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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Colorado History

- Colorado History -
Colorado's Role in the US Civil War

Fort Weld

New uniforms and rifles from Fort Laramie Regiment needed a home, so Fort Weld was built two miles north of Denver (down stream). The Fort became an intricate part of life in Denver.

Camp Weld
Camp Weld, Colorado Territory.

Fort Weld in 1860s
Drawing of Fort Weld as it appeared during the 1860s

In September 1864, Black Kettle and six other Cheyenne chiefs came to Fort Weld wanting to talk peace. They brought four white captives they had ransomed from other bands as evidence of their good faith.

Black Kettle at Fort Weld
An American flag (blurred by the camera's slow shutter speed) marks the wagon that Arapaho and Cheyenne chiefs, including Black Kettle, ride into Camp Weld in September 1864.

Black Kettle told the fort's commander:
"We have come with our eyes shut ... like coming through the fire. All we ask is that we may have peace with the whites; we want to hold you by the hand. You are our father; we have been traveling through a cloud; the sky has been dark ever since the war began.... I want you to give all the chiefs of the soldiers here to understand that we are for peace, and that we have made peace, that we may not ge mistaken for enemies."

Edward Wynkoop
Peace talks at Fort Weld. Major Edward W. Wynkoop kneels at the feet of Black Kettle.

At the time, war seemed to have been averted. However, this did not fit well with the war plans of Evans and Chivington. Colonel John M. Chivington was characterized by a contemporary as "a crazy preacher who thinks he is Napoleon Bonaparte."

Sand Creek

(Mr. Sedivy lectures extensively about the events at Sand Creek, however those notes are not available online at this time.)

Kiowa and Cheyenne leaders with Mary Todd Lincoln
Kiowa and Cheyenne leaders gather in the conservatory of the Executive Mansion in
Washington March 27, 1863 to be photographed with Mary Todd Lincoln (standing, far right).

The four Cheyenne leaders seated in the front row all had less than eighteen months to live. Yellow Wolf (right) would be shot down by regulars as he protested his peaceful intentions; War Bonnet (far left) and Standing in the Water were killed by Colorado Volunteers at Sand Creek.

Sand Creek Massacre
Sand Creek Massacre. In this painting of the massacre of Southern Cheyennes at Sand Creek by Chivington's men, the white flag of truce hangs below the American flag.

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- Colorado History In Depth -
Lecture Notes, Reading, and Information:

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Fort Union
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| Captain Grover - The New Fort Union, the Confederate Threat |
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Americans from the East
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Cripple Creek District Labor Strikes
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