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What I go To School For!

Name:James Bourne
Loves:Blink182 and surfing
Destinguing features:Small scar on eyebrow


Two words to describe James : Michael + Jackson He is a sometimes weirdly obsessed fan of "The King Of Pop". There is probably never three hours have gone by since I've known him that his name has not cropped up.

James has recently discovered the power of premonition and insists that he's not making it up. So far he has only said that someone had got a new hair cut. He is a big fan of Jaffa Cakes. James is literally one in a million. You will never meet anyone like him. He picks his nose until it bleeds and loves M&M's.


Att JB! I think James must be the only person I know that can go to bed at 10pm and get up at 4pm the following day. He also manages to make every toilet he goes into look like a sess pit and regularly manages to leave the water in the sink , and the lid off the toothpaste.

However, JB is undoubtedly going to be the next Max Martin as he seems to be able to rack out a tune every single day. Somehow he manages to make me piss myself with his Jim Carey impressions and is able to do an American accent better than most Americans.

James Bourne, an 18-year-old Virgo from Southend-On-Sea with two brothers and one sister. He's delicately, carefully spoken - but don't let that fool you, this boy can party with the best of them. He's as obsessed with *NSYNC as he is with Blink 182, while the alarmingly athletic chap's spare time is spent surfing, playing tennis, and shooting pool. His dream is to sit down and write a song with Michael Jackson.


James Elliot Bourne

James facts!
  • Jim is left handed!
  • He does a great impression Of Jim carrey!
  • James brother chris was Peter in the year 3000 video!
  • James used to dodge his guitar Lessons and told his teacher he forgot!
  • James had sex on the beach over two years ago
  • James doesn't smoke.
  • James Lurves Jaffas!
  • James Lurves M&Ms And Twix's!
  • In the you said no video, James saw up the nurses skirt!
  • James was 12 when he had his first Snog!
  • James want to do a duet with Michael Jackson.
  • James Likes Britney and Loser Kid.