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What I go To School For!

Welcome to Busted - What I go to school 4!



Heya welcome to Busted - What I go to school for. 
I have not updated this site in forever, but as busted have split i will share my opinion with you, and also call it a day.
"Back in the day" i was a VERY big Busted fan, eventually that calmed down and i got more into my 'mest' 'the killers' 'yellowcard' 'green day'..to 'korn' and 'slipknot' ect, but before all that, i even got to see the band play live at my local venue...this was about 2 years ago now?? (2nd row seats i must add) and also had thisfansite, (https://members.tripod.com/busted_UK)
Well even before the split i had my opinions on some of busteds music, mainly about how they mentioned that they would prefer to reached the older fans with their music as well as the 11+12 year old fans.
ofcourse, their music wouldnt really...with titles such as "what i go to school for" "year 3000" and "air hostess" these songs have nothing wrong with them, but arent loaded with appeal for teenagers...i know that there are older fans and even parents that like Busted, but i was watching a news report on the split on the television and the channel was only interviewing school kids who came out with opions like "charlie sucks" which isnt who the band would want interviewed and also...well that person obviously thought the whole matter through!
Some of Busteds better songs (in my opinion) are, "3am" "without you" and "that thing you do"
With the boys all being Gorgeous doesnt make it less hard not to categorise them as a "pop" or "boyband"
After coming back from america unsatisfied its understandable that charlie would put into play ideas of leaving, and although i havent yet had a chance to hear "fightstar" i will for the music, where as other fans will listen and like it just because "charlie from busted" is in it. and i hope charlie realises that.
I havent ever had the chance to meet the boys and sadly seems like i won't ever. I think that the decision made my James and Matt about stopping the band after Charlie decided to leave was 100% the best thing to do, some bands make the mistake of trying to find a replacement and the music just changes. Everyone will remember Busted for what they were and not worry about things going different at the end.
It is a shame that it come to an end, But i hope that this brings better things for the future and hope to see them (especially matt) of MTV2 and Kerrang in the future.
Best of luck
16th January 2005
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Last updated on: 16/01/2005 
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