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Our Bleeding heart logo shows the pain from abuse.

Please Help Us get this MADNESS STOPPED!


Please Help us Stop Abuse!
Many People have lost their Lives Due to this World Wide Abuse!
ABUSE IS: The Greatest Problem The Human Race needs to Deal with!


We have learned from our experiences that "Dishonesty"
LIES LEAD TO ALL OTHER ABUSES and Mind Control, which in turn leads to


At least half or more of the arguing and fighting in this world is caused by judgments of one another.

When we judge we are hating. This is Abuse!


LovecCry was founded in Toronto,Ontario, Canada,1992
It is a registered Non-Profit Organization owned and operated by abuse survivors and ex-homeless people.
It took hard work , dedication and life risking experiences to keep LoveCry alive as we are here to make huge social change.


Due to the rise in abuse within our country and the world we need:

Changes in our educational systems:

1.To learn how to detect abusive situations with the children.

2.New teaching methods to include abuse survivors and victims left with: Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyper-Disorder.

3.Teachings on the brain ,how it works, what effect our thinking has on our health, homes, families, the world and our universe.

4.Counsellors and therapists placed in our schools, trained properly to deal with violence, abuse and the illnesses left on it's victims.

Changes within the general public needed:

1.Educate the public on abuse, {in all it's forms} causes, effects, {such as mental and emotional damages as well as physical}, and treatments to heal.

2.Therapies should be covered in our OHIP coverage. {this treatment is far too costly for any street kid to afford}.

3.Pay more attention in general of the information and entertainment children are consuming.

4.Proper treatment centers, equipped with therapy, and holistic treatments.

Love's Not A Sin!

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At LoveCry we work to make our home safe, caring, honest and real.
We know that honesty fears most people, but we also know dishonesty is abuse!

LoveCry's Toronto Volenteer Staff:

Angel Femia, Director,Therapist.

Lisa Fay Arron, Accountant/Fundraiser/Public

Relations/Adoption Counsellor.

Jeremy McDowell, Ourteach Worker

Shawn Gozeky, Outreach Worker

Catharing Toth, Outreach Worker

Jamie Toller, Outreach Worker

Rebecca Rochon, Outreach Worker

Steve Wakeman, Street Worker

Peter Mandell, Barrister/Solicitor

Ruth Helgason, Public Relations/Fundraiser.

Doug MacLellan, Photographer/Public Relations.

Shawn Mcgorman, Peer Outreach Worker/Fundraiser/Abuse.

Cory Whitecap, Outreach Worker

Heather Markel, Peer Outreach/Fundraiser/Abuse Advocate.

Judy Gulyas, Fundraiser/Peer Outreach Worker/Abuse Advocate.

Nathan Rogers, Outreach Worker

Richard Van Den Kerkhof, Peer Outreach Worker/Abuse Advocate.

Janet MacPhearson, Peer Outreach Worker/Abuse Advocate.

Michelle Callaghan, Peer Outreach Worker/Abuse Advocate.

Special Thanks to:

Jim Villa of St. Judes Project
Lisa Fay Aarhon, Accountant and Mother
Peter Mandell, Barrister and Solicotor
Peter Wood,High School Teacher
Christine Weisman, Councellor, co founder of Youth Link and Street Outreach Services
Ruth Helgason, Journalist and Mother

for supportting LoveCry in many ways since conception!!!!!!!