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Unit Crest

29th Field Artillery



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Author's Personal Thanks

Sandy Easton

She is my "right hand" in this endeavor of history,
providing much graphics assistance in everything
we have managed to accomplish on this web site!
(** proud smile **)
She has never hesitated to help us with graphics too
large to manage, and frequently makes new and original
graphics for display on our web pages for all to see.
I cannot say enough in gratitude to her for all her efforts
to make this site the absolutely "best on the Internet" !!

And, Our Other Contributors

To: Dan Gillotti, MSG (Ret), for historical background!

To: Tom Johnston, for World War I photographs!

To: Irving Smolens, for World War II photographs!

To: Leon Baldwin, for clearing up the 29th FA Unit Crest!

To: Phil Dawson, for the creative "numbered" Unit Crests!

To: LadyDebbie, for creating the 29th FA Regimental Logo!

To: LadyDebbie, for altering the "Prayer Service" photograph!

To: Dick Swanson, Photographer, for permission to use photograph!

To: Willy's Place for the "Looking For??" Page idea!

To: Quigley's Down Under for our very 1st Site Award!

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