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1949/1950 Mopar 810 Radio. Paper caps have been replaced, filter caps have been replaced, Tubes have been tested, IF's have been peaked for sensitivity. This is ready to go "right out of the box", but you should adjust three trimmers for maximum performance at time of installation for matching your antenna system to this radio. This one $125.00 with identical core exchange, or $150.00 outright plus shipping. Currently equipped with good mechanical vibrator, solid state replacement is available at extra cost- Inquire.
This has new filter caps and IF's have been peaked for sensitivity. Each at $65.00 plus shipping. The Stromberg Carlson has a new clear lens and the radio's case has some cracks, but those have been stabilized, and is ready for you to refinish (I cannot guarantee that if you choose to use an agressive paint stripper that the adhesives stabilizing the cracks will retain any strength after the paint is stripped.)
  • The general order of things are:
  • 1)Stereo and general audio, including miscellaneous parts,
  • 2)Transistor radios (usually portables and solid state multi-band radios,
  • 3)Tube radios, gear, and parts,
  • 4)Vintage record players and parts. This covers Victrolas (and other wind-ups) to potentially a few BSR turntables.
  • 5)Odd stuff, such as telephones and parts, test equipment, odd parts such as old insulators that can be used for antennas, electrical tools (none yet), etc. If in doubt, scroll here.
  • If you are interested in vintage tractor, gas engine, and older automotive parts, check out:
    "nrfsale" PAGE
    Twenties vintage Utah "A-100" speaker
    In order of rows in table:
    Row 1;Kenwood Equalizer, Techniques Turntable.
    Row 2;
    Row 3;Ranging Amplifier, Electrostats.
    Row 4;
    Row 5;Twenties vintage Utah "A-100" speaker
    In order of rows in table:
    Row 1;SoundDesign 2298 AM/FM, Panasonic cube AM, SonnetAM/FM/PSB/Weather.
    Row 2;King's Point AM/FM/CB
    Row 3; Westminster AM/FM/TV/WB, Westminster AM/FM/Air/TV/WB/PSB, XGR AM/FM/CB/AIR/PSB/TV/WX.
    In the same order as the table, Row 1 Emerson Plaskon,- GE C-415 clock radio,- Arvin Model 957 Peach(sort of),- Capehart Gray No model number found. Row 2 RCA Model 3RD30, Zenith 5M04L, Emerson 553 Portable.
    Various Victrola and wind-up parts, as well as other phonographs of newer vintage.
    In order of table:Row 1; Sold-Jensen extension speaker, 2 VHF converters, Intercom (Heath)
    Row3;Bridgeport power feed stop
    Row 4; Walker inflatable Muffler advertising promo.

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