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What I go To School For!


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Hmm...Untitled. FRINGER'S REVENGE! YES! That's a good title..yes, Fringer's Revenge. Ho hum.

Charl :
So boys, I was just wondering, for all the female fans out there, are you guys single?

Charlie : Yeah I am, actually we all are

Matt : *blushes* actually I've been in a relationship for a few weeks

James: *looks in alarm at Matt* Have you?

Matt : Yeah...

James : *kicks Matt under table* Have you?

Matt : Uhm no *shakes head*

Charl : Well have you or haven't you

James : He hasn't

Matt : *at same time as James* I have

Charlie : Look guys what are you talking about?

Charl : Thats what I'd like to know

Matt : Well you see

James : So just broadcast it why don't you

Matt : They'd find out anyway

Charl : Find out what? Come on guys *confused*

James : No Matt just leave it

Matt : No...James its ok baby...


James : *shakes head as Charlie stares in shock*

Matt : *takes James' hand* Me and James are a couple

Charl : You're gay?

Matt : *clears throat* No, homosexuals

Charl : *stares and licks lips* Like, you do gay stuff?

James : *blushes*

Matt : Say something Charlie

James : It's ok Charlie...you don't have to...

Charlie : *tears rolling down cheeks* JAMES! HOW COULD YOU! YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME

Charl : My god...*drops mic* all of you? Your all gay?

James : Charlie I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you

Charl : Did you ever video record this?

Matt : *to Charl* SHUT UP WOULD YOU! *looks at James* I cant believe you cheated on me, with him,

Charlie : James...what does he have that I dont? Eh?

James : Uhm...normal eyebrows

Charl : Look, video tape? You got one?

Charlie : *hurt* Uhmm...somewhere yeah

Matt : Now thats just sick! James make a decision, me or Charlie

James : Well I uhm...*looks at them both while Charls dived into the video cabinet throwing random tapes everywhere*

Charlie : Come on James, make a decision, its me or him, unless theres someone else your hiding?

James : No...I...I arent...I...p...promise

*suddenly a dark shadow is cast over the world and loud poundings and the door is throw open to reveal the rather frightening and large silhouette of FRINGER*

All : *gasp*

James : *hides*

Fringer : James! You said you only loved me!

Charlie : Oh shit! You've been shagging her aswell?

Matt : Urgh...I knew you were hairy but that takes the piss

James : I can explain

Fringer : You better James! Make a choice, me, Charlie or Matt

Charlie : Fuck that you can have her, I dunno what I'd catch off you, I'm goin the clinic

Matt : Yeah me too...hey Charlie, now we've both come out, what you doing tonight

*they walk off arm in arm whilst James combs Fringers hair like they do every Friday night in preparation for Mondays night out*

Charl : Guys! Wait for me *runs after them with choc body paint and a video camera*



Hole In One

James: No mate I think youll find I am
Rach : Boys, boys you can both play with me
Matt: What you mean like...
James: The three of us...
Matt: At the same time...
Rach: Yeah...whats the biggy I do it all the time
James: *whispers* I like this girl
*ten minutes later*
Rach: Ooh thats a hard one
Matt: Well mine was harder than JB's earlier
Rach: Boys boy calm down you both had equal hardness
James: *whispers* see she likes mine better
Rach: Come on then, give it to me Matt...
Matt: Okay okay...
*slight pause*
Rach: *squeals*
Matt: Woohoo told you I'd get it in, and it was really hard aswell
James: Show off, but you shouldn't have gone for that hole
Matt: A holes a hole, as long as I can get it in I dont care
James: Slag
Rach: Would you two just STOP fighting for godsake
Matt: It's him saying hes harder than me and which hole to put it in, I'm a grown man...
Rach: Yes I can see that...
Matt: *laughs* As I was saying, I'm a grown man, I've put it in many times before no matter
how hard it was, and I'll continue to do it
James: I was only saying.....
Rach: Awww JB! Come on your turn now
James: Really? Your gonna let me?
Matt: Let daddio MJ give u some pointers..
James: I don't....
Matt: Well for once I wouldnt stand there
James: And why not?
Rach: *sighs*
Matt: Cos look....do it in this position, then youve got a better view see...and you can get it in easier...
Rach: Oh for gods sake just get it in would you
James: I ammmmm but its really really hard
Rach: I dont care, the harder the better
James: Okay here goes.........
Matt: Dude I cant believe you didnt get it in
James: I got nervous
Matt: See I told you I'm better, now you better go whilst I play with Rach alone, that ok?
Rach: Yeah I like that idea...*laughs*
James: Oh...ok *sniffle and walks out slamming the door behind him*
Rach: *squeals* MATT!! YOU JUST POKED ME!
Matt: Sorry
Rach: Why are you moving like that?
Matt: I like to pick up a good rhthym so it goes in right

*meanwhile outside mumbling*

James: It's not my fault Matt gets harder than me, and hes more experienced...I fuckin hate playin pool



Photo Shoot


Photographer: hello boys *in queer high voice* (Looks Charlie up and down.)


Charlie: (looks at guy weird) uhh, hi.

Mattie *giggles* - hey

James: sup


Photographer:  Ok, I want you all to go to make-up! I want you ALL looking FABULOUS! *claps hands*


Mattie: weve been to make up.


Photographer: *gives matt dirty look*: Really? *Turns round*

Mattie: *pulls funny face behind his back*


James: *looks at the photographer*

Charlie To James: whats up?


James: *looking a little nervous* nothing, nothing


Photographer *looks at Charlies A$$* (smiling) come on then BIG BOY excite me!


*Charlie looks at James and matt, one eyebrow raised*

Charlie: Who is this guy?


James: HOW WOULD I KNOW?? *Cough cough*

Mattie: hey calm down, man

Charlie: yeah whats up? Youre looking way tense.


James: *coughs* Nah *looks around room*


Photographer: COME ON THEN! I have to get to my 2 oclock you know! *Winks at Charlie*


*Charlie chokes on chewing gum, because of photographers eagerness*

Photographer: *rushes to Charlies aid* dont worry, I know Heimlich maneuver!


Charlie: *looking worried*: NO, *cough cough* its ok!

*Swallows gum*


Mattie: you ok man?

Charlie: yeah, I think

*Photographer to busted*: maybe you should all.get naked!


*Busted* - WHAT??


Photographer: YEAH, itll be fun! Look Ill go first! *Starts to strip*


*Mattie Looks at the other two and then looks at the photographer*


*James rushes off set*

*Matt and Charlie look at each other in confusion*


*James rushes back on set*

*Photographer starts stripping and singing its raining busted, in background*


*James rips of his trousers stripper style*


matt: this is worse than the time when you started trying to pretend to be britney slave for you! - *turns to Charlie man, he was wasted that night!*


James: YEAH!? Well you guys didnt have to chat me up!

Matt: we werent serious!


James: so you asked me where my boobs were as a joke then Charlie??

Charlie: keep me out of this! *Looks at wallet size photo of Britney in wallet* dont worry Britters, I will never make that mistake again. *Strokes the photo then kisses it*


*Charlie puts photo away, carefully*


All of the above was taken from http://busted-rock.com