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He was my friend ...

Born: June 18, 1947 - KIA: June 8, 1968

4th ID

Ronald E. Forget was a Radio Operator with the 3rd Bn, 8th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division. We worked shoulder to shoulder in the Battalion Tactical Operations Center. We co-ordinated the Infantry and Artillery operations daily.

He was from Lowell, MA. and I was from Manville, RI. About 50 miles apart. It was just natural that we set up our houches together. For 9 months we slept together. In May 1968 I was sent to Dak Pek to set up a Toll House Alpha station. My job there was to inform fighter pilots of the Artillery fire in the area and which way it was clear to fly. While I was in Dak Pek I picked up the Stars and Stripes, and as a matter of course, started reading the KIA section. That is how I found out my roomy had been killed on June 8, 1968. As fate would have it the 3-8th came to occupy my Fire Base 2 weeks later. That is how I found out the details of Ron's death.

Apparently he had gone back to Pleiku for some reason. When it was time to return he checked in with the Pathfinder at the Pleiku Heliport. The Pathfinder put him on a helicopter to Kontum instead of Dak To. When Ron arrived at Kontum, he could have opted to wait until the next day and catch a 'copter to Dak To. He didn't. He hitched a ride on a convoy to Dak To that afternoon. The convoy was attacked and during the ensuing firefight he was shot in the head and died. This story was told to me by the Executive Officer of the 3-8th. I do not remember his name.

I believe Ron had 59 days left in-country. He had told me that he already had one child and that his wife was pregnant when he left for Vietnam. He couldn't wait to get back to see his new baby. I find it such a waste that someone who already had a family and a bright future to look forward to should have had it all taken away.

It has taken me 30 years but I am now on a search to find someone in his family. I have so much that I could share with them about his last year of life. After all these years, I still remember my friend, SGT Ronald Edmond Forget . . . .

SGT Ronald Edmond Forget

Hall of Honor

Submitted by: SGT Ray Lussier, C Bty, 6-29 FA, Vietnam, 67-68, on November 11, 1998

We fought as men ...

If you wish to place your own tribute to a fallen comrade, contact me with what you want in your eulogy, and I'll do my best to pay tribute to our fallen brother! We hope that this provides some measure of healing for each of us, in some way !


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