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Just to let you know my family background !

I was born in the bustling city of Madras (now called Chennai) on June 30, 1970. Chennai is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Its is also one of the four metropolitan cities in India & one of the oldest cities in the World !

My father hails from the famous temple town of Tanjore which has some of the most magnificent Hindu temples in the World ! The Brigadeeshwara temple is an architectural marvel & it being built centuries ago when none of the modern day building equipments were available, one really wonders how it was managed ! It is truly magnificent & awe-inspiring ! My father had a career with the Indian Railways & has since retired a few years back. He has  worked very hard to bring all of us up & drilled into us the importance of education right from childhood.

My mother is simply great ! She has spent all her life taking care of the welfare of her children. She has really worked so hard for all of us all these years & continues to work ceaselessly even today.

I have two elder brothers & a sweet younger sister, who is my pet ! The eldest of'em all is a real cat, in that he got through the Common Aptitude Test (CAT), one of the toughest entrance examinations for MBA in India. He holds an engineering degree in communications & of course the coveted MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. My second brother is a software whiz kid who has been living in America for about eight years now. My sweet sis is the youngest in the family. She also followed our foot steps into the IT industry and she's a software engineer today. I'm sure she'll soon become a software guru herself !

Me, the dumbest in the family, did my Masters in Mathematics from the famous Loyola College, Madras. I also passed my Intermediate degree in Cost Accounting while in college. I spent about five years as a Sales Manager in the Logistics industry during which time I spent about 18 months in the US and 6 months in Singapore. I then moved into the IT industry as a consultant and I've been working as a Project Manager the last three years with some large & well known companies in India.

Shankar is married to Sheela and they have two lovely kids Shruti & Aditi. They live in New Jersey and Ganesh lives in Michigan. I live in Bangalore and Chitra will be moving to Chennai.


My parents are getting married - Again !!
When my Mom went to Niagara
I'm actually looking young !
Gan @ Volcanoes National Park