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MSG Danny L. Fisher
MSG Fisher
June 1987

I retired from the Army in May 1990, with a little more than 20 years of active duty. I retired from an assigment with the 1st Cavalry Division, ACofS, G4 office, where I worked as the Division Maintenance NCO, and to put it in simple terms, I was tired and unable to handle to workload any more. Now, years later, I reflect on the unit's that I served in, hence this web site!

We Were All Young, Once!
A younger man
December 1970

But now we're not so young!
A much older man
Today - May 2004

On March 29, 2005, my health became a serious issue in my life. Further medical diagnosis determined I was in for the most serious battle of my life! ...DIAGNOSIS = CANCER...
Ultimately, the result was labled as lung cancer, stage four, inoperable ...CHEMO THERAPY... The only option available in an effort postpone the inevitable! As it turns out, there are 3 tumors of immediate concern: left lung, right kidney, and liver. On a positive note, early chemo results show that there is some tumor shrinkage evident!!! So, I'm keeping my prayers positive!

Sandy's Personal Award!

My Affiliations

Life Member of VFW Post 6196, Queensbury, New York

Member of American Legion Post 70, Saratoga Springs, New York

Member of the 1st Cavalry Division Association

Member of the 4th Infantry Division Association

Member of the 8th Infantry Division Association
(now defunct)

New York State Certified Nursing Assistant
(not actively employed)

The "Why" Of This Web Site


During the years since my retirement, I've "searched" for former members of the 6-29 FA that I served with, with little success. When I did manage to find people, we'd lose touch again, for one reason or another. In May of 1998, by brother-in-law gave me an aging 386 computer. It had a modem, but no sound card, or significant memory, and it was not "JAVA enabled". But, with no idea what I was doing, I went online. I've since gone through 3 computers. Surfing the web found some success, but it was still a tedious task for only one person. Then, I decided that it might be easier to create a web site, so folks that were interested, and online, could get back in touch again. This web site came into being on June 15, 1998. That day I decided to "give it a try", and everything began to happen from there! Rather than restrict this endeavor to the 6-29 FA of the 1980's, I wanted something all former members could appreciate. I tried to dedicate this site to all of the men who served, in any era, with the 29th Field Artillery.

By creating this web site, I do not intend to "take away" from any other web site. By all means, the purpose for this is to promote "good feelings" about the 29th Field Artillery, it's various batteries, and all of the men that served with her, all years, past and present! If you have a site related to this one, then we can only compliment each other in our goals!

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