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Reika Reika is Furuhata Motoki's girlfriend from the first season of Sailor Moon. Makoto was extremely jealous of her at first, but she eventually learned to be okay with Motoki being taken..


Rubeus Rubeus was the first enemy who appeared in the second half of Sailor MoonR. He gave orders to the Ayakashi sisters, who all had a thing for him (Cooan most of all!) Too bad Esmeroodo didn't share in those feelings for Rubeus. When Rubeus faced Sailor Moon, he set his ship to explode. The senshi transported out of there, but Esmeroodo left Rubeus to die; Demando doesn't need a failure!



Safiiru Safiiru is Prince Demando's younger brother. He is a member of the Black Moon Family of Sailor Moon R. Safiiru was suspicious of Wiseman. He tried to warn Demando of how Wiseman was using him, but Wiseman disposed of Safiiru even without Demando's say in doing so. Demando was devestated. Safiiru used to have a relationship with Petz. Safiiru had also had feelings for Esmeroodo, so he wasn't crazy about how she chased after his older brother Demando.



Tellu Tellu is the 3rd witch of the witches 5 from SailorMoonS. Tellu uses plants to steal pure heart crystals. Tellu had killed Mimete by pulling the plug on her when she was in a machine to make her stronger. Tellu only lasted for one episode.

Ten'ou Haruka/Sailor Uranus

Ten'ou Haruka/Sailor Uranus Haruka first appears in the beginning of the SailorMoonS season. When Minako and Usagi met her, they had mistaken Haruka for a really cute guy. They had also seen Haruka with Michiru, and thought she was Haruka's girlfriend. Haruka is very tom-boyish. She is into race car driving, and she can beat any guy! She is also Michiru's lover. Haruka is the Senshi of the Heavens (skies), Sailor Uranus. Sailor Uranus believed that the sacrifice of someone's life was necessary, but Sailor Moom refused to believe so. Uranus didn't like the idea of sacrifce, but she had to do whatever is necessary to complete her mission. Haruka was in fact one of the holders of the talismans, she had the Space Sword. Haruka also liked to flirt with cute girls a lot.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye Tigers Eye is a member of the Amazone Trio that appears in the fourth season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon; Sailor Moon SuperS. He likes to help his brothers out a lot. Tigers Eye and his brothers were all healed by Sailor Moon.

Tin Nyanko

Tin Nyanko Tin Nyanko is the last of the Sailor Anima Mates. She didn't like working with anyone, so you can kind of figure that she doesn't work well with Lead Crow. Tin Nyanko had screwed up one of Lead Crow's attacks and Lead Crow was killed. Tin Nyanko was also the one who had pointed out all of Aluminum Siren's failures to Galaxia, so she is actually resposible for the death of both rivals! Eventually Galaxia got sick of Tin Nyanko and Galaxia killed her as well.

Tomoe Hotaru/Sailor Saturn

Tomoe Hotaru/Sailor Saturn Hotaru appears in Sailor MoonS the same episode that Mimete appears. Chibiusa's hat had blown away, and Hotaru got it and returned it to her. They had instantly became friends ^_^ Hotaru is an outcast to her peers. She has the odd ability to heal wounds, which her classmates find gross. Chibiusa thought it was neat! Hotaru had been possesed by Mistress 9, but was eventually able to escape her control, and Sailor Saturn, the senshi od Death, Rebirth, and destruction had appeared! Hotaru is the daughter of Professor Tomoe; her mother died when she was young. Saturn gave her life to undo the damage Mistress9 had done, but she was reborn as a baby who grew at rapid speed. (thanks to the spirit of Saturn..)

Tomoe Souichi, Professor

Professor Tomoe Souichi Professor Tomoe was the leader of the Death Busters in Sailor MoonS. He is Hotaru's father. Tomoe was possesed by evil forces, and the possesed Tomoe was searching for heart crystals to revive the messiah, Master Pharoh Ninety. Tomoe was injured for a while after the battle with Mistress 9 (well, not really a battle, but I can't think of a better way to describe it..) So Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka raised Hotaru as a big happy family until Tomoe was well enough to take care of her again ^_^

Tsukino Ikuko

Tsukino Ikuko Ikuku is Usagi's mother. She is a very loving mother, and at first Chibiusa believed that Usagi didn't care about all that Ikuku does for her. Ikuku was hypnotized to believe that she was the Aunt of Chibiusa, and Mother of ChibiChibi

Tsukino Kenji

Tsukino Kenji Kenji is Usagi's father. Kenji was also hypnotized to think that Chibiusa is his niece, and that ChibiChibi was his daughter.

Tsukino Shingo

Tsukino Shingo Shingo is Usagi's younger brother. He really likes to tease and annoy Usagi. Shingo also has a fear of cats because he was bit by one when he was young (so he doesn't really like Luna..) The first time Usagi ever met Mamoru was when Usagi was at the hospitle awaiting for the birth of her younger brother ^_^

Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon

Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon Tsukino Usagi is the star of the entire series, she is the one and only Sailor Moon! Her destiny was set for her before she was born. She was the princess of the Moon, Princess Serenity. She was in love with a man from Earth, Prince Endymion. Both of them were killed in the Silver Millenium, and were reborn as themselves as we know them today. Usagi is also the future queen of the Earth, Neo Queen Serenity, and she rules the Earth with King Endymion. They hava a daughter named "Small Lady" who is better known as Chibiusa. Usagi is very clutzy, and not a very dedicated student. She is a great friend though, and the dedicated soldier of the moon who has saved the Earth on way more than one occasion! Sailor Moon becomes stronger and braver throughout the series. She becomes Super Sailor Moon and Eternal Sailor Moon.

Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Chibi Moon

Tsukino Usagi/Sailor ChibiMoon Usagi, refered to as both Chibiusa, or Small Lady, is the future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru. She appears in SailorMoonR as the annoying brat after the Ginzuishou. She was trying to save her mother in the future. Chibiusa came back again from the future in SailorMoonS to train as the Sailor Soldier of the Future Moon, Sailor ChibiMoon (She does this since Usagi is busy being Queen of the Earth ^_^) Chibiusa has a guardian kitty named Diana that likes to sit on Chibiusa's head. Chibiusa also has different crushes throughout the series, including her own father, Mamoru. Chibiusa hated having to except that she can't have him... All Chibiusa ever really dreamed of was to become a refined young lady like her mother, Neo Queen Serenity.


Umino Gurio

Umino Gurio Gurio is a very nerdy boy in Usagi's class in the first two seasons of Sailor Moon. Gurio at first was in love with Usagi, but later found himself in love with Naru. Naru, after she got over the loss of Nephrite, apparently cared for Gurio too, and they got together. Gurio actually dressed up like Tuxedo Kamen once..

Urawa Ryo

Urawa Ryo Ryo was one of the carriers of a rainbow crystal. Because of this, Ryo was able to predict the future. Ryo also had a big Crush on Ami, but he didn't think that he was good enough for her. Ryo appears another time in the first season of Sailor Moon, and he finds out then that Ami had felt the same way about him.

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