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Maniwo Valley

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The Maniwo live in this isolated, ruggedly beautiful valley. Travel in by river is impossible.  We really rely on Helimission to get us in and out of the tribe. We are their first contact with the outside world.  Their clothing is the best they can find in the jungle. Their houses as well speak for the isolation of the Maniwo people.  The jungle is the only "hardware store" available.
You won't find any tuperware in this kitchen/bedroom, only women struggling to survive in extremely rough circumstances. The men have to work hard to build new gardens and houses as well as putting fresh meat on the "table" when they can. Here Odedi is straining seeds from a fruit so that the sauce can be mixed with tubulars and eaten.   It wouldn't taste half bad if you could just forget about the culinary process it just went through. Here is Tim crossing a vine swinging bridge.  The Maniwo are quite scattered and often we have to hike to visit with them.  We want to know them, their language, and culture as well as possible.
Andy holing a baby named Pokayoparani.  (This baby needs a nickname!) Steve studying language with Meima. Tim spending time with the people. It is all about relationships.  Somehow we hope that they will see the love of Christ in us.
Tokomaadi starting work on a new garden. Tim working/studying with Tokomaadi. The finished product.  The Maniwo are craftsmen of the trade of fence building. Gardening Maniwo style.  I have tried for a year to keep the pigs out of my garden.  I finally reneged and brought the pros in.  One day I hope to have a garden like this.
Some visitors aren't wanted.  Tim found this 13.5 foot python in his chicken coop. A young Maniwo boy. Notice the scars on the chest shere he has been cut to bleed the bad blood out from a sickness or a centipede bite. The Maniwo word for rainbow is "spirit's walking stick".  We can't wait till we can tell them of the rainbow Noah saw after his deliverance from the flood.