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June 2000

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Added Friday, June 30, 2000
Episode Guide Update
I've added En Ami to my season seven episode guide. It includes an interview with William B Davis that originally appeared on The Official X-Files Web Site back in March plus a transcript of a newspaper article at the time.

Added Tuesday, June 27, 2000
This week's TV Week (in the Hollywood Diary column) has a major spoiler concerning the final season seven X-Files episode. Gone are the days when Australians could make it through an entire season without hearing a spoiler. I noticed the UK magazine, imaginatively called The X-Files Magazine, on sale in Australian newsagencies yesterday. It's issue #48 and is worth $7.95. It's good value with plenty of interesting stories on early season seven episodes, XF guests, Frank Black and the Millennium crossover, a 7-page behind the scenes story on Rush, a pullout poster from Arcadia and more.

Next Update
The next update won't be until Saturday as I'll be working away from home for the rest of the week.

Added Sunday, June 25, 2000
Episode Guide Update
I've completed my season six episode guide by adding the missing episodes: Trevor, The Unnatural, Three Of A Kind, Field Trip and Biogenesis.

Added Friday, June 23, 2000
Here's Lucy ... again
The August issue of Movie magazine has just come out and has a 1 page article on Return To Me. Also, the July Juice is now out and it contains a 1 page article on David Duchovny and a review of Return to Me. Lucy tells me that Juice is so far the only magazine not to raise its price (for GST) after July 1 while all the others are doing so.

Episode Guide Update
I've added Theef to my season seven episode guide.

Added Thursday, June 22, 2000
Today is Nicholas Lea's 38th birthday.

Added Wednesday, June 21, 2000
Lucy News
The latest Inside Soap magazine has a competition where you can win one of 15 prize packs of the video of The Mighty and a poster of it as well. Last weekend's The Sunday Mail TV Scene magazine had a 1 page article on David Duchovny although half is news that has been printed before but there is a little bit where he talks about family life. There is also a paragraph review of this weeks X-Files episode in it as well. Only a small paragraph in New Weekly this week where an on-line newsgroup has translated an Italian interview with a major spoiler. The UK Empire July issue has a half page review of Return to Me. The David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson 2001 calendars are available from the UK. If anyone would like to order them the company is called CALCOM and their email address is es@calcom.uk.com. A big thanX to Lucy for all that!

Site Update
I've updated the following pages: Links, Australian Media, Season 7 episode guide and added extra information to First Person Shooter.

Added Tuesday, June 20, 2000
Perth Scully Marathon
Here's an e-mail from Simon in its entirity explaining a new webiste for an upcoming Scully Marathon in Perth.
It's taken a little longer than we planned, but the website for the Perth Scully Marathon is now online, and we're adding more info as it comes to hand.


I've only just finished it, so send all your comments my way and I'll update it over the next few days. The sponsorship form will also be on there as soon as I get it working - you'll need Adobe Acrobat to view it, so be prepared! :]

We've got a wonderful location secured for this year's event, and we can now tell you that it's St Matthews church in Shenton Park, and we've got some big plans for the day so we hope you're all able to show up for a few episodes at least.

So start letting us know if you'll be taking part, and start thinking of people to hassle for donations - there's not long till July 8!

Simon, Kohan and Matt
[perth scully marathon team]

Added Monday, June 19, 2000
Magazine Update
It's been another quiet week. All I have to report are a few measly magazine tidbits. In the Sun-Herald Television liftout magazine there's a little bit on the Video page about the last five X-Files video releases; namely Home/Small Potatoes, Leonard Betts/Memento Mori, Unruhe/Paper Hearts, Millennium and Closure. Issue # 500 of Drum Media has small pics of many of of their previous covers, including the X-Files Movie cover. The June issue of Ezy Entertainment from Video Ezy stores, has a quote from David Duchovny on their Movie Talk page:
"If you were in a running series called Hamlet for seven years, it would be the same thing. I would be tired of getting my mother to admit that she had slept with my uncle, just as I'm tired of shaking the Cigarette Smoking Man and telling him to admit that he'd slept with my mother.
David Duchovny on wearying of playing Mulder in The X-Files
Also, the latest issue of Australian magazine DVD Now has a one page review of The X-Files Movie on DVD. The accompanying pictures are from Gethsemane and Redux though. Thanks Lucy

Blockbuster Awards
Gillian Anderson will be a presenter at the Blockbuster Awards, which will air on June 20 in the US. Not sure of an Australian air date.

Site Update
I've updated my Links page again.

Added Thursday, June 15, 2000
Who Weekly
This week's Who Weekly contains an X-Files story titled So, who's the next Mr X, about finding a replacement partner for Agent Scully. It's a heavily edited rehash of the US Entertainment Weekly story at the start of the month (which appears on my season 8 page with all spoilers removed for Aussie fans). The Who Weekly story has a full page photo of David Duchovny plus small photos of Nicholas Lea, Kyle MacLachlan and Eric Cartman.

Site Update
I've added last night's First Person Shooter to my Season 7 episode guide.

Added Monday, June 12, 2000
Site Update
I've bought my Season 7 episode guide up-to-date, adding The Amazing Maleeni, Signs And Wonders and X-Cops. My Links page has also been updated. Thanks Drew.

I'll be away for the next few days, so the next update (not that there's been much to report of late) won't be until Thursday.

Added Friday, June 9, 2000
Further to the TV Week item on Tuesday, the mag also contains a 1/2 page article on next weeks First Person Shooter episode and a pic of David Duchovny in a kilt at the English premiere of Return To Me. In US Weekly there's a 2 page behind-the-scenes look at Return To Me and a page review of the movie. New Weekly reveals what's been happening in the season finale of various shows in the US. They have got major spoliers about what happens in the final X-Files episode of season 7. Thanks Clare and Gem on ausxfnews for the above news. Who Weekly has a 2/3 page review of this week's X-Cops episode, along with a pic, and gives it a B+ rating.

Chicago Cab
For those with Pay TV, Foxtel is showing Chicago Cab with Gillian Anderson and John Cusack on June 12,18 and 23. ThanX Stuart.

Added Thursday, June 8, 2000
Mitch Pileggi is guest-starring on tonight's episode of ER on channel 9/WIN.

Added Tuesday, June 6, 2000
TV Week
This week's issue of TV Week has a one page behind-the-scenes look at David Duchovny's new movie Return To Me.

Site Update
I've updated my Links and Unusual Suspects pages.

Added Friday, June 2, 2000
Site Update
I've added Sein und Zeit and Closure to my Season 7 episode guide. The episodes will be available on video next Wednesday, June 7.

X-Files Marathon in Sydney
Clare and Gem are interested in holding an X-Files marathon in Sydney over the NSW June/July school holidays. Proceeds from this event will be going to the Neurofibromatosis Association of Australia (NF is Gillian Anderson's charity). To get an estimation of numbers and an idea of where to hold the event, if you are interested please reply with the following information to Clare or Gem as soon as possible.

1) Name
2) Number of people interested
3) Prefer having the marathon as a big group or as smaller groups in the area you live
4) Date in the first two weeks of July that would suit you
5)Suburb where you live

Added Thursday, June 1, 2000
Site Update
Another month has just clicked over and Australians can "enjoy" winter! Brrr ... has this week been cold where I live, snow and minus temperatures. Anyway, the May Information Kiosk news has been archived and I've also added another story to my Season 8 news page and a new Lone Gunmen publicity photo to my Unusual Suspects page.

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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