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29th Field Artillery
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World War II Casualties
June 6, 1944

"Between June 6, 1944 and May 8, 1945, the 4th Infantry Division had a total of 34,309 casualties. Of these, 21,879 were battle and 12,430 non-battle casualties. The authorized strength of the division was a little over 14,000. The 29th Field Artillery Battalion had 56 men killed, three officers and fifty-three enlisted men. Of these, thirty nine died as a result of the B Battery landing craft hitting a mine on D-Day".
Quotation from CPT John C. Ausland, 29th Field Artillery

This tribute is dedicated to those members of the 29th Field Artillery, mostly B Battery, who gave their lives
in the cause of freedom during the D-Day Invasion at UTAH BEACH, when their LCT hit a mine and sank.
Many of these brave and gallant men were never recovered.

An asterick (*) indicates which of these names are those men from the sinking.
You may CLICK the person's name to view his memorium where available!

1LT Jacob L. Armeen PFC Harold E. Ingenito * CPL Clarence V. Sanders
2LT Lawrence C. Blanchard Jr PFC Carl F. Jackson PFC Philip Sawitzki
1LT Otis E. Finnel CPL Joseph Jazak * SSG Robert Schlott *
SGT Richard E. Boylan * CPL Ervin T. Johnson * PFC Charles W. Schaff
CPL Chester A. Brookhart CPL William B. Keller * T/4 Robert J. Shanley *
SGT Mark E. Buckler * PVT Edward J. Kozlowski * PVT John B. Singleton *
PVT William Caninenberg PFC James D. Lake * PVT Sidney R. Smart *
PVT John E. Chelius CPL Frederick Langham PVT Daniel C. Smith *
PVT Edward D. Donohue CPL Michael Leavor * PVT Harry J. Smith *
PFC Sydney G. Dudgeon * PFC James Mahoney * PVT Irving Spector
PVT Theodore Fabiszak * PFC Conrad C. Mason * PVT Thomas Spina *
T/5 Joseph Fedish * T/5 James H. Miller * PFC Horace S. Stephens *
SGT Andrew J. Finnelli PFC Carrol A. Morgan * PFC James G. Tillman
CPL Charles Giambrone * PVT Anthony C. Morgia * PVT Robert H. Turner *
CPL George P. Gregor * T/5 Fred M. Newton * CPL Harry B. Turnier
T/5 Joseph G. Hardy * PVT Noel N. Nichols * PVT Raymond F. Vosen *
PFC Floyd Hardzog * T/4 Bernard L. Pataky * T/5 Luther L. Waugh *
T/5 Felix M. Harper * T/4 John W. Phelps PVT Benjamin E. Williams *
PVT Ralph W. Hershman * PFC Andrew J. Relosky *

A very special thanks to Irving Smolens, for providing these honored names!

And, our thanks go to Richard Fox and Bud Farmer for identifying LCT 458 as the vessel!

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