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Wednesday, February 28, 2001
Tonight's X-Files episode is Roadrunners and it has a strong Australian Connexion.

It is directed by Rod Hardy whose career started in the early 70's, directing episodes of Australian TV shows The Box, Solo One, Young Ramsay, Glenview High, Chopper Squad, Prisoner, Special Squad, Richmond Hill, The Flying Doctors and Halfway Across The Galaxy & Turn Left; plus mini series Under Capricorn and Eureka Stockade. If you haven't seen any of those in re-runs or on Pay TV ask your parents!

He directed two movies here, a bad vampire flick called Thirst, and Shadows Of The Heart which got excellent reviews before moving overseas to direct a stack of TV movies during the 90's, returning here for 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, before landing a job on The X-Files.

Added Tuesday, February 27, 2001
Millennium Movie Rumours
Millennium star Lance Henriksen told the SFX Network Web site that series creator Chris Carter wants to make a movie based on Henriksen's Frank Black character. "Chris wants to do a movie based on Millennium," Henriksen said. "Probably not calling it Millennium, but using that character. He's talked about that, and it's in the air."

Henriksen added that he'd love to team up with his old friend, Robert Patrick, on Carter's other gig, The X-Files. Henriksen appeared on the series as Black in a crossover episode a while back. "I'd like to work with Robert Patrick in The X-Files, but nobody's approached me about it," Henriksen said. "I like Robert a lot. We did a film together years ago, but he's a really cool guy. I'd love to go back on The X-Files."
From julexf.

Added Monday, February 26, 2001
The January 2001 edition of SFX magazine is now available. It has Robert Patrick and Gillian Anderson on the cover. There are reviews of Within and Without, some spoilers for upcoming episodes, an interview with William B Davis, a review of The X-Files Season 1 DVD box set and a story on the future of The X Files.
From Clare on ausxfnews.

David Duchovny has a cameo role as a hand model in Ben Stiller's film Zoolander which will be released in Australia on May 24, 2001.
From Vyper on X-T-U.

Added Sunday, February 25, 2001
Doggett and Scully
In today's Sydney Sunday Telegraph, Doggett and Scully are on the cover of the TV Guide. There is a one page article about the introduction of the Doggett character for The X Files eighth season.
Posted to ausxfnews by Clare.

Patrick and Anderson
Today's Brisbane Sunday Mail TV Scene liftout has a half page article on The X-Files consisting of a review of this week's "Roadrunners" episode and a photo collage of 2 pics of Robert Patrick and 1 of Gillian Anderson with the word X-Files in large type at the top and bottom of the photo collage. Also this week's Who Weekly has a 2 page article on Kathy Griffin who played the sisters Betty and Lulu in last seasons's episode "Fight Club". The article is about her recent wedding.
ThanX Lucy.

Added Saturday, February 24, 2001
In Style
There is a photo of Gillian Anderson at the Golden Globe awards in the March issue of In Style which has just come out. Thursday's Courier Mail has a photo of Gillian Anderson and a review of next week's X-Files episode "Roadrunners" in its What's On section. Also in its Video Top 10 list there is a photo of David Duchovny and Minnie Driver with Return to Me listed on debut at number 7. The free entertainment magazine Time Off also had a very brief review of this week's "Patience" episode.

The Daily Telegraph on Thursday had a 1/3 page X-Files story, mainly dealing with Robert Patrick and the John Doggett character, with a pic of Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick. Issue 54 of the UK X-Files Magazine is now out locally for $8.74.

Hoyts Evolution
According to the Hoyts website, David Duchovny's movie Evolution is to be released in Australia on July 12.

X-Files Ratings News: Not So Good
In Tuesday's Courier Mail there was an article on the ratings. Channel 7's new drama Gideon's Crossing (54th overall) won the Wednesday 8:30pm timeslot from The X-Files (Within and Without) (60th overall) and 9's Third Watch (80th). Channel 10's audience share in South-East Queensland (20.3) was slightly higher than the national average of 19.7. Oh where have the days gone (and the former X-Files fans for that matter) when The X-Files rated Top 10 in Australia?

ThanX Lucy for most of the above news.

Season 8 ... is this the end?
From Internet Movie Data Base and posted to ausxfnews by Clare:
X-Files To End?
X-Files creator Chris Carter has announced the current season of his hit series is set to be the last. The scriptwriter is concentrating on The Lone Gunmen - a spin-off about Mulder's conspiracy-geek friends. He says if the new show is a success, the sci-fi series will end in May. A second X-Files film is planned for this year. He says, "May's two-hour season finale will be a cliffhanger either for next season, if we return, or for the movie." Actor David Duchovny, who plays Mulder, is not expected back for a new series, but has agreed to appear in the film.
Foxtel Guide for March
Thanks Cat.

Thursday 1st: Midnight - Agua Mala
Friday 2nd: Midnight - Monday
Sunday 4th: 3rd: 2:15am - Jersey Devil
Monday 5th: Midnight - Arcadia
Monday 5th: 9:30pm - Hollywood A.D/Zero Sum
Tuesday 6th: Midnight - Alpha
Wednesday 7th: Midnight - Trevor
Thursday 8th: Midnight - Milagro
Friday 9th: Midnight - The Unnatural
Sunday 11th: 2:15am - Shadows
Monday 12th: Midnight - **Unknown
Monday 12th: 9:30pm - Fight Club/Elergy
Tuesday 13th: Midnight - Field Trip
Wednesday 14th: Midnight - Pilot
Thursday 15th: Midnight - Deep Throat
Friday 16th: Midnight - Squeeze
Sunday 18th: 2:15am - Ghost In The Machine
Monday 19th: Midnight - Conduit
Monday 19th: 9:30pm - Je Souhaite/Demons
Tuesday 20th: Midnight - The Jersey Devil
Wednesday 21st - Midnight - Shadows
Thursday 22nd: Midnight - Ghost In The Machine
Friday 23rd: Midnight - Ice
Sunday 24th: 2:15am - **Unknown
Monday 26th: Midnight - Space
Monday 26th: 9:30pm - Requiem/Gethsemane
Tuesday 27th: Midnight - Fallen Angel
Wednesday 28th: Midnight - Eve
Thursday 29th: Midnight - Fire
Friday 30th: Midnight - Beyond The Sea

Wednesday, February 21, 2001
Season 8, third episode
Tonight's X-Files episode is "Patience".

Added Tuesday, February 20, 2001
Site Update
I've added Within and Without to my Season 8 episode guide. The next update won't be until Saturday.

Added Monday, February 19, 2001
It's only been a few days, but apologies for the lack of updates. My life is just so busy I haven't even switched on my computer since last Friday! Anyway, lots to report and thanx as always to the wonderful Lucy for all the news below. I might not be able to update again until Friday.

Lots And Lots of Aus News pt 1: Return To Me
Friday's Courier Mail had a short review of Return To Me accompanied by a photo of the cover. The March issue of Girlfriend also has a review of Return To Me and gives it the top 5 star rating. The latest Who Weekly has a review of Return To Me in its New to DVD section and gives it a B+ rating plus there is a paragraph on Tea Leoni going gaga for 1940's zodiac themed glass buttons recycled into hip necklaces by Hollywood costume designer Betsey Heimann. Leoni sported one in The Family Man and being a Piscean was so taken by the US $165 charms that she sprang for half a dozen of them.

Lots And Lots of Aus News pt 2: The Lone Gunmen
The free entertainment magazine Time Off had a paragraph on last Wednesday night's two X-Files episodes and mentioned that The Lone Gunmen series will be on Channel 7 later this year. Speaking of The Lone Gunmen they are on the cover of the March US magazine Starlog along with the 2 additional cast members Stephen Snedden (Bond) and Zuleikha Robinson (Harlow) and contains a 7 page article consisting of interviews with Dean Haglund and Zuleikha Robinson.

Lots And Lots of Aus News pt 3: Sunshine Coast
Last weekend's Sunshine Coast Sunday newspaper had a review of Return To Me and gave it a 3 star rating while its On TV magazine had in its Returning Series for 2001 wrap for X Files a photo of Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick accompanied by the following:
In the XFiles' seventh season cliffhanger, agent Fox Mulder was abducted by what appeared to be an alien space ship and agent Dana Scully revealed the surprising news that she is pregnant.
Also there was a short article on Tea Leoni with a photo and the following :
Actress Tea Leoni who stars as a down to earth mother in The Family Man, says her own experience caring for a child has been somewhat more harried."I think I was caught off guard by the worry," Leoni said."I remember saying to my mom.' I don't know if I'll ever sleep deeply again'.
Leoni, wife of X Files star David Duchovny, gained 27 kg while pregnant with her daughter Madeleine, now almost 2, and savoured every calorie.
"I enjoyed every burger along the way", Leoni said.
Lots And Lots of Aus News pt 4: Grazia
The November 28, 2000 issue of Italian magazine Grazia [available now in some local newsagencies] which comes wrapped in plastic with a free small bottle of perfume, has a photo of Gillian Anderson in costume from her movie House of Mirth on page 48 -- "La casa della giola".

Lots And Lots of Aus News pt 5: Requiem
Last Thursday's Courier Mail review on Requiem mentioned that there will be some addded extras including behind the scenes footage on the video.

Lots And Lots of Aus News pt 6: Civic Competition
The Civic Video magazine for February has a small photo of the Return to Me video cover on the cover and a competition where you can win the bicycle that Minnie Driver rode in the movie plus one of 10 Return to Me prize packs containing a Return to Me video and Red Return to Me T shirt plus videos of Titanic, Ever After, Romeo & Juliet and 2 magazines Marie Claire Cooking and Marie Claire Dining.The competition closes March 3. Also there is a half page review of Return to Me and a 1/3 page article on David Duchovny about his movie Evolution and contains a photo of him.

Lots And Lots of Aus News pt 7: Strip Golf
Yesterday's Brisbane Sunday Mail TV Scene liftout had a short article on Tea Leoni with a photo of her and the following:
Tea Leoni loves her golf. Apparently she is a real swinger, inventing an interesting variation on the theme, when not playing with hubbie David Duchovny. The Naked Truth and Family Man star invited 3 pals along to play-strip golf. After 15 holes, Tea had to choose between removing her pants or her top. It was bottoms up." I figured it would be easier to keep my head down on the final two holes if I'm looking down at my underwear and not my boobs," she said.
Lots And Lots of Aus News pt 8: Xposed
Check your local comic shop for a copy of the Xpose Yearbook #14 with Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick featured on the cover and a 7 page X-Files article inside plus the magazine also reviews the Hollywood AD episode. This Yearbook should also soon be available at newsagents.

Added Thursday, February 15, 2001
Black Cap
This from the latest ezydvd newsletter:
Hey ‘X-Files’ Fans! Pre-Order the box set of ‘The X-Files – Season 2’ and you’ll receive an exclusive ‘X-Files’ black baseball cap. The cap, emblazoned with a special ‘X-Files’ logo, is made of the highest quality, guaranteed to last through any alien encounter!

Grab your flashlight, lock your door, turn off the light, and click here!
Requiem Review ... already?
Despite a release date over a month away (March 21), today's Courier Mail has a review of the upcoming Requiem video release accompanied by the standard photo of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in their What's On section.
ThanX again Lucy.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001
Season 8 finally premieres on Australian TV tonight, with a movie length season opener of the episodes Within and Without.

Added Tuesday, February 13, 2001
Soap Competition
There is a review of The Family Man in the March issue of Rolling Stone. The March issue of TV Soap has a 1/3 page X-Files article, mainly on Gillian Anderson and there is a photo of her with Mitch Pileggi and Robert Patrick accompanying the article. TV Soap also has an entire page containing a review of Return To Me and The X-Files season 1 DVD set. There is a competion where you can win one of 5 videos of Return To Me and one of 3 sets of X-Files series 1 on DVD. The competition closes February 23. Finally Brisbane's Sunday Mail newspaper ran a full page advertisement from Channel 10 comprising of one photo each from new shows and series returning this week . For The X Files there was a photo of Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick. (Sounds like the same thing that was in the Sun-Herald in New South Wales.)
ThanX Lucy, as always.

Added Monday, February 12, 2001
Blood Transfusion
The X-Files was mentioned in last Thursday's Daily Telegraph look at new and returning shows for 2001:
Back for it's eighth series, with a much-needed blood transfusion in the form of a new male lead, Robert Patrick, who replaces David Duchovny after his timely abduction by aliens. It's getting plain ridiculous now, but that doesn't make it any less watchable. Eleanor Sprawson.
There was also a pic of Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick in yesterday's Sun-Herald, in a 2 page channel 10 promo for 2001.

Site Update
I've added "Eve" to my Season 1 episode guide.

Added Sunday, February 11, 2001
Recasting Away
In today's Sun-Herald this week's double-episode X-Files season 8 opener is included in their Best of the Week page. It gets 3 stars. Return To Me heads their Video page. X-Files hater Rob Lowing calls it "sappy", giving it 3 stars.

The latest Who Weekly (out last Friday) included "Within" and "Without" amongst their Must Watch shows of the week. There was a photo story on what other stars would look like if they had taken the Tom Hanks Cast Away role and were left on an island for 5 years. There were digitally altered faces of various stars including David Duchovny. NW also has a paragraph on The X Files and a paragraph about the fact that David Duchovny was not involved in the accident on the set of Evolution. Womans Day has a paragraph saying that Tea Leoni and David Duchovny received confirmation 4 weeks ago that they are expecting their second child.
ThanX Lucy for some of that news.

XF Guests Impact
Tea Leoni can be seen in Deep Impact, tonight on channel 9. Her latest movie The Family Man is currently number 3 on the Australian cinema top 10 list, up from 4 in it's debut week. Giovanni Ribisi (DPO) is one of the stars of the new video release Gone In Sixty Seconds. Richard Belzer (The Unusual Suspects) can be seen in the new series of Law And Order: SVU which starts back tomorrow night on channel 10. It seems the episode of That 70's Show guest-starring Mitch Pileggi [mentioned on January 28] has been canned by channel 7 now that the ratings have started.

ADG Award Nomination
The Art Directors Guild recently announced nominations in six categories of production design for motion pictures and television in their Fifth Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards, for the year 2000. The X-Files is represented by production designer Corey Kaplan, who is nominated for her work on "Without". The awards will be presented February 24.

Site Update
I've added "Ghost In The Machine" to my Season 1 episode guide.

Added Thursday, February 8, 2001
Aus Media Update
Yesterday's Courier Mail ran a story on Tea Leoni. It was an edited version of a recent Newsday story that you can read on my News Stand.

The January issue of the UK magazine SFX is now available and it has a Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick cover with an 8 page X-Files article. NW also has a DVD review of Morgan/Wong's Final Destination and gives it a 4 star rating.
ThanX Lucy.

Requiem Video
According to Fiona on ausxfnews, the release date of the Requiem video has been bought forward a week to March 14. She later retracted this statement. The release date is back to March 21.

Site Update
I've added "Space" to my Season 1 episode guide.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001
Return To Me
Return To Me, starring David Duchovny, was released for rent at the video stores today.

Added Tuesday, February 6, 2001
More Award Nominations
Gillian Anderson has been nominated for the Best Actress award for her role in House Of Mirth in the 21st Awards of the London Film Critics' Circle that will be presented on February 15. She's up against Renee Zellewegger (Nurse Betty), Julianne Moore (The End of the Affair), Hilary Swank (Boys Don't Cry) and Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich).

Added Monday, February 5, 2001
Season 8
Yes, we have a date! Season 8 of The X-Files commences on Australian TV on Wednesday week, February 14 at 8:30pm. Channel 10 will be screening both "Within" and "Without" on that night.

Media Update
TV Week has a review of The Family Man and gives it just 2 stars. I saw the movie yesterday and have got to say I quite enjoyed it. Tea Leoni is an excellent actor!

In TV Week there is also a photo of Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick (page 12) along with a paragraph on The X Files. The March issue of Inside Soap has a short review of The Family Man and they gave it a 3 star rating . NW this week has a review of Return To Me with pic of David Duchovny and Minnie Driver and it is their Video of the Week with a 3 star rating. There was a half page article on Robert Patrick in the January 10 issue of Take 5.
ThanX Lucy.

Site Update
I've added "Ice" to my Season 1 episode guide and updated "Conduit".

Added Sunday, February 4, 2001
Media Update
The Yearbook 2000 issue of TV Zone is now out with a 5-page X-Files story and David Duchovny on the cover. New Idea has a pic of the Return To Me cover in their video reviews.

ASCE nomination
X-Files cinematographer Bill Roe has been nominated, in the 15th annual American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards, in the episodic TV series category alonmg with Thomas A. Del Ruth for "The West Wing," Billy Dickson for "Ally McBeal," Frank E. Johnson for a segment of "Touched by an Angel," Shelly Johnson for NBC's "The Others," and Dennis L. Smith for "The Practice."

Site Update
I've bitten the bullet and decided I have to get my episode guide finished. I've re-designed some existing pages, including the Season 1 cover page. I've re-designed and added extra information to "Pilot", "Deep Throat" and "Squeeze"and added "Shadows" from season 1. I've also added some extra sites to my Links page.

Added Saturday, February 3, 2001
For Your Consideration
This week's Who Weekly (out yesterday) has a photo of Gillian Anderson (page 82) in the Movies section where they discuss the Oscars race and how they see things shaping up, with the following comment:
For Your Consideration
The Academy has shown a refreshing willingness to reward TV actresses who shed their small-screen skin and shine on film (see Mad About You's Helen Hunt). The TV star who broke her own mould most dramatically this year is certainly The X Files' Gillian Anderson. As Lily Bart, the New York social climber who falls from grace in The House Of Mirth, Anderson proved that her post-TV career is definitely out there.
Thursday's Queensland Times newspaper had a half page review and photo of Tea Leoni and Nicolas Cage in The Family Man and gave it a 2 1/2 star rating in its Whats On section. The Brisbane Sunday Mail last weekend also had a 1/3 page review on The Family Man and also gave it a 2 1/2 star rating. There is a quarter page review of The Family Man in the current free Brisbane entertainment magazine Scene. The March Soap News has a half page review on Vertical Limit and it is rated the Pick Of The Month. January Dreamwatch is now out and contains a 5 page article on Chris Carter and a half page article on David Duchovny and William B Davis. Also the latest issue of the UK magazine SciFi is now out and has a Robert Patrick article in it.
ThanX Lucy.

Season 8
There's been great debate and speculation about when season 8 will start screening on Australian TV. All channel 10 are saying is "February". Here's their website promo for the new season. Some might consider this to contain slight spoilers so if you want to read it, hold down your cursor:
The X-Files
Series Creator Chris Carter promises that episodes in the eighth series of The X-Files will get even scarier, with fewer comic interludes than in recent years. With David Duchovny appearing in 11 episodes this season, Robert Patrick joins the cast as John Doggett, a skeptical former New York cop who teams up with Scully in Mulder's absence. At the start of the series Mulder has been abducted by aliens and Scully has just discovered she is pregnant. The two-part premiere will give clues as to where Mulder could be and the father of Scully's baby will be revealed quite early in the season. All our favourite characters return this season including Skinner, Cigarette Smoking Man and Krycek – we've never been closer to the truth.

Added Friday, February 2, 2001
DVD Competition
The NW Ultimate TV Guide for 2001 contains a competition where you can win a DVD pack, including The X-Files season 1 seven-disc set.

Video News
The February issue of Blockbuster magazine is now out and it contains a half page review of Return to Me and like the Video Ezy magazine it has a photo of Minnie Driver and the cover of the video. Also at some Blockbuster Stores you can vote for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards and Tea Leoni and Nicolas Cage have been nominated for favourite actress and actor and Don Cheadle for favourite supporting actor for their roles in The Family Man in the comedy/romance section.
ThanX Lucy.

Foxtel News
From Cat on ausxfnews:
The X-Files Movie, aka Fight The Future will be on Showtime (Channel 3) on February 4 at 8:30pm and February 5 at 3:05am. (It also screened yesterday, February 1) The following episodes will be screening during February: Evolution Fire
Manhattan Beach, California (AP) - Pyrotechnic special effects sparked a fire on a movie set, but David Duchovny and several gorilla-suited actors escaped unharmed.

No one was injured Tuesday morning as smoke billowed up from the Raleigh Studios lot during production on the DreamWorks film "Evolution". Scores of actors and production staff poured out of the lot, and Duchovny was whisked off to a shopping center.

The fire occurred as crews set off five fireballs 15 feet in diameter, fire officials said. One of the fireballs ignited the scenery.

Firefighters quickly put out the blaze. They had been standing by during the stunt in case something went wrong.
From xf-news

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