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What I go To School For!



Name:Charlie Simpson
Loves:Deftones (plus britney spears)
Destinguing features:Eyebrows

Ipswich boy Charlie Simpson, is the youngest of three, with the sort of modellish good looks you'd usually expect to find staring out from a billboard fronting a well-packed pair of Calvins. With tastes centering on the Deftones and Jimmy Eat World, Charlie's still only 16 (note to publicans in the Suffolk area: you've been had), and is Busted's resident posh crumpet. He dimly recalls being busted for smoking. The punishment: detention.


Two words to describe Charlie are: 1. Rushed 2. Posh

" Don't you know his brother plays rugger with Prince Will ! (wot wot) "

Charlie's only other job was being a model, well he was for about 4 days until he grew impatient with it. Have I mentioned how impatient he is? He also is petrified of anything fish like in any way, even the smell can make him wanna chuck. Apparently it's because of there "Gulpy faces". Charlie is a true "Legend" and I've never known someone with so much knowledge of rock music. If anyone wants to get him a present, anything "Nickelback" would be very much appreciated, he'll love that. Charlie is a cool guy who loves long walks and the country road.


Two words to describe Charlie are: 1. Impatient 2. Clumsy

If he is not spilling orange juice over the television, he is on the phone booking driving lessons into every last minute of his spare time, as he is in a mad rush to start driving!

However, he is undisputedly the best drummer I've seen in real life, and his favourite band are the Deftones. Charlie has been playing in bands since the age of eleven, and plays drums, bass, guitar, and piano to a good standard.

Charlie has many habits which I've learnt to get used to after three months of living with him. One of them is leaving finished cereal around the house with the left overs dried up and stuck to the inside of the bowl. This is "absolutely rancid" as he would describe it anyway!

Another one of Charlie's weird habits is that he adds "age" on the end of certain words, such as "mate". This has proved to be infectious as we now greet each other by saying "Ahh matage, what's up?".

He is by far the best spoken member of the band and continues to live up to his squeaky clean public school boy image. Oh, and he hates fish! SHOCKER !!!

Chaz facts!
  • Chaz Has had sex on a train from yorkshire to london.
  • charlie sent heidi a text about her bum and she never replied!
  • Charlies brother has played rugby with prince william.
  • Chaz's scared of fish.
  • charlies mum, Tessa is a school secratary
  • Mike (charlies dad) owns a Chartered Surveying company.
  • Charlie doesnt change his eyebrows, because he doesn't think he should change the way he looks for other people. (he doent need to anyway!)
  • Charlies not posh, he just speaks correctly.
  • Charlie went to a public school.
  • Chaz's Drumming Annoyed the Neightbours and he ran and hid and let Matt sort it out!
  • His fave band is the Deftones!
  • chaz would like to do a song with the Foo's!
  • If charlie could be an animal he'd be a tiger.
  • A fan has given charlie a triple breasted bra!
  • charlie likes the simpsons (wonder why.)
  • Chaz' got stinkie feet!
  • charlie says he has snogged heidi from sugarbabes....confuzzlin I know.
  • charlie was 11 when he has his first snog!
  • Charlie uses Aqua digio aftershave!
  • Charlies fave song is when the day turns into night.