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Glaucoma Symptoms


You are familiar with increase in pressure at work and increase in blood pressure, but did you know about eye pressure?

Increase in eye pressure leads to glaucoma. Lets discuss the detail eye structure, to better understand the concept of glaucoma.

The fluid present in front portion of the eye is called as the aqueous humor. It is produced by the ciliary processes. The fluid moves from the front of the lens across the pupil, into the anterior chamber, AC. Here it circulates. It exits the anterior chamber via the Angle. The Angle of the eye is formed of a sieve-like  trabecular meshwork (TM), and  a collecting pipe the Schlemm's canal . From the Schlemm's canal, aqueous enters the veins and thus into the general blood stream.

Now, what goes wrong in glaucoma?

In glaucoma, there is an increased resistance to the outflow of the aqueous, leading to increased pressure in the eye.  

It is like your bath-tub is not draining. The problem could be in the tub pipe in your home or something is the matter with the whole drainage system.



The word glaucoma comes from Greek word "glauco" meaning 'bright'. It must have been given for the disease in which there is blindness with "bright eyes" versus the "cloudy eyes" of cataract.

Glaucoma is of two main types -

Open angle glaucoma
Angle Closure Glaucoma

Open Angle Glaucoma

In this, there is an increased resistance to the outflow of the aqueous. The exact cause of resistance is not known. This type is most common.

Angle Closure Glaucoma

In this, the angle from where aqueous exits is narrow, thus causing glaucoma. This is less common.

Risk factors for glaucoma:

These are the features which may make a person more likely to get glaucoma. We all have to be aware of these factors since glaucoma strikes silently.

Family history of glaucoma
Myopia is a risk factor for open angle glaucoma
African American race is more prone for glaucoma

What if you do have one or more of the risk factors?

You do not have to take tension if a certain factor holds true for you, but consider yourself lucky, that the glaucoma may be detected earlier, than your friends who may awaken late! You ought to get your eye pressure checked regularly and confide to the eye doctor about your risk factors.

If you are above 30 years, once a year eye pressure check is recommended.



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