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    Current as of mid January 2003.

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  • I will be re-working this page soon too. I have added to the new page of parts, wheels pulley, and flywheels, as well as a few automotive and snowmobile odds and ends. Just press the "eye button". Use your browser "back" button to return here if the page fails to open in new window. All items on this page can be shipped to Canada, but there may be extra fees involved if extra trips need to be made to post office, or other carrier, plus tarrifs are your responsibility- These are not shipping to Canada as "gift".
  • Many vintage piston ring sets ARE AVAILABLE- Complete original sets- A number of mixed sets, plus a couple of sets that I have the critical dimensions listed, but have not identified a specific application (in some cases too, these are sets that are not complete for an 8 cylinder, but there are enough for a 6 cylinder application that happen to use the same dimension rings: ie Ford 300 6 cylinder uses the same basic piston ring set per piston as the 302 Ford/360 Mopar, and 350 Chev- 4" bore with the ring widths of 5/64, 5/64, 3/16). The table is a text table. The oldest ring sets are Perdick and Ramco.(some applications older than 1941)
  • If you have a question, you can contact me through email:

  • If you have the feeling I have a bunch of these funny looking wrenches, you are correct.

    I have 30 of them. They were intended as oil filter wrenches, and they do work, but they sometimes punch a hole through the side of the filter. They are designed for 4" diameter oil filters, but they can be used for other things too. Make an offer on the lot, or $2.00 each.

  • This is an air driven paint mixer motor- just the thing for explosive environments where you need to mix something, yet not risk using an electric drill. Just a mere 10 bucks.
  • I also have numerous miscellaneous parts for Homelite chainsaws; a number of carbs, carb kits, coils, points, and miscellaneous service items. I did run an inventory list of them. I estimate about a $200 retail value on the faster moving items, and the slower moving items add some value too, but the faster moving itmes should recover your initial investment rather quickly- And I would sell the lot for $100.00(negotiable to some extent) plus shipping- if I break it up at all, it will be for auction purposes, and the "goody parts" will get spread through the lots. Email for a list. They are to be sold as a single lot here. Also available is a pile of 50s, 60s and 70s Briggs and Stratton parts WITH complete parts manual (which is usually valued above $100.00 by itself): Sold as a single lot only. No list of parts, but I can take an image of many of them. There are a lot of headgaskets for larger B&S engines, a number of gas tanks for smaller engines, recoil springs, a few valves, magnetos etc. Also some Kohler pieces and Lawnboy/OMC. I will consider reasonable offers on any of the parts groups, or all of them.
  • In right hand picture are some additional pieces in fair condition, such as the Ford wrench, stamped with the number "T-1349", Also a "Ford" script solenoid switch, a generic "tabbed" cap, $2.00 on the wrench,
  • Starter crank/ lug nut wrench- make not known, but most likely pre 1940's auto, or possibly pre 1960 farm tractor. $10.00 or trade?

  • The components in this one were dated for a 1950 model year, but should fit a 1949, and up to about 1952. Unit has been tested, old paper caps have been replaced, new filter caps installed, all mica caps have been tested too. New dial string too. $125.00 with exchange, $150.00 outright without identical exchange. Currently equipped with good mechanical vibrator, but a solid state substitution is available, at extra cost, please inquire about details. This radio is ready to go out of the box- You will want to adjust antenna trimmers with your antenna installed for best performance, but will provide adequate performance without attending to this detail.
  • This is a used 8-cylinder Roosa Master Diesel fuel pump distributor. It is a DB2829, which seems to suggest a date of application about 1970 based on the few references that I have found. It is sold "as-is", but the tag suggests that it is a good pump; it is very clean.$45.00/ Best Offer- plus shipping.

  • Two hex head wheel lug/ engine starter crank wrenches- manufacture not known. $10.00 each.
  • Also in the aircraft department is this 27-30 volt servo motor, condition not known, but dates from pre-Korea, and I have no idea of the specific application.

  • Oil pump for Oldsmobile "R" type engine- mid seventies. This is an NOS unit from Sealed Power, no box. Model number pending. $22.00
  • Ford "FE series oil pump. NOS ( I do need to verify some info, so this description is subject to change.) $20.00 No box.
  • Oil Pickup with Screen, NOS Sealed Power. $10.00 (application pending)
  • Rear spring plates for 1960 through 1966 and Falcon, Comet, 1964 1/2 to 1966 Mustang W/6 Cylinder engine. 10.00 for the pair.
  • Rodac Replacement sanding backer pad $10.00
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