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David Hart
Camera Dave is a 28+ year veteran of the Video Camera field. He has worked either in front, behind or on cameras since he graduated from high school. He considers himself a "closet shooter," which is why he has such a comprehensive knowledge of video cameras. He has shot various productions over the years, and has also setup/aligned  video cameras for various photographers around the country; each camera having it's own special "look." This is why people come back time and time again to have David align their cameras for them. Camera Dave is currently working in the Broadcast Field, servicing cameras either in the shop or on site. He has many day to day contacts with many, many broadcast and professional camera customers and owners. He sets up special appointments, for camera alignments, and helps with other technical issues as needed. In addition to that, he spends some of his spare time writing and creating web pages to learn how to write them. This is one of his example pages you are reading now. In all Camera Dave is a well rounded person to help support your camera questions and problems with any and all manufacturers cameras.

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