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My Travel Experiences
I love travelling ! My ambition to be a globetrotter  & see all the magnificent sights the World has in store for us ! Truly indeed, life is  very short & we are gifted to be born in this World & would it not be a waste of  our lifetime if we cannot make use of this grand opportunity  to explore the World ? By God's grace I've had the opportunity to see some of the magnifecnt places & I would like to share those experiences with you,here !
India is a great country ! The country is blessed with natural beauty & that too with diversity. India has the majestic Himalaya mountains, the Thar desert, the incredible snow capped mountains of Kashmir, the temples of Southern India, the palaces of Rajasthan, the Taj Mahal, the backwaters of Kerala , the beaches of Goa & many many more. It is indeed a pity that I have not had the opportunity to explore India yet as it is very difficult to travel in India.
I  was fascinated by America from the day I set foot on that country. It is just incredible that America has almost everything one would wish to see, be it the snow capped mountains of Alaska, the magnificent islands of Hawaii , the awe inspiring Niagara Falls or the great Grand Canyon ! I did have the opportunity to see a few of the places & here is my American discovery !
Beautiful Hawaii !
Stunning Alaska !
Mystifying Niagara Falls !
Nothing like New York ! Lost in Las Vegas ! Superb San Francisco !
Wow ! Its Hollywood !
Do See DC ? Yeah Washington !
Dizzy land ? Its Disney Land   !
Singapore is a tiny but beautiful island. Though there is nothing natural in Singapore that one can  rave about, the city itself is quite neat. It is maintained spic & span and hardly one would see dust or dirt on the roads ! It is true that one would get bored in Singapore within a couple of weeks but it is fun to hang around places like the Sentosa Island, Orchard road, Little India, Chinatown & the Commercial district.

Some Pictures at Singapore
Europe is indeed beautiful. I got the chance to visit only a few countries..England, France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.
The UK France Germany