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See Chiba Mamoru.


See Prince Demando.


Diana Diana is the future daughter of Artemis and Luna. She is definitely a Daddy's girl. She is the Guardian kitty of Chibiusa. She is very cute! And she has the sweetest voice too. Diana plays a small role in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, but she is favorite to many Sailor Moon fans anyway! Diana only becomes human in the Manga of Sailor Moon.



See Pegasus.


Esmeroodo Esmeroodo, better known as "Emerald," to those who watch the dub, is a member of the Black Moon family of the 2nd half of the 2nd season of BSSM. She falls desperately in love with Prince Demando, and her only wish is to be Demando's queen. Esmeroodo let's Rubeus die when his ship explodes. When she takes over Rubeus's mission, she uses little figures of herself to try and fill the crystal points of Crystal Tokyo with negative energy. She fails each time. She is also extremely jealous of Sailor Moon because Demando falls in love with her, and trys to make Sailor Moon his queen. Esmeroodo is eventually tricked by wiseman into thinking that wiseman would make her queen of crystal tokyo with Demando. Instead she is turned into a dragon that is defeated by the senshi.


Eudial Eudial is the first of the witches 5. She appears in the Sailor MoonS series after the defeat of Kaolinite. Eudial uses a gun to take pure hearts from people. She is the one who discovers the Uranus and Neptune are the carriers of 2 of the talismans needed to form the Holy Grail. Eudial succeeds in gathering all the talismans, but Sailor Moon gets to the Holy Grail before she does. When Eudial drives away, she accidentally drives off a cliff and dies. (Mimete had been tampering with Eudial's brakes...)



Fiore Fiore is the enemy in the Sailor Moon R movie. He tries to kill off the population of the world, and make Mamoru all his. "I'm the only one who will give you a flower," he tells Tuxedo Kamen when he takes him to a comet where he trys to heal him. He also tries to kill Sailor Moon because he believes that she is a false hearted person who will decieve Mamoru. Fiore is really just a lonely alien who was unfortunate enough to become possesed by the evil flower of kisenian. Sailor Moon heals Fiore, and when Sailor Moon dies, he gives her back her life using his life energy as a thankyou to sailor moon and Mamoru-kun for saving him.

Fish eye

Fish eye Fish eye appears in the 4th season of BSSM. He is the leader of the Amozone Trio, and the brother of Hawks eye and Tigers eye. Many people mistaken him as a woman, but he is actually a man! Just a bit of a crossdresser, as all of his brothers are, but he is still a man! Fish Eye recieves orders from Ziorconia. Fish Eye, and his brothers, were all healed by Sailor Moon.

Furuhata Motoki

Furuhata Motoki Motoki is one of Mamoru's friends. He works at the arcade, and in the first season Usagi and Makoto had really big crushes on him. Motoki only works at the arcade to put him through school, he really wants to become a doctor. Motoki has a younger sister named Unazuki. He also has a girlfriend named Reika who Makoto was extremely jealous of for a while until she realized how much they really loved each other. Usagi and her firends are just like kid-sisters to Motoki, he would never pursue any kind of relationship with Mako.

Furuhata Unazuki

Furuhata Unazuki Unazuki is Motoki's younger sister. She is friends with Usagi. She appears occasionally throghout the series. In Sailor Moon R, Mamoru gives Unazuki a ride home, making Usagi think that mamoru has moved on with her.



Galaxia Galaxia is the legendary sailor senshi. She is the strongest soldier in the universe. Galaxia had trapped Chaos inside herself, the one place where no one else could get to it. Galaxia became aware that Chaos was taking over her body, so she shot her starseed out into the universe. As the evil Galaxia, she went around the universe taking starseeds from the sailor senshi, thus killing them all. Sailor Moon was able to release chaos from Galaxia, making her good again. Galaxia was then able to release all the starseeds back into the universe (to give the senshi their lives back).

Ginga Natsumi

See Ann.

Ginga Seijuuro

See Ail.


See Urawa Ryo.


Haruna Sakurada

Haruna Sakurada Haruna-san was Usagi's teacher in the first 2 seasons of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. After those seasons, she doesn't appear anymore (since she isn't teaching Usagi anymore.) Haruna-san is very moody. If she is happy (like when she has a date ^_^) She'll go easy on her students. But when she is in a bad mood (Like when a date cancels on her..) than she isn't always the nicest teacher!

Hawks Eye

Hawks Eye Hawks Eye is a member of the Amoazone Trio, and a part of the Dead Moon Circus. He appears in the SuperS season (4th season) of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Tigers Eye and Fish Eye are both brothers of Hawks eye. Hawks Eye and his brothers are all healed by Sailor Moon.

Hino "Grandpa"

Hino Grandpa Grandpa Hino is Rei's grandfather. He is the owner of the Hikawa Jinja shrine where Rei lives, and where the inner senshi often meet. He also teaches Martial Arts. He is also a pervert! The dub doesn't really let you see that, but he is! He is always looking for young girls to work at his temple... I wonder what that's all about!

Hino Rei/Sailor Mars

Hino Rei/Sailor Mars Rei-chan often comes off as being bitchy and cocky, and she especially seems to be nasty to Usagi, but that is just Rei's way. She really cares about Usagi, she is her best friend! Rei is very spiritual and very talanted. She wants to be a singer, seiyuu, or a priestess, and she is very capable of becoming any of them. Rei is also the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mars. She is the sailor soldier of fire (and spritiuality too, if you think about it..) Rei-chan is very beautiful too. Even though Rei is often mean to Yuuchirou, he still loves her! Rei cares about him too, even though she doesn't always show it..

Iron Mouse

Iron Mouse Iron Mouse was the first to work for Galaxia. She is also a Sailor Senshi (Sailor Iron Mouse.) She goes under disguise as TV producer Nezu Chuuko. She likes to travel in a phonebooth-like device. Iron Mouse was killed by Galaxia.

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