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What I go To School For!

Interveiws with the boys!


More: So mattie, how did we meet?

MJ: You're the bassist in a kick-ass rock band and i go to your gig. Then i pose as the pizza delivery boy and blag my way backstage. I ask you if you fancy collaborating with my band and i take your number.

More- How long till u call?

Mj-The day after the day after-the next day is far too keen. And that night is just pathetic.

More- What are we going to do?

MJ- I'm taking you to an awesome punk gig.

More- Are you coming to pick me up?

MJ- Yup, on my scooter. Ive got a helmet for you so you can come on the back if you like (rude giggles)

More-Are we going to dance?

MJ- I'm not sure i want to see a girl getting sweaty in the mosh pit- we'll probably just watch and chat.

More-How do i know if you like me?

MJ- I'd make it pretty obvious

More- Are we going to go on anywhere?

MJ- Yeah-a nice pub where we can chat sum more about bass riffs!

More-Are we going to kiss?

MJ- Yup. I dont initiate it as such..but i kind of move forward and look at you....

More- How do you like to kiss?

MJ- Kind of soft-nothing too hard or aggressive

More-Are u going to come back to mine?

MJ- You have to tread carefully on a first date-i dont want to seem too forward, but if u insist it would be rude to refuse.

More-What happens when we get there?

MJ- Well, i imagine we'll get quite heated on the sofa

More-Then what?

MJ- It depends how comfortable you are on the sofa. If you're squirming i'll scoop you up and tapdance you into the bedroom!

More- Any tricks up your sleeve?

MJ- i'm a pretty good kisser so i'll make use of that-especially in places like ure neck and ear lobes.

More-Favourite position?

MJ- Well, i like the girl to be on top so she can control the rhythm.

More-Would i be satisfied with your manhood?

MJ- i havent had any complaints so far!

More- Are we going to do it more than once?

MJ- Definitely , but not straight away, i'm not superman!

More-Are we going to sleep?

MJ- Nah, i have to get up at 5:30am so i'm going to go all night and then go to work - proper rock'n'roll!

More-Are we going to see ecah other again?

MJ- Definitely. I'd call the next day-and MORE can take me out again on a date wenever it wants!


More: So Charlie how did we meet?

CS: It was a festival over here with lotsa beer.We swopped numbers.

More: How long till you call?

CS: The next day in the evening,thats romantic.Looking in the sky while phoning.

More: What are we going to do?

CS: I am taking you to an Asia Restaurant.

More: Are you coming to pick me up?

CS: No, I wouldnt find your home,but I`d take you home with the cab-unless you will go home.....

More: Are we going to a club after eating?

CS: Probably, but you have to show me a good club.I dont have a clue where to go out here.

More: How do I know if you like me?

CS: I get pretty shy.You would notice.

More:Will we dance in the club?

CS:I dont dance alot but I`dont mind if you show me your fit moves.(Smiling rude)

More:How do you like to kiss?

CS: With my tongue and really long .

More:Are you coming back to my house?

CS: Yup,sure.Why not?

More: What happens when we get there?

CS: If I am in love with you,we would probably kiss on the sofa and I would hold you in my arms.If I`d like a "one night stand" and you were fit, I`d take you to the bedroom.

More:Any tricks on your sleeve?

CS: Ahem,no.I am very honest and romantic.Isn`t that enough?I`d fetch you a bunch of roses.

More:Favourtie position?

CS: Noffin special,I like it in my socks or in the bathtub with candles.

More: Would I be satisfied with your manhood?

CS:Well, I drive a mini cooper but you can`t compare that one!

More:Are we goin to sleep?

CS: If I am in love with you-we would sleep next to eachother all cosy and warm,If I would be into a quick f*****--you could go home then!

More:Are we going to see eachother again?

CS: Yes,I would call you and we`d see ourselves everytime I am here.Trust me!





Hi Charlie, we love u guys. Tell us about urselves!

Thanx! Busted is me, James & Matt. James is the funny guy, Matt's just silly & I'm not sure what I bring! We've all got different personalities.


Cool! What's been the coolest mo so far 4 u?

The video shoot! I really enjoyed makin it coz it's what I've always wanted 2 do. I remember sittin watchin MTV when I was young & really wantin 2 b in a video!


& now u r!

Yeah, we've already got a gang of girls who follow us everywhere. It's wierd when we hear fans shoutin our names. I still wonder how they know my name in the 1st place. It's strange- but I'm not complainin!


Had ne saucy requests from glas yet?

Not yet! U hear bout girls who take their tops off 4 bands 2 sign their chests- that's mad! We might get told off if we did that but it'd b funny!


& u're the youngest member of the band...

Yeah! I've just turned 17. The others don't talk down 2 me @ all just coz I'm younger- they just take the mickey sometimes!



Our reader picks her fave Busted boy.

Question1: Okay boys, So how're you gonna impress me on a date?

Matt: I'm not really a dressy-up kind of lad, so I wouldn't turn up
smart or anything. I'd probably find out from your friends what
you're into and organise a date you'd really enjoy. If I had my
choice, it'd probably be a rock concert. I wouldn't get you any
flowers, cos I hate soppiness. I bought some the other day actually,
I felt so daft! I'd never do it again. I'd bring you a pressie, but
it'd be a CD or a cool sweat band or summat.

Charlie: I think it's good to be yourself, but when I really like a
lass, I shower her with compliments, too. I like taking girls to
really posh restaurants. So I'd arrange a candlelit dinner on a
deserted beach somewhere. I'd probably take you a bunch of flowers or
something, too. I like all that traditional romantic stuff. I've
actually tried cooking a meal for a girl before, but I'm not a good
chef so she wasn't impressed.

James: I'd pick you up in a DeLorean, which is a really flashy car
from that movie Back To The Future. Then I'd take you to the
restaurant of your choice and on to a really cool place that I'd
chosen. That'd be a surprise. I'm a bit of a show-off normally, but I
get quite shy with lasses - especially really loud, in-yer-face
girls. If I like someone, I don't like to rush into things and I'll
get to know her really slowly. I wouldn't act like a fool cos I'd be
scared she might not like me.

Question 2: I love lads who're up for a laugh. Have you got a funny
party trick?

Matt: I can burp for ages. I've burped for 26 seconds before. I won't
do it now cos it's really gross.

Charlie: My friend can do this thing where he pops his eyelids inside
out, but I can't do anything like that. I'm not a big practical
joker, either. I'm usually the one laughing in the background.

James: I'm quite good at taking off famous people. I can do loads of
film characters coz when I watch a movie, I learn it from beginning
to the end. My all-time favourite impression is Jim Carrey. Okay,
pick any of his films and I'll do him. (James does a great Jim Carrey
impression - for ages!) The problem is, I could go on for hours. I
never now when to stop!

Question 3: I wanna know why I should pick you and not the other teo.
Dish a secret on one of the boys.

Matt: Charlie's feet are revolting. He's got the stinkiest feet in
the whole world cos he's had those trainers for ages. He loves `em,
but they make his feet smell. If he takes them off and leaves them in
the next room, the pong'll waft through to where we're sitting.

Charlie: James leaves the bathroom in a real state. You just don't
wanna go in after him. It smells and everything. We all live together
in north London, and me and Matt have had to let him have his own
bathroom so we don't have to put up with it anymore. He's like a
animal, cos he's so clean in his own space, but messes up the rest of
the house. Matt is the opposite. I'm the only normal one cos
everywhere's a tip with me!

James: Matt's got to be the biggest nag. He's always moaning at us to
keep the house tidy, or to get out of bed. You should pick me, coz I
bring the coolness to the band!

Will she pick Matt? He's a mad metaller, who's more likely to make
your front room smell of burps than blooms.
Or will it be Charlie, who's a total cutie? The only thing chessier
than his feet are his chat-up lines.
Maybe it'll be James. He'll get you out of any mess, cos the chances
are he made it!

Louise, the decision is yours.. " I'd probably choose James cos he's
the one who would make me giggle!"