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November 2001

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Added Friday, November 30, 2001
Aus News
There is a full page story in TV Week on Lucy Lawless guest starring on The X-Files in the first two season 9 episodes, and a full page photo of her as well. There's no firm date for the Australian season 9 premiere yet, at the end of the story it says "Returning in 2002". TV Week also has a short article claiming David Duchovny will definitely appear in the next X-Files movie, which they mistakenly call Fight The Future.

There was also a photo of Lucy Lawless in last weekend's Sun-Herald.

This week's NW has yet another photo of Lucy Lawless in it.

The December Blockbuster video magazine is now out and contains a review of Evolution, to be released on December 12. Also there is a competition to win one of 5 Evolution prize packs by drawing a picture of your single celled alien life form which closes January 1, 2002.

There is also a review of Evolution in the December Video Ezy magazine which came out today. It describes the DVD as having the following features:
Original widescreen presentation
Behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the movie with the entire cast, crew and aliens
Production notes
Talent profiles
Original and bonus movie trailers
Picture disc
The December Civic Video magazine also has an Evolution review plus on page 5 of this magazine there is a photo of David Duchovny accompanied by the following:
There are traces of Fox Mulder in David Duchovny's portrayal of Dr Ira Kane in this month's sci-fi adventure, Evolution, but fans of his TV role will be disappointed to learn his brief stint on the most recent season of The X-Files was his last.

"When I came back I felt somewhat peripheral. For him to come back like Superman's dad or whatever feels cheap to me."

Instead, Duchovny has been working in films. He can be seen in an unrecognisable cameo in Zoolander and will star alongside Julia Roberts in How To Survive A Hotel Room Fire next year.
ThanX Lucy.

Speed Of Light
NEW YORK (Variety) - "X-Files" star Gillian Anderson has put up her own money to option the Elizabeth Rosner novel "Speed of Light," which the actress will adapt to make her feature directorial debut once she completes her ninth and final season on the series.

Published by Ballantine, "Speed of Light" centers on a young man who lives with his sister in Berkeley and has become an obsessive-compulsive recluse after being brought up by a father shell-shocked by his ordeal as an Auschwitz survivor.

He is slowly brought out of his shell by a Latina housekeeper who, to his surprise, has a lot in common with him. She was the lone survivor when her entire Mexican village was obliterated and its inhabitants slaughtered. Meanwhile, the man's sister has gone to Budapest to trace the family's roots and uncovers a horrible secret about her father's time in the concentration camp.

While Anderson has spent nearly a decade on a popular TV series known for its twists and turns, her desire to head into features as a writer and director is surprising. She got a chance to do both on the "X-Files'' episode "All Things," but said it wasn't until she read the novel that she felt the drive to control the way a story was told on the big screen.

"Directing was a transformative experience for me, one that I really enjoyed," Anderson said. "Then when I picked up this book and started reading the poetry of her words, I found myself trying to visualize where the camera should be, the colors of the characters, the texture of the shots. It felt so intimate and natural, like I wrote it myself. I took the steps to option it, something I'd never done before. It's a beautiful piece that needs to see the light of day, and hopefully I can do it justice."

Anderson has just begun writing, with hopes of getting "Speed of Light" financed when her character, Scully, leaves the small screen for good in April. She won't play a role in the film but is hardly giving up acting, as she considers several feature starring offers.
As posted to xf news.

Added Thursday, November 22, 2001
Aus News
There is a photo of new X-Files guest star Lucy Lawless in NW this week. Also there is a photo of her on the inside back cover of TV Week advertising the fact that there will be an article about her in next week's issue of that magazine. Finally, the latest issue of DVD Now came out yesterday and there is a 2 page article about the season 3 X-Files DVD set.
ThanX Lucy.

For fans of the brilliant Darin Morgan season 2 episode Humbug, there was an interesting news item on the Roadside America website earlier this week:
"Human Blockhead," Gibsonton's last legendary freak, dies.

Melvin Burkhart, a circus performer and magician who could hammer nails into his nostrils, died of a stroke on November 8th. Burkhart, 94, was the last of the group that had chosen Gibsonton, FL (AKA "Gibtown") as their circus freak wintering town. Many of them retired there, and have been dying off in recent years -- Jeanie the Half Girl went in 1999, joining Al the Giant, Lobster Boy, and others.

Burkhart had settled into a satisfying life with family and children, celebrating 52 years of marriage this year, but he never abandoned the sideshow tent. Known as "Rubber Face" for his amusing and expressive contortions, his most famous routine was to shove an icepick or 5-inch nail into his skull by way of his nose. As a young man, injuries from prizefighting, along with surgery to remove bone fragments from his head, left a tiny cavity that made the feat possible.
As posted to xf news.

Site Update
More bad news (for NSW residents at least) with The Lone Gunmen not being screened next week either, pushed aside for another double episode of "Dark Angel".

Added Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Site Update
I've added a page for Mimi Rogers to my Casting Couch: The X-Files Cast section.

Added Sunday, November 18, 2001
Site Update
I've added some DVD information to my Season 1 episode guide.

Added later Friday, November 16, 2001
VCR Alert
Fans of Chris Owens (Jeffrey Spender) can see him in the 1994 Canadian movie Paris Or Somewhere which makes it's Australian premiere on channel 9 at 2:15am on Sunday night (actually early Monday morning). Callum Keith Rennie (from Lazarus and Fresh Bones) is also in the movie.

You can see other X-Files guest stars in movies over the weekend ...

Tony Shalhoub (Soft Light) is featured in Men In Black tonight on channel 10 at 8:30pm.
John Savage (Dod Kalm) has a role in The Thin Red Line on channel 7 at 8:30pm on Sunday.
Lucy Liu (Hell Money) is in Payback on channel 9 at 8:30pm on Sunday.
Xander Berkley (Ice) and Wendie Malick (The Beginning) star in Apollo 11 on channel 10 at midnight Sunday.

Added Friday, November 16, 2001
The Lone Gunmen
There will be no episode of The Lone Gunmen next week, with it's place being taken by a double episode of "Dark Angel". I've added last night's "Tango de los Pistoleros" to my The Lone Gunmen episode guide.

Site Update
I've been busy and have added the remainder of the missing pages to Season 5 of my Episode Guide, namely Kitsunegari, Schizogeny, Chinga, Kill Switch, Patient X and The Red And The Black.

I've added a page for James Pickens jr to my Casting Couch: The X-Files Cast section.

I've also added some DVD information to my Season 3 episode guide.

Added Thursday, November 15, 2001
Tango de los Pistoleros
Tonight's episode of The Lone Gunmen is titled "Tango de los Pistoleros".

Site Update
I've added further missing pages to my Episode Guide, this time adding Redux, Redux II, Christmas Carol and Emily from Season 5.

Added Wednesday, November 14, 2001
The Film Is Out There
Yesterday's Courier Mail had an article on the proposed second X-Files movie, accompanied by a photo of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson from The X-Files Movie.

Also, there is a photo of Tea Leoni in the current issue of In Style magazine while the Region 4 DVD magazine contains a photo of David Duchovny from Evolution and a brief description and list of features of the DVD release.
ThanX Lucy.

Site Update
I've added the remaining episodes, Darkness Falls, Tooms, Born Again, Roland and The Erlenmeyer Flask to my Season 1 episode guide.

Added Saturday, November 10, 2001
Season 9
I guess everyone knows that season 9 of The X-Files starts in the US tomorrow night. Australians will unfortunately have to wait until February/March 2002. There have been dozens of articles and interviews over the past week promoting the new season so, if you're not afraid of spoilers, check out many of the better-known US X-Files sites or news portals to read them.

Second X-Files Movie
News of a possible second X-Files movie has been circulating on various newsgroups this week. You can read an article on my News Stand section.

Paper Clip
Jenna has advised of a very interesting article from Houston Press on secret government experiments ... that includes Operation Paper Clip and Dr. Hubertus Strughold. You can also read it on my News Stand.

Site Update
I've added Planet of the Frohikes: A Short History of My Demeaning Captivity, Maximum Byers and Diagnosis: Jimmy to my The Lone Gunmen episode guide.

For those who don't want to watch the election coverage on channels 7, 9 and the ABC tonight, you can always check out The Rugrats Movie which of course features the wonderful voice of Christine Cavanaugh who was brilliant in one of everybody's favourite X-Files episodes, Small Potatoes. For an Australian connection, she was also the voice of Babe.

Full Frontal
Apparently David Duchovny's next movie has had another name change ... it has gone from How To Survive A Hotel Room Fire to The Art of Negotiating A Turn and now, according to one of the movie's stars, David Hyde Pierce, to Full Frontal and it could possibly be changed again before it hits US cinema screens on March 8, 2002.

Thursday, November 8, 2001
Diagnosis: Jimmy
Tonight's episode of The Lone Gunmen is titled Diagnosis: Jimmy.

Added Monday, November 5, 2001
Zoolander Competition
Greater Union has a competition that closes on November 15 where you can win a Zoolander pack consisting of beach ball, tank top, sun lotion and a double movie pass.

Future Releases
Ezy DVD lists Existence and The X-Files Season 3 DVDs as being released on November 12, 2001 not November 14 as other sources have stated previously.
ThanX Lyle.

All The Pretty Horses, with Robert Patrick in the cast will be released on DVD tomorrow, November 6.

Other future releases include Beethoven (featuring David Duchovny) on November 21, Joe Dirt (Brian Thompson) December 4, Evolution (David Duchovny) December 11, The House Of Mirth (Gillian Anderson) January 16, 2002, Working Girl (David Duchovny's first role, a bit part) in January 2002 and Spy Kids (featuring Robert Patrick) in March 2002.

Thursday, November 1, 2001
Maximum Byers
Tonight's episode of The Lone Gunmen spinoff series is titled Maximum Byers.

Zoolander, the Ben Stiller film with a David Duchovny cameo was released in cinemas around Australia today.

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