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Jadeite Jadeite is the first of Queen Beryl's General's who attempted to gather energy for Beryl. All of Jadeite's plans were cut short by Sailor Moon, Mercury, and Mars. They eventually defeated Jadeite, and Queen Beryl punnished him with is life. In the Manga, Jadeite was in love with Hino Rei.


JunJun JunJun is a member of the Amozoness Quartet that appeared durring the 4th season of Sailor Moon. JunJun is equal to Sailor Jupiter. She was healed by Sailor Moon, and became a sailor senshi of her asteroid as well as the other members of the quartet.


Kaiou Michiru/Sailor Neptune

Kaiou Michiru/Sailor Neptune Michiru appears in the third season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. She is very elegant, and perfect in every way. She is excellant at all arts, and she is a great swimmer. She is also the senshi of the Ocean, Sailor Neptune. Michiru is very mature, much like her lover Haruka. Michiru had learned of her destiny and her mission to be a sailor senshi before Haruka.

Kamada Yuuchirou

Kamada Yuuchirou Yuuchirou appears in the first season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. He appears at the Hikawa Jinja temple to take some time off from being a rock star. Yuuchirou comes from a lot of money. He pretty much just stays atthe temple. From the first time her met Rei-chan he fell in love with her. He cares about her even though Rei treats him so badly sometimes; That's what I call tolerance! Rei cares about Yuuchirou too, but she just doesn't always show it..


Kaolinite Kaolinite appears in the beginning of the Sailor Moon S season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Kaolinite is Professor Tomoe's lab assistant who helped make the daemon eggs used to go after pure hearts. Kaolinite was killed in battle with the senshi. Some how, she was reserected, and later killed again by Mistress 9.


Karaberas Karaberas is the second oldest Ayakashi sister of the black moon family that appeared in Sailor MoonR. She is equal to Sailor Venus. She uses a whip for her attack. She was one of the last sisters to be healed. She realized how horrible they had been when Petz, greedy with power, hurt Karaberas. Petz eventually realized that what they were doing was wrong, and both Petz and Karaberas were healed by Sailor Moon, and together the Ayakashi sisters opened a cosmetic shop.

Kayama Mika

Kayama Mika Mika is a minor character who appears in the first season of Sailor Moon. Mika is a friend of Shingo. Mika is very talanted at making dolls, like her mother. Mika gave her prized doll to Shingo, and he accidentally broke it because he didn't want to accept a doll. He was afraid he would be made fun of. He desperately hurt Mika. Nephrite used Mika to turn her into a youma. The sailor senshi were able to turn Mika back into herself.Mika forgave Shingo for breaking her doll, and she made him a Sailor Moon one to replace it ^_^

King Endymion

See Chiba Mamoru

Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter

Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter Makoto is very wise for her age. She is known to be a tough girl, kind of a tom boy. She fights, and she beats people up if she needs to, but she is still very feminine. She loves cooking and cleaning, and she hopes to one day own a shop, or a resteraunt of her own. Makoto is also very graceful, making her an excellent Ice skater. She was up at the top with Princess Serenity in the Silver Millenium. Makoto is also the sailor soldier of Electricity and Trees, Sailor Jupiter! She is very strong, and she would do anything to be as powerful as the outer senshi are.


Kisenian Kisenian is a flower that possess people with weak souls. Kisenian appears in the Sailor Moon R movie. It possess people, and eventually spreads all over planets, taking the energy of all life, and kills off the life on planets. Sailor Moon was able to destroy kisenian with her ginzuishou, freeing Fiore from its control over him.

Kou Seiya

Kou Seiya Seiya appears in the 5th season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. He is a member of the Three Lights musical group, and he is also the sailor senshi Sailor Star Fighter. StarFighter's planet was destroyed, and when she was reborn on Earth, she was reborn as a Man, Seiya. So, if you can understand this, Seiya is a man who transforms into a woman, okay? He is not a transexual, and he is not a woman! StarFighter is a woman, not a man or a transexual. Some people have been confused about this... Sieya's brothers, Yaten and Taiki are also starlights, so the same deal with their gender applys to them. Seiya falls in love with Usagi, and she never even realizes it. Usagi never learns of his love for her either, she always just thinks of Seiya as a friend since she loves her Mamo-chan so much. Starfighter's Attack is Star Serious Laser.

Kou Taiki

Kou Taiki Taiki is Seiya's brother. He is a lot taller than both Seiya and Yaten! He is very into Poetry reading, and all that good stuff! He plays guitar in the Three Lights musical group. Taiki transforms into the Sailor Senshi Sailor Star Maker. Star Maker is A woman, Taiki is a man. (Taiki is never a man and a woman at the same time!) As a starlight, his princess (as well as fighter and healer's princess) is Princess Kakyuu. StarMaker's attack is Star Gentle Uterus.

Kou Yaten

Kou Yaten Yaten is the shortest of his brothers. I really don't even understand how they are brothers; They all have different blood types! But they have the same last name.. Anyway, Yaten likes to tease people a lot, similar to how Rei does. Yaten is the starlight, Sailor Star Healer. Healer is a woman; Yaten is a man, like I've explined about Taiki and Seiya. Sailor Star Fighter's attack is Star Sensitive Inferno.


Kunzite Kunzite was the strongest of all of Queen Beryl's generals in the first season. Kunzite was also the one who trained Zoisite. When Kunzite trained Zoisite, he developed some kind of romantic relationship with him, so you could say that they were lovers. Kunzite blamed himself for Zoisite being disposed of by Beryl, He believed that he hadn't trained Zoisite well enough. Kunzite was killed when his own attack that he used against Sailor Moon was reflected back at him.


Lead Crow

Lead Crow Lead Crow believed she was the strongest Anima Mate. She was rival with Aluminum Siren. Whenever Aluminum Siren came to Earth, Lead Crow followed her. Lead Crow goes under disguise as Karasume Akane. Even though Aluminum Siren was her rival, they had some kind of bond. When Aluminum siren was killed, Lead Crow was devestated. Lead Crow had to work with Tin Nyanko. Tin Nyanko messed up one of Lead Crows attacks, and she was killed.


See Furuhata Unazuki


Luna Luna is Usagi's guardian cat. She provides the inner senshi with their transformation pens, and all their other goodies (like the Luna Pen and Mercury's computer.) In the Sailor Moon S movie, Luna falls in love with a man name Kakeru. Super Sailor Moon wishes apon her Ginzuishou to grant Luna her wish to become human and save Kakeru's life. Kakeru returns to his true love, and Luna discovers how much Artemis cares for her. In the future, Luna and Artemis have a daughter named Diana who likes to rub Artemis and make Luna jealous. Luna becomes human in both the manga and the anime of BSSM.

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