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While I do NOT expect the web to be jammed up with people looking at my views on politics, a few people enjoy reading what I write. (and my mom doesn't even have web access!) Feel free to browse and read and comment all you want. I accept both positive and negative comments, and I won't send any IRS auditors after you if the comments are bad!

Want to hold your Senators responsible for their votes? If so, check out how they voted.

Let's not forget the House Votes!

Need help on compiling a voting record on a member of Congress?

Want to read the Congressional Record?


My Political Writings (including my Satire)

A Time for Sadness
Reflections on the Ken Starr Referral to Congress
The Whirlwind
Commentary on the Democratic outrage when Republicans voted to release most if not all information from the Starr Referral
Conversations with Hank (satire)
Bob and his old friend Hank discuss what to call President Clinton.
Clinton Reacts Quickly (satire)
Contrary to popular opinion, Mr. Clinton can react quickly and without consulting the polls.
Public Service Announcement (satire)
The SPA refutes attackers who claim the organization [sic] is anti-Arkansas
Hillary Attacks the VRWC (satire)
Hillary gives the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy its due.
Republicans Dismayed (satire)
Republicans are in shock following this astounding revelation. Can they recover?
The Tomb of the Unknown Donor (satire)
The pres salutes those who have made the supreme sacrifice in the fight against the EEEvil Republicans
Law Relevancy Law Unveiled (satire)
Move over Constitution! Take a back seat Bill of Rights! This law points out our REAL purpose in making laws.

Links to other Political Sites

Editorial Cartoons about the Scandal that is named "Clinton."
Americans for Hope Growth and Opportunity
Much of my satire reflects cynicism. My political cynicism is based on the fact that there is political hope! This site reflects some political hope!
One Christian's View of Life
Alright, it's one of my pages, BUT if the AHGO link reflects political hope, this link can show you REAL hope!
The Drudge Report
This is the homepage of the famous Drudge Report! This page has great news and commentary links from all sides of the aisle. (Not to mention links to his blockbuster report!)
Brandon Ray's politics
Brandon has tried to compile outlooks on Starr's Referral from all sides of the issue. A lot fairer than I'll ever be on that issue! <g>

Bob James
Corpus Christi, TX

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