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29th Field Artillery
Personal Pages

Current Member's Personal Home Pages:

My Vietnam Home Page
Ted Flood, B Bty (SLT), 7-29th FA (69-70)

L. Z. Starlight
Jim Gilbert, A Bty, 6-29th FA (65-66)

Dinky Dave's Family Page
David Dow, 2-29 FA (84-88)

Kenny Luck's Home Page
Ken Luck, K Bty, 29th FA (1980)

Bobby Villela's Puro Tex Mex Home Page
Bobby Villela, H Bty, 29th FA (77-78) & K Bty, 29th FA (79-82)

Home of the Eyes of Death
Jim Fenton, HHB 5-29 FA (89-91)

Field Artillery: The King of Battle!
MAJ Rob Risberg, 1-29 FA (87-90)

ISG Dean Keveles, 5-29 FA (84-87)

Bandit 47's HomePage
James H. Crook B-29 FA (68-69)

Heavy Truck Operations - 79th Maint Bn - Long Binh
Rick Kouns, 1-29 FA (70-71)


Current Member's Business Pages:

Explosive Internet Growth = A River of CA$H
Lynwood Lennon, Cdr 6-29 FA (66-67) - Your Online Superstore
Jeff Bell, C Bty, 6-29 FA (65-67)

Jeff Bell, C Bty, 6-29 FA (65-67)

Guide to Successful Web Business!
Lynwood Lennon, Cdr 6-29 FA (66-67)

IBB - Better Buys on the INET
Lynwood Lennon, Cdr 6-29 FA (66-67)

Turtle Pond Music (1st Site)
Walt Johnson, HHB 6-29 FA (69-70)

Turtle Pond Music (2nd Site)
Walt Johnson, HHB 6-29 FA (69-70)

D & M Distributing
Jim Gilbert, A Bty, 6-29 FA (65-66)

The Self Help Store
Bobby Villela, H Bty, 29th FA (77-78) & K Bty, 29th FA (79-82)

NOTE: If you are a former, or current, 29th FA member, and have a personal web page, or a business related web site, let me know , and I'll post it here for our other members to visit. Posting of a member's business web site does not constitute endorsement of any nature, implied or otherwise!

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