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Last updated: June 28,1999

Unit Crest 29th Field Artillery
Photo's from Vietnam

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Dan Fisher

6th Bn, 29th FA Vietnam

Officer's Roster

The 6/29 FA published an Officer's Roster on December 23, 1966. I have provided an "extract" of the information (RANK, NAME, and DUTY POSITION) as a matter of record.

Vietnam Photo's

Artillery Fire in Vietnam!
Artilley Fire!.
Photo Courtesy of Mom's Vietnam Veteran Web Site.

Incoming Artillery Fire in Vietnam!
Photo Courtesy of Sun SITE.

Outgoing Artillery Fire in Vietnam!
Photo Courtesy of Sun SITE.

Artillery Resupply!
Photo Courtesy of Sun SITE.

USNS General Nelson M. Walker!
SS Walker!.
The SS Walker was scheduled to transport 6-29 FA to Vietnam in 1966.
Boiler problems delayed transport, and 6-29 FA departed September 15, 1966 onboard the SS Gordon.
This photo was taken in 1967, when 7-15 FA deployed to Vietnam!
Click on the photo to see the full size version.
Photo Courtesy of Bob Donnan and the 7-15 FA Web Site!

Note: This ship was named in honor of BG Nelson Macy Walker.
As Commander, 8th Infantry Division, WWII, he was KIA at Normandy.

Searchlight Tower
Searchlight Tower on Artillery Hill, near Pleiku, Vietnam!
Sources report that Bty/Crew's of the 6-29 FA were there, in direct support!

Photo Courtesy of Bob Donnan and the 7-15 FA Web Site!

Searchlight On The Perimeter!
A searchlight pans the perimeter wire on Artillery Hill, near Pleiku, Vietnam!
Photo Courtesy of Bob Donnan and the 7-15 FA Web Site!

SP4 Dan Fisher
at 93rd Evac Hospital,
Long Binh, 1970

SP4 Fisher.
Photo Courtesy of Dan Fisher.

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My personal photo's were scanned by my neighbor, Bill Schwartz.

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