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Extract of Message Received From:D. Cooper 20 October 1999
Re: 75th Inf Div Newsline, 14 October 1999:
Gosh, you can never tell what will come up on the net that connects us.

Your last news letter had two articles that hit home.

The first may answer a question that has been in my mind for several years. "What larger unit was the 117th FA a part?" My grandfather, John Beal Hardin, was a Corporal in C Battery, 117th Field Artillery during World War One. Through James West's site on the 31st Division, I found out that it is likely that the 117th FA was a part of 31st (Dixie) Division during W.W.I.

Further down your newsletter, I found an article sent to you by Dan Fisher about MSG James D. Jett's letter to the relatives of one of his buddies killed in action during World War Two.

James Jett is a cousin of my ex-wife. So I am sending a copy of the article to my daughter and one to James' brother, Joe. It is unlikely that they would ever see a Glens Falls, NY newspaper article about James and his buddy without yours and Dan's help.

Dan has been very kind and helpful in offering suggestions to help us launch the web site for the 275th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, my pop's W.W.II unit.

Thanks for your work on the newsletter, another service that you are offering to folks, who you don't even know. (And a special thanks again, Dan, for your kind help.)

Dan Stewart, 1SG, USARNG (Ret),Webmaster
275th Armored Field Artillery Battalion Association, 31st DIXIE Division

MAJ Kim J. Martini October 19, 1999
I was the BN S-2 during Desert Storm under LTC Hank Stratman. Just seeing if I could regain contact with some of the guys. I am currently assigned to Ft Hood as III Corps AFSCOORD, but will be moving to Ft Sill for branch Qualification. Enjoyed the Homepage.

Mary Mabry October 18, 1999
Have used site for some searching for Mabry roots.I still am a novice using the computer for gathering information. Tracing roots is truly a hobby, but gets intense at some times. Thanks to those who put in many hours to make sites such as this one.

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