Colorado History

- Colorado History -
Colorado's Role in the US Civil War

F.C.V.R. - The Pet Lambs
The F.C.V.R. were nicknamed "Pet Lambs," originated as an insult by the Southerners. They called them "Gilpin's Pet Lambs." It grew on the Regiment and they kept it as long as it wasn't said with a southern accent. The "Lambs" were drunken and disorderly. They caused all sorts of trouble. They finally had to prohibit whiskey in their rifle barrels. They pillaged the local stores. Denver formed their own police force to defend it form the "Pet Lambs."

The first Colorado volunteer casualty was a murder by a German Bartender in a whorehouse, while "in action." As a result, a mob of angry soldiers tried to lynch the bartender. A Methodist minister, John Chivington, talked them down.

John Chivington
They talked Chivington into coming to the fort to preach. He did! When the "Lambs" heard they were on the side of God, they went gaga. Chivington was invited to become Regiment Chaplain. He said he'd only put on a uniform to fight - not to preach. He became Major John Chivington, third in command. He was extreme Anti Slavery.

John Chivington
Colonel John M. Chivington turned the Glorieta Pass Battle into a Union victory.
Later he led the Colorado Volunteers attack upon the Indians camped on Sand Creek.

In October 1861, a group of Texas Rangers attacked a supply wagon. A relief fort brought in 42 of the Rangers. Some of the "Pet Lambs" went and got some of the prisoners and brought them to Denver. James Reyodds was one of the Rangers.

Texas Ranger
This Texas Ranger was typical of the lawmen who tracked down and brought in rustlers and gunslingers throughout the West from the 1860s to 1900.

The Pet Lamb's Problems
The second problem the "Pet Lambs" presented was economic. Forming a regiment was expensive. The first problem was their behavior - Gilpin paid for everything by writing checks on the United States Treasurer. These checks were called "warrants." He wrote almost 375,000 worth of warrants.

The President (Lincoln) and treasurer had told him to write the warrants before he came out here. The government refused to them and Denver almost collapsed. Gilpin was suspiciously removed from the office of First Territorial Governor.

Colorado's Role in the US Civil War:
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- Colorado History In Depth -
Lecture Notes, Reading, and Information:

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Fort Union
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| Captain Grover - The New Fort Union, the Confederate Threat |
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Americans from the East
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| The Expedition of Zebulon Pike |
| Pikes Peak or Bust / Colorado Gold Rush |

Cripple Creek District Labor Strikes
| The Western Federation of Miners / State Militia |
| The 1893 - 1894 Strike | The Strike of 1903 - 1904 |
| The Mine Owners Association |
| Crimes and Military Rule in the Cripple Creek District |
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